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Grace is when all of your traumas, mistakes, failures and shame make perfect sense and you have nothing but humble gratitude for their lessons.  -Ross Bishop

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4 Tips to allow Soul-level shifts

HUmans incarnate to go through shifts on different levels.  The human aspect of you may view these are noticable shifts or changes in relationships, career, geographic moves, physical health and other conditions.  The Soul aspect of you experiences everything as energy.  Soul messages arise in all shapes, sizes, forms, synchronicities. Other aspects of being exist as well. Consider these 4 tips as a guide to allow yourself to feel Soul-level shifts more deeply:

1.  Time ceases when everything is felt as vibration

Know we experience whatever we create in order to  to open the heart and live from a feeling place and see things as they are without human filters.

2. Take responsibility for your perception/emotion/behaviour (or they control you)

When fully conscious, you can no longer view yourself as a victim or lie to yourself because the illusion of separation falls away. This is about taking full responsibility and no longer falling prey to ego games.

3. Being present allows feeling the way into harmony.

In other words, your human body is like a tuning fork. The more you allow yourself to feel, the easier it is to release what does not resonate, the more you allow template upgrades.  Sleep allows for recalibrating energies, allows you to wake up to experience time differently.  Mastering Time is about mastering all of you.

4. Recognize every moment you speak to yourself and you also answer back

Thus, to create something in the present, to bring it from a future dream into your reality, you have to become or embody your future.


Tap into life-restoring power

Many people are familliar with the phrase, you are the Answer you seek. Yet, what does this look and feel like in practice? It may involve clarifying your ideal client, adding detail to a life vision, company manifesto, short-term goals, or deciding what kind of legacy to create and leave.  

At this stage, you may be in the brainstorming phase or encountering shifts and changes to original plans. This can lead to asking yourself for ways to access new energy and inspiration.  Choosing to work with me can accelerate your process and trigger new revelations. Ponder these five tips to tap into life-restoring power:

1. Stretch yourself

You grow and gain from what you do not know, not from living as if you already know.

Recall Anthony Robbins who echoes: "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Stretching yourself is about trusting intuition.  Its about no longer saying "I can't" but identifying core beliefs which translate into resistance, fear and low self-worth that block the dream. 

2. Listen differently

Its common practice to listen with the intend to reply wrather thatn with the intention to understand.  Watch your perception and reality shift as you repeatedly ask, what opportunity or lesson is this encounter bringing me? If you do not listen or hear yourself, you do not do this effectively with others.

3. Empathize

This is about getting into another person's shoes or situation, discovering what that person feels.  Allow yourself to move beyond fear of vulnerability and sympathy to truly feel the connection or intimacy you seek.  A difference exist between imagining emotions and opening yourself to feel.

4. Be Committed

Decide that to achieve a specific role brings dignity and self-respect.  You could have many flames in the fire yet which one(s) are actually extensions of your passion, core values and bring you fountains of joy?

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. -Vince Lombardi

5.  Value your Independence & Uniqueness

This is meant to take shape financially, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and on othe levels as part of achieving inner balance.  The more you love yourself, the easier it is to see that your entire life is pointing to the state of your self-worth.   Make the unconscious conscious and the bare Truth is revealed.


6 questions to be more aware

In my first book, Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within (2009), many questionnaires are included to encourage readers to get to know themselves better and come to see how and why they are not living authentically. To take this process deeper, you create situations to interact with people who allow you to make the unconscious conscious.  Now, 12 books and much expansion later, I am still inviting individuals to explore, reframe and see beyond conditioned perception.  No matter where you are on this journey, ask 6 questions to be more aware:

What is running you?

Who is asking?

Where are you really coming from?

When is the focus of your attention (& is this changing)?

How are you feeling (and what are you hiding)? 

What is your relationship to time?


8 Messages about permission

Nothing appears or disappears from our life without our permission. Yet, this is easily overlooked.  How often do you find yourself in situations where; a) you must decide to give or deny your permission, b) you feel hurt, betrayed or compromised as someone acted without asking your permission or c) you encounter situations where multiple levels of permission (or approval) are required? This is an opportunity to delve deeper into what is really going on with the recurrent theme.  Ponder 8 messages about permission; 

1.  Everything that comes or goes is for your highest good 

2.  Nothing leaves your life unless the related lesson is learned

3.  Issues only arise as you cling to unworthiness 

4.  Sometimes persmission issues are what someone else needs to go through 

5.  Denying your permission is an effort to control

6.  The need to obtain approval invites letting go

7.   Being detached from results shifts situations without force

8.  Efforts to recreate the past prevents accepting and doing your best in present



a) I give myself permission to love myself unconditionally as I am

b) Nobody can hurt, trigger or intimidate me without my consent

c) I am a growing, evolving being

d) How much I give or deny self love is reflected back (love more & things accelerate)

e) No impediments/ obstacles exist except in thought (mind)

 "Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence."-Gary Zukav

"With each inhalation of your breath, allow yourself to go deep within the inner aspects of your soul.  With each exhalation, give yourself permission to release cloudy, limiting thoughts, stifled emotions and stagnant energy." - James Van Praagh

"Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi


Interview with Sarina Stone

Sarina Stone is a registered Universal Healing Tao (UHT) Practitioner, a Certified Medical  Qigong educator, practitioner and consultant. She specializes in Taoist (Natural) ways of attaining and maintaining optimal health and extending longevity.  From the Tao Garden in Thailand, she offers a regular health and wellness podcast.  She and her guests share insights on alchemy and the evolution of human consciousness.

Similar to William U. Wei, Sarina is a long-time student of Master Mantak Chia.  As the result, both have grown into teachers who offer unique guidance in areas of Tao healing.
Thanks Sarina for responding to this interview conducted as you lead up to your upcoming UHT -Australia CNT course on the Gold Coast.

For those unfamilliar with your life and background, please share key experiences that led you to connect with Master Mantak Chia. 

About 28 years ago, I had severe scoliosis.  The double curvature in my spine impeded organ and gland function such that by 5 PM each day I had to lie flat on my back or I was too exhausted to function.  Digestion was horrible and my fascia and lymphatic systems were constantly inflamed or overtaxed.

At that time I was the fairy god manager for a small theater company in Minneapolis. The artistic director came to the studio one day with the garage sale find… he paid $0.50 for a book and a cassette tape by a man I’d never heard of, Master Mantak Chia. The book and tape spoke of bringing the smiling mind inside the body to facilitate change on a molecular level. We, the artistic director and I, begin to incorporate these techniques into massage therapy sessions directed at straightening my spine. About seven months later I was sitting by myself on a stone bridge that overlooked a waterfall and realized I had been sitting up straight, without effort, for about 10 minutes. I wept.

Love synchronicity! As it happens, I had a scoliosis, though not as severe as yours.  Part of growing aware of energy flow certainly changed by relationship to my body. Tears are like peeling the layers away of what we no longer need in order to grow conscious of the next step of our destiny, is that not so? 

It was at that moment that I had an epiphany . I had to meet this master. I had to incorporate these practices into my life. Within a few months I found myself in New York City sitting feet away from Master Chia as he taught the same practices contained in the book and cassette. I asked him how he became so good at Medical QiGong, so powerful. And his reply was,” I became a teacher. I have to practice every day.”  

Daily acts of self-love change how everything is created and experienced. Is this encounter with Master Chia the turning point that prompted you to become a certified UHT practitioner?

All of the above are the key life experiences that lead me to connect with Master Chia and become a certified Universal Healing Tao (UHT) practitioner and educator by 1995.

How have the practices you teach changed the way you see and feel within yourself?

My own digestive issues, my own body aches were the greatest motivators for becoming specialized in the healing arts.  We tend to teach that which we need to learn J

What simple yet life-altering message! We teach what we are meant to learn. Master Chia himself also offers a wealth of insights, such as those during a recent London Real interview on How to strengthen your Chi. It resonates that we draw into our lives exactly what we need with perfect timing.

Your sharing here Sarina, reminds us of the power beyond, how we orchestrate exactly what the Soul needs on its unique path of growth.  When we permit it, intuition is the reliable guide for going with our feelings, embracing the unforeseen shifts in our life purpose and directon. 

As you are returning to Australia for upcoming workshops to follow up on your 2016 and 2017 visits, why is it especially useful for massage therapists and other healers to take this training?

As interest continues to grow in Chi Nei Tsang (CNT), I am coming in July to offer a unique 3 day course.

This trainig is the perfect adjunct to any healing practitioners repertoire. It addresses 70% of the clients immune system, ability to digest, absorb and eliminate, muscular tension and pain, inflammation, organ health, mental health and emotional health…all with one modality!

Let's begin with the basics: what is Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)?  Why do people do it or benefit from it?

CNT abdominal massage is a combination of hands on visceral massage and energy work (QiGong, Chi Kung). Technically, it is a healing branch of Medical QiGong (medicinal energy work). Medicine deals with the health and well-being of the body. Balance and rebalance are important when people feel less than optimium.

Taoist nature is also symbolic, about being without force.  It is the way of allowing.  Please expand on this intelligent energy.

The Soul and Spirit are intelligent energy. They condense energy to incarnate into a body to interconnect, grow and develop the energy. 

Think of Qi (Energy) in its simplest form as “electromagnetic energy”.  The same stuff that sparks throughout the brain and nervous system.  If there is a clear pathway to each part of the body the electromagnetic energy will bring information via that pathway to every organ, gland and cell.  If the pathway gets congested, we simply do not have the energy required to facilitate fullest function or the information the body requires for the constant state of self adjustment and self healing.  If electromagnetic energy is cut off long enough, systems begin failing. 

CNT can assist the body in removing emotional and physical blockages to allow for maximum energetic flow.

And unhindered flow is the natural state of being. The impact of emotional blockages is so often unrecognized and underestimated.  Your Intro to Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) recognizes the flow of energy, how it affects health and points people to learn practices to help localize issues and heal. Many people can appreciate and benefit from the such teachings. 

This said, how does this relate to the flow of Chi and healthy sexuality?What impact does it have on Anti-Aging, cellular regeneration, Restorative energy? 

It takes energy to orgasm.  It takes energy to self heal and stay young.  It takes energy to live fully.  

Ah-ha! mastering energy is key to mastering emotions and mastering oneself.  So many paths available to us.Reminding people sexual energy is simply another channel of flow that can be blocked or open is itself illuminating about so much more happening in and around the body.

On this note, some of our visitors ask if you can expand on the Jade Egg practice. 

This is an exercise tool that will be discussed during the course. Over 5000 years ago, it was understood that women create energy with their menstrual cycles and do not have to lose that energy (outward).  Jade Egg practice can be used to pull energy upward (in particular, energy in the ovaries and the uterus). The upcoming course will introduce this technique as a step one can move into in more depth as boundaries, use of space and energy are mastered.

What does the upcoming 3-day course curriculum in July 2018 involve exactly?

The Ultimate Training for Massage Therapists-  Items covered for Gold Coast CNT Level One Certification Workshop

Diagnostic tools
At least 2 fascia and skin clearing Chi Nei Tsang protocols
Seated Medical QiGong (Inner Alchemy organs meditation)
At least 3 colon detox Chi Nei Tsang protocols
At least 2 small intestine Chi Nei Tsang protocols
1 Nerve Activation technique for improving organ function
1 psoas release technique
Basic nutrition for intestinal health education
1 acid reflux technique
1 spine release technique (erector muscles)
Multiple abdominal self-massage techniques
Introduction to the Jade Egg exercises for women (men have opportunity to learn as well)
You will leave this course with specific Medical QiGong and Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage protocols and exercises to activate and detoxify the body. You will understand why optimal organ, brain and spine function are the secrets to radiant health and longevity and have a clear understanding of what Chi Nei Tsang and seated Medical QiGong can do to improve physical and mental health.

That sounds jam-packed. I hear Adam Gokmen is also offering some pre-course UHT exercises.

By the way, can you expand on the idea of Tendon power?

We will not be addressing that in depth this time (in the upcoming course).  However, it should be known that electromagnetic energy travels through the nerve and skeletal systems, through the tendons and in to each muscle.  If the tendons are hard and blocked, muscle tissue does not get the signal to respond fully.  Over time the tissue reacts by shortening due to lack of use.  This REALLY hurts J We all need good tendon health to stay young and strong. 

Ultimately, Tendon Power is one secret to strength, youth & suppleness.  If the tendon is too hard, the energy signal cannot penetrate so the muscle will not fire at full capacity.  The muscle will become stiff and this hurts!  Also, hard tendons increase the chance of over stretching, which causes hypermobility or tearing.  Different massage techniques exist to work out the knots.   

Knots do occur in other part of the body as well.  Digestive issues arise for many people that are often poorly understood.  How can a person use abdominal massage to loosen food in the belly (release undigested food) as an option to/ if not doing a colonic?

Daily self-massage, done a particular way, literally breaks up and moves stuck fecal matter in both the large and small intestine.  Done weekly or more, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal self-massage can also induce peristaltic action in the large intestine thus moving food for a lifetime with no unnatural or invasive action. 

Furthermore, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage is an educational experience that includes conversation that will guide a person to “feel” when something they ate did or did not “agree” with them.  If we avoid foods that inflame the intestines and are conscious about maintaining healthy gut bacteria, we are more likely to digest, absorb and eliminate effectively each day and forego the need for outside sources to clean out.

Your encouragement to feel the way through health and wellness is so powerful. 

Please share some practices to circulate energy to help release tightness in the diaphragm, heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and pancreas or other organs you view as significant. What can people do to stabilize and eliminate recurrent energetic imbalances?

I will do that and more in class J However the list below has links to specific practices, in a specific order that will energize and detoxify the organs as well as stabilize energetic imbalances over time.

Basic Medical QiGong practices that train us to send smiling energy to the organs, transform negative emotional energy in to positive vitality, circulate, refine and store our own life force are:

The Inner Smile Meditation

The Six Healing Sounds Meditation

The MicroCosmic Orbit Meditation


What would you recommend for people to feel more physically free and clean in their bodies? 

Come to class and begin your Medical QiGong training now.  Don’t wait.  Every day you spend emotionally or physically out of control is a day less appreciated. 

 Whether you are a therapist looking to integrate this into your practice or just looking to improve your own health, this course is for everyone interested in taking health to the next level!

Come learn methods of combining the power of the mind with 5,000 year old techniques (abdominal massage) for improving digestion, relieving toxic illness and opening channels in the body so we may improve the flow of blood, oxygen, cerebral spinal fluid and vital energy to the brain and organs.


If you truly cannot create a space to study with a living teacher, then begin study on line.  Eventually, you will master your thought processes and manifest your living teacher.  Master yourself, master your life.

What is the Healing Love practice?

Healing Love is the name Tao Master Mantak Chia gave to the art of cultivating, refining, circulating and storing reproductive energy for men and women. 

The title is exclusively used by Universal Healing Tao certified educators across the globe and their students.

The Gold Coast course will touch on this briefly as we discus why the Jade Egg practice for women helps strengthen the urogenital diaphragm and the importance of doing so.


How do Chi Nei Tsang and Medical QiGong practices revitalize physical and mental health? 

Since Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage is a branch of Medical QiGong it, like most QiGong forms, addresses the physical, mental and energetic parts of ourselves.  The nature of this particular practice at its root is to simultaneously energize and detoxify.  The practice proves that electromagnetic energy is influenced by human emotion and indeed, human emotions generate their own Qi (Chi). 

Chi Nei Tsang supports not only the body to stay clean and energized, but offers tools to transform negative emotional energy in to positive vitality for health and longevity.

What can people do regularly to strengthen the relationship between humanity, the planet Earth and the universe?


Remember the Law of Attraction is in play 24 hours a day.  The Universe mirrors back what is in your heart and mind promptly…positive or negative.  If your desire is to be connected to your community, your planet and your self, then visualize this daily and make it happen.

Smile.  Accept the things you cannot change…and remember that nine times out of ten the patient on the operating table is ourself J 

What do you see as the connection between humanity and the universe?

What I see and what I have felt is an intrinsic relationship between humanity and the building blocks of the Universe.  At some point, unconditional love becomes the most important healing factor.  This is The Way of Nature.  Perhaps, this connectivity is the feeling of spirituality?

What would you like to leave as advice or a vision with our readers?

The secret ingredient to having a great life and a radiant body is love.  Find something to love, respect and appreciate in all situations and you have unlocked the door to paradise on earth and beyond.

Sarina, it is a joy to connect with you.  You can hear more about her extensive work on her website and during interviews such as on Lilou Mace's Juicy Living Tour Chi Nei Tsang and sexual energy of the Tao.