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5 Keys to Intuitive decision-making

Intuition is receiving inspiration and guidance from outside yourself.  Your greatest source of creativity is accessed when you tune into something beyond you, lose yourself in the joy and fulfillment of an activity.  This is like becoming one with it, dissolving the illusion of separation.

Most of us are familliar with intuitive decisions in our daily life.  Yet, we do not really think about it.  Typical examples where intuition can play an important role in making decisions are: Choosing your life partner, selecting the right car or home to buy, where and when to move, which job, education or training to follow, deciding on a meal when eating out, selecting the next book to read or movie to watch, picking clothes to wear, or how to approach a stranger or function in unfamilliar places.

Making all or most decisions based on intuition is less common, at least in the Western World. Here are 5 keys to making intuitive decision-making a more conscious part of your life:

1. Recognize intuitive decision making is far more than using common sense

This involves engaging additional sensors to perceive and tune into the information outside yourself. Sometimes it is referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, inner sense, instinct, inner voice, spiritual guide, etc.

2. Develop higher consciousness 

It is possible to train the subtle senses to recognize intuitive information.  You can train these sensors and to make the process of receiving information intuitively a more conscious one. People who can't accept the existence of such sensors may instead call it tapping into "collective intelligence" or "collective unconscious".  How effectively you function based on higher consciousness is often underestimated.

3. See balance between logic and intuition

The question cannot be whether rational reasoning or intuitive decision making is generally better. The question is rather in each individual case how both approaches can be best combined for optimal results. For this purpose, an experienced consultant from outside can often help to avoid common mistakes and to dissolve prejudices.

4. Feel (rather than think) the way through life

The more you trust intuition, the more often you act based on what you feel. Intuition, when functionning at its highest level, involves conscious contact with non-incarnated beings, a process usually called channelling. It can also be controlled, as in, you can consciously tune in and out of different frequencies of  information as the perceived need or usefulness arises.The more you trust intuition, the more the universe gives you reason to trust. 

5.  Consult an intuitive mentor

Recall the five peple you spend the most time with are the five people whose patterns and behaviours you are evolving into. You are also honing abilities of those who inspire you. You are literally drawing the qualities you admire in others out of yourself to manifest them in your life. The world is constructed in you mind and projected outward based on concepts. This learning process of concepts can block the flow of intuition and make it harder to live based on heartfelt guidance. It is very useful to evolve to accept help and assistance from the spiritual world. Enagaging an intuitive outside yourself can assist you to grow aware of the intuitive within yourself.  Thus it grows easire to see through your beliefs and patterns so you are empowered to live more intuitively from within


Top 30 Books to Accelerate a Spiritual Journey

Many people appreciate a guide for their own awakening or spiritual journey.  While every path is unique, it is reassuring to know that many books exist to empower you to allow a new world to appear through your own eyes and subtle senses. 

There’s a big difference between people that read loads of books, and people who integrate spirituality into their lives. Being Spiritual is about living with mindfulness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and engaging in practices that help you listen deeply and live in greater harmony. Otherwise, you simply add to a mental knowledge base.  Living through the head cannot open the heart, change your energy vibration or transform your life from inside out.

So, empower yourself. Choose one or more of these books below—as they all offer timless wisdom.  Make a point of reflecting on the food for the senses.  Some include journal exercise or you can buy accompanying workbooks.  Read passages slowly.  Breathe deeply.  Allow yourself some quality time and watch what arises within you.  As you find authors whose words resonate with you, find other books and online talks or events that enable you to grow further.  After all, this is a choose-your-own-adventure and you are the protagonist.

In Transform Your Life: 730 inspirations, I offer glimpses of individuals who have directly or indirectly helped me see myself and the world differently. The following is a list of 30 books to help you awaken, appreciate life differently and accelerate your spiritual journey.  Some of these are included in recommendations for further reading in my new Mastering Time book. I invite comments from readers about books that help expand their perception and change their lives. 

1. Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn

2. The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening  by Steve Taylor & Eckhart Tolle

3. The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

5. Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander

6. Hero by Rhonda Byrne

7. What God Said: the 25 Core Messages of Convesations with God that will change your life and the world by Neale Donald Walsch

8.  Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

9.  A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

10. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

11. Awaken Your Third Eye by Susan Shumsky

12. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

13. The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People by Judith Orloff 

14. Mini Habits (Smaller Habits, Bigger Results) by Stephen Guise

15. Defy Gravity by Caroline Myss

16. A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman (Foundation for Inner Peace)

17. Being Mortal  by Atul Gawande

18. The Essence of the Upanishads by Eknath Easwaran

19. The Power of Now & A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

20. Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening  by Robbie Holtz and Christiann Howard

21. Be Love Now (& Be Here Now) by Ram Dass

22. The Healing Self by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi

23.  The Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 by Drunvalo Mechizedeck

24. Journeys in to the Heart by Drunvalo Mechizedeck and Daniel Mittel

25. Isira (Autobiography) and Awakening You by Isira

26. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

27. The Mastery of Self by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

28. The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

29. Gifts of ImperfectionDaring Greatly by Brene Brown

30. Altruism by Matthieu Ricard


Shumsky Interview: MaharishiandMe

I am delighted to offer you an interview with Susan Shumsky, the author of Maharishi and Me.  This is an author who shares heart-felt insights based on her own direct and profound experiences.  Her book offers riveting glimpses of a guru who's life is often shrouded in mystery. Thanks for consenting to this interview.
Since I my 2009 interview with Susan, much has happened in her life.

You have published a number of books and your life continues to expand in different directions.  How would you describe what is unfolding in your midst? How does it feel?

I would describe planetary trends as going in a powerful positive direction. With each year that goes by, more and more people are seeking spiritual experiences and practicing meditation and other yogic methods. If you compare the atmosphere of the earth in the mid-20th century with the atmosphere now, there is no comparison. The collective consciousness of the planet has risen significantly to a much higher octave vibration. Spiritual experiences that used to take months for a seeker to achieve, now it only takes a few minutes. People are more aware of issues of ecology, holistic health, organic foods, and the dangers of toxic agents to our planet. We now live in a different world. And positive trends continue to rise with every passing day.

Blessed be for those positive trends and shifts on collective perception and self-understanding. May it continue.

In all your years in the presence of Maharish Mahesh Yogi, why choose now to release Maharishi and Me? What is timely about your shift of perspective or your writing of this unique biography?

I began writing Maharishi & Me in 1998–20 years ago. Within a couple of years, it had exploded to 700 pages. It has taken 20 years for my agent to sell it to a publisher. I must admit it was because, internally, I didn’t have the right attitude about the book. And therefore when my agent sent the book proposal to editors, one of them said he didn’t think I could "pull it off.” Other editors said that Maharishi was passé and no one was interested in him anymore. But once I came to an internal revelation about my relationship with Maharishi and connected that to the larger picture about the traditional master/disciple relationship in the far East, I finally realized the correct theme of the book. Then my agent managed to sell it to Skyhorse Publishing in New York.

That 20 year period certainly speaks volumes about your passion and trust in the process.  As you say and observe, the level of collective consciousness on this planet is rising. People relate to things at their level of consciousness and perception. It appears that higher octave we have reached is a tipping point that makes this planet more receptive for what this book offers.

You also point out the topic of guru and discipleship is not widely understood or accepted in the West.  What would you like to share about your experience that shattered myths in this regard?

People think that living with a Guru is a guru-vy love fest of valentines, daffodils, butterflies, harps playing, and angels singing. But the truth is the master/disciple relationship can be an ego-shattering, mind-crushing experience. That’s because the traditional definition of “enlightenment” is known as “egoless.” And the traditional definition of “nirvana” is “extinguished.” Maharishi often likened himself to a carpenter, and his disciples to pieces of wood. Imagine how you would feel being a piece of wood and getting carved up into pieces. That’s not a fun image. When we have to step outside our comfort zone, out of the little box we’ve been living in, that’s an uncomfortable experience — and that’s an understatement. It was incredibly intense to live with Maharishi on a daily basis. An emotional roller coaster with extreme swings between heaven and hell.

Wow! Lots of misplaced assumptions are made based on a lack of understanding.

The opening quote in your book is, “Not everyone remembers their own birth. But I do,” is a very profound statement. In my own case, breathwork has enabled me to recall not only my own birth but pre-birth experiences, such as being a womb twin survivor (WTF), and soul-level views of experiences  unfolding before and since.  I call this time-travelling. I wonder if you can pinpoint a particular turning point in your own life that enabled you to see from this world from a very different angle.

There have been many turning points in my life. One was when I first learned how to practice Transcendental Meditation, which brought me back from the brink of insanity and transformed me in profound, meaningful ways. Another was when I found another powerful meditation method, which I now teach. It’s called "Divine Revelation.” That method changed my life again. With the profound inner connection I made with my higher self, ascended masters, and radiant beings of light, never was I alone again.


I love how meditation techniques offer each of us windows into the Soul if we are willing to venture into unfamilliar territory. Curiousity is sparked by the idea of a process that can trigger divine revelation. I'm sure many of seekers are eager to contact you to learn more about this meditation method.

Yet, for the time being, what advice do you have for people craving or seeking altered states of consciousness?

Don’t take drugs or plant medicines. It’s only a temporary bandaid and not the way to achieve true higher consciousness. Find a genuine spiritual teacher and learn how to meditate and how to experience unbounded awareness within. 

Interesting you share this view. Growing curiosity about altered states of consciousness has created a huge market for drug-induced spiritual travel-related experiences.  These are promoted to raise awareness. Individuals who taste the infinite this way also always seem to be struggling to 'get back there.' 

Maharishi and Me offers glimpses into your remarkable spiritual journey. Please share one or a few experiences that you feel stand out and how they affect you in this moment.

There were so many experiences I relate in the book. But what stand out most are experiences of profound elation and waves of bliss, contrasting with experiences of profound humiliation. It was a wild ride swinging from ego-expansion to ego-deflation on a daily basis. And as a result, I eventually found what I was seeking. I found myself.


Beautiful revelation.  Straight and to-the-point. Funny how Westerners are so often taught to make complicated what is simple. It can feel like simple is harder than complex as it requires honesty and a willingness to see through your own thoughts.

Why Maharishi and not another guru for you?  Any why do you sense he drew the Beatles and other famous people? 

I was reading the Buddhist scriptures, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Autobiography of a Yogi and books by Alan Watts, such as The Way of Zen. In Watts’ books it said you have to find a “meditation guide.” Good luck finding “meditation guide” or anything remotely similar in Berkeley California in 1966. But after trying to meditate on my own, a fellow art student finally took me to the Transcendental Meditation center in Berkeley. As soon as I saw the photo of Maharishi hanging on the wall, I immediately knew this was it. This was where I would learn real meditation—not just ephemeral experiences afforded to me through psychedelic drugs. 

Maharishi was like a celebrity magnet. He drew famous people into his life like a magnet draws iron filings. He was the happiest person I ever met, and his aura was incredibly charismatic and hypnotic. Anyone who met him, if they were open to the experience, they would feel waves of divine unconditional love radiating in their direction. With just a glance Maharishi transmitted waves of bliss that people could feel viscerally. 


I love the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Your response makes it clear that timing is everything.  The same goes to say when we read. This interview encourages us all to trust the timing of all events and encounters unfolding in their lives. Reading here can only be synchronicity. We only ever encounter what we invite into our lives.  Many people are familliar with, "ask, and it is given"  What you so wisely imply is that the soul asks and the ego-mind gives itself the experience to realize what it is not so we can realize what remains. Silence says so much.

Please share insights you gained from living in India and abroad as part of your evolving journey with Maharishi.

It was great to live overseas. People from the USA tend to be america-centric in an arrogant way. They seem to have a superiority complex about this country. Little did I know how beautiful, peaceful, artistic, and cultured other countries were. After spending a few years in Europe, I never wanted to return to the USA. But eventually Maharishi sent me back to the USA.


Indeed.  When you tell yourself you are creating a new life, it feels right to take advantage of that.  Makes being away from the familliar worthwhile.  You certainly make the most of wherever you are to learn and grow.  Your books attest to that. Your readers appreciate your gifts to this world.

As for this book, You include a number of photos.  How do you feel about the timeless experience of meditation alongside images of events frozen in time?

My book is not linear. It goes forward in time for awhile but then goes back and forth, jumping to different time periods. So when you’re reading it, if you think if it seems frozen, it will thaw from time to time. And anyway, regarding the photos, nostalgia is fun. There are about 100 fun, nostalgic photos in the book.


As it is said, " a picture paints a thousand words" (or more). Love the feel of playfulness in the book's presentation.  Jumping around in time as you do gives readers a deeper understanding of Maharishi from diverse points of view. It feels more real somehow, like readers are engaged in dialogue within the book ourselves.

Is it possible to compare your experience in the presence of Anandamayi Ma and other enlightened souls  or would you say their energy feels different?

My experience of the many enlightened beings I have met in this lifetime are very similar to each other. They all have that joyful, powerful, charismatic vibration that transmits to people around them, and which they receive by osmosis. Being in their presence elevates our consciousnes, lifts our spirits, and fills our souls with joy.  



Filling the Soul with joy absolutely changes everything.

Why do you imagine people often feel they must go away to an ashram or some far off place to find themselves?


When you go somewhere far away from the daily numbing routine of the mundane world, you are immediately taken out of your old patterns, habits, beliefs, and hangups. This can be helpful in the pursuit of spiritual awakening.


And what about your own experience? Could your awakening have happened anywhere other than India and through experiences with/ about the Maharishi? 

Since I take people on tours to sacred destinations throughout the world through my Divine Travels company at, I know the value of visiting places with high vibrations and being in the company of like-minded spiritual people. Being in that higher vibrational atmosphere encourages and enhances spiritual experiences.


Like so many of our readers, I can so relate to the power of unseen energy.  It seems to work miracles until we are open to the deeper insights within ourselves.

What do you feel draws so many celebrities to TM? What about the general public?

It’s a simple meditation that works effectively for people. Just about anyone can do it. Maharishi used to say that if you can think a thought, you can practice Transcendental Meditation. That’s because thinking a mantra is like thinking any other thought. 


Love your references pages. Any particular film, book or reference really leave a mark during your research? How much of this is also out-of body (OBE) experience or time travel to re-experience different perspectives of a perceived past?

The following books have a lot of information about the Beatles in India, and I recommend them: The Secret of the Mantras by Richard Blakely, All You Need is Love by Nancy de Herrera, and Dear Prudence by Prudence Farrow. I don’t do OBEs and don’t time travel. I just have a good memory about the events that happened when I was with Maharishi. And I am a very exacting researcher who dug deeply into the topic and read many books and articles about events in the book that I didn’t personally experience firsthand.


Thanks for your meticulous way of fine-tuning details. This comes across very well. What highlight would you like to leave with our readers about this book. Why is it an important book for them to experience? 

This book brings into question everything people think they know about how a spiritual master acts, what enlightenment is, how a spiritual master works with his disciples, and how to spot an enlightened master. The book asks many questions by not asking those questions and gives answers by not answering them. The reader is left with having to answer all these questions him or herself. It’s a mind-blowing book that takes the reader through an emotional seesaw where, at the end, the reader is left with “What just happened?” “Can this be real?” “What a ride!"


Please share anything else you feel is relevant to our readers. 

The master/disciple relationship is not what you think it is. You’ll find out what it’s really about by reading the book Maharishi & Me.

Thanks again Susan for taking a period out of your busy schedule to share such valuable insights.  Readers can purchase Maharishi and Me from retail outlets as well as on-line.  Invite readers to check this out and share testimonials on this page.


Mastering Time (2018) Book published

I am delighted to share my latest book, Mastering Time, is released . Its the first in a 3-book series called Mastering Time.  This is unlike any of my previous books and if you are looking  for repeated Eureka moments, this is a journey for you. It is full of exercises, reflections and meditations as well as personal insights that I trust enrich your life as much as sharing them enriches mine. Consult the book press release

Check out the kindle version on Amazon. 

Paperback (ISBN 13: 978-0-9872926-1-2)

As you share testimonials, I offer to post them here too:

Testimonial for Mastering Time (2018) by Liara Covert:

"In the tradition of Joseph Campbell, Liara Covert uncovers, creates, and expands upon a comprehensive new age mythology to understand our relationship and purpose in the cosmos. As a dream weaver, she is inclusive to all traditions under the sun honoring the feelings and understandings of everything that has ever been expressed from the very beginning to the very end of time as we know it."

-Bernie Krausse


New Shumsky Book: Maharishi & Me

Know the masses of Dreambuilders Australia Blog readers are eager to hear about book recommendations.

Great news! Susan Shumsky has a new book out as of February 20th called Maharishi and Me. Invite you to send the link to her promotion page to everyone you know. She has written a huge number of books,offers a wealth of insight on spiritual matters and shares views perspectives with engaging wit and humor:

You may recall I interviewed her on this blog in 2009 related to her book Divine Revelations:

I participate in Susan Shumsky's book launch because I support the way she empowers others to live fully.  She also  runs the Divine Travels Company to invite people to sacred places which trigger their own spiritual revelations.