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Connect to what is of value

Connecting to what is of true value is always in reach.  You may ask how to do this.  When you are open, teachers enter your scope to guide you to recognize the obstacle is the Path. Ultimately, its up to you to take steps to let go of what prevents you from feeling what it is to be valuable. Ponder these 5 tips to orient your focal point of attention:

1.  Expand consciousness

Each person is on a unique journey to grow more consciously present to that which is of value.  The ego has its own ideas of external examples of value.  Expanding consciousness is about shifting to focus on what value feels like to the soul. This may be very different from what the ego has you believe is valuable.

2. Know everything is part of a system of value exchange

Whether it be money, time, the tangible or intangible,  all things are part of a system of give and take.  When you are capable of polar thinking, you come to see polar opposites go together. You cannot give without taking, cannot take without giving. Reality is energetically balanced, even if your filters do not register this. It is conscious echange that makes all the difference.  Figure and background go together. They are not mutually-exclusive.   All events have a witness. If you truly wish to see the value of exchange, when a person asks you a question about the sacred, answer in secular terms. If you are asked of the eternal, answer in terms of the temporal.  When asked about the abstract, answer in concrete terms. Knowing this allows you to move forward consciously, accepting innate value and creating value in all you do.

3.  Be at peace with yourself

Being at peace with yourself is about recognizing and detaching from attachments and aversions to money and all perceived forms of value, wealth, prosperity and exchange.  Regaining a conscious connection to yourself results in massive breakthroughs, moving into your desinty with greater purpose, conscious intent, and feeling into what this process is really about.  

4.  Be the Worldbridger

You are the bridge between the material and non-material worlds.  You must give yourself the gift of conscious presence before listening to and hearing true Self, tuning in to what is actually of value to the Soul.

5. Meditate

Truth is a state of meditation consciousness.  Trust arises in awareness as one  takes the role of observer and views how you simultaneously participate in human life.  It hits that mediation is the avenue though which you access deeper intuition, grow aware of how to transcend apparent obstacles, activate, materialize and realize rather than what Gurdjieff calls, In Search of Being. Isira Sananda reminds us we are each our own Awakening Place.  She echoes, "Why worry about what you should be when you can simply be what you are."


11 Steps to build 5-D prosperity

Many people are seeking ways to build new levels of prosperity that pave the way for more conscious, uplifting existence.  This is about recognizing the power to see and tap into what is always accessible and experience results in the material world. If this appeals, these 10 tips are beckoning:

1.  See reality as energy FIRST
The energy flow of the universe constantly filtered by your perception. As Master Chia and others imply, this energy is the life force in everything we sense and breathe, and also in everything unseen. It is the very breath that gives us life and the life force within us, and empowers us to see things as they are.

2. Be a more active listener
Being an active listener of yourself and the world is one the most resisted behaviours out there. Why? The more practical something is, the more unconscious it makes people, the quicker they revert to being passive listeners.  This implies they are not present or aware to their thoughts and actions.  Absence occurs out of fear when we invite ourselves to make the unconscious conscious, to let go of the familiar ego identity we invest so much energy in. Tuning into your thoughts, words, and behaviors, and coming to see through them, is an ongoing process.  Most people do not stay conscious through every moment.  Your own intermittent tuning out changes from the moment you choose to be aware, to tune in and listen to what is going on inside you. 

3. Build prosperity consciousness
What is this? Its about functioning conveniently and effortlessly in this moment.  Its also about growing aware you carry the prosperity vibration and attitude like a frequency on the radio dial within you.  Tuning the dial allows you to quickly materialize varied forms of abundance anywhere. Instant manifestation is not as far away as the mind may have you think. It is simply a vibration to focus attention on and align with.
4. Be willing to start over again
You must be open and willing to give up everything you have. Internalizing this principle implies you are willing to let go of what you think you know, what you think you have and grow aware of what you truly are. This can involve geographic moves, changing jobs, switching income streams, relationships and life views. Its about reframing the impossible to "I (A)M Possible".  This is part of the work of the initiate who is increasingly tapping into the energy of fearlessness.
5. Create a practical version of spiritual enlightenment
All ideas come in a hierarchy, and the higher the idea in the hierarchy, the more powerful it is.  This is proportional to frequencies that increase and decrease on a horizontal radio dial. The ultimate power is pure abstraction (that which is mystical, unseen, often misunderstood).  Engaging in spiritual practice allows perception to expand to allow what is initially unseen (due to your filters) b to enter your energetic reality. The core nature of human power is mystical.  So, the more spiritually-enlightenened you become, the more power you have on a practical level (which translates into feeling more grounded).
6. Get intimate with the divine
Many spiritual practices allow you to feel more spiritual.  Yet, what are you after really? Love, acceptance? One view is money is the closest you can get to God on a material plane. Why? The more money you have, the easier it is to manifest instantly, or at least it seems so until you become an energetic alchemist. With money, you can buy anything, go virtually anywhere, at any moment. Limitations disappear. Possibilities blow the mind.  In addition, the more you investigate money, the more mystical it becomes. Look at binary numbers. Money is all about '1s' and '0s'. The only difference between a $10 bill and $100, $1000 bills are numbers of  '0s'  or "nothing" .  Thus, the more mystical you grow, the more prosperous you become in 0s (measurable and immeasurable ways). The more wealthy you become, the more mystical you also become or the more you are drawn to invest yourself in mystical practices to truly know thyself. 

7. Know all human wealth is created through the human mind
Love and money are simply different forms of the same energy.  Your relationship to money is reflected in your relationship to love and vice versa. Use affirmations to reinforce this. Voice these or related phrases:
  • I deserve to be prosperous and to know love/abundance in all areas of my life.  
  • My joy is the pipeline by which I tap into infinite abundance/love of the unified field.
  • My personal connection to infinite intelligence/ being is allows me to feel unlimited love.
  • I have an abundant personal cash flow (I love/ accept myself fully, abundantly).
  • Every dollar I spend/ every expression of love/ generosity comes back to me multiplied.
  • My income/ love bank increases everyday whether I am working, playing or sleeping.
  • All my investments in love and life are profitable.
8. Be a conscious and willing receiver
 The more willing I am to make other people to prosper (or rich), the more other people are willing to make me prosper. The more willing other people are to make me prosper, the more willing I am to make them prosper. To give is often viewed as it is to receive. If everyone was a good receiver, everyone would be rich.  Many people are conditioned people-pleasers and over-extend themselves, and find it difficult to accept compliments. Ask yourself and also envision what the world would be like if everyone was a balanced giver and receiver of energy.
9. Understand the inhibitors of the mind
If you are truly spiritually wholly (whole), you deserve money and create money more than anyone else.Yet,many people inhibit or block their own prosperity.  They do not wish to discuss money (prosperity, wealth, abundance, ect) openly or to truly resolve their apparent money problems.  Why? They have a great deal of psychological justifications invested in them.  This is similar to sick people who resist healing because their identity relates so deeply to their pain body. If you relate to complaining adn the poverty menatlity and vibration, your energetic reality can only continue to perpetuate this.  Be willing to grow aware of all the way you lie to yourself and obliterate them from your field.  As Imagine Dragons, do Whatever it takes.
10. Activate the power of the mind with the imagination
 This is about growing consciously aware of the power of thougt as energy, harnessing that and using that in ways to serve others.  Different approaches exist to consciously manifest dream visions and compress time; we cover future pacing, future time travel and a variety of techniques in dreamwork. Vision yourself in certain conditions, allow yourself to feel the way into details to the point where you create what you are feeling in record time.  Everything unfolds beyond time before it enters material reality. 
10.  Embody prosperity
 There are seven stages to move though before one embodies prosperity and trusts oneself implicitly.  At this stage, you have moved beyond neediness throough feeling and choosing to know why you exist.  You kow and welcome your gifts, are aware why you exist.  As your focal point shifts through 4 bodies (physical, astral, mental and causal), you embody the unhindered vibration of prosperity.
11.  Accept the master within
 This is about aligning with the master within, knowing you create and attract everthing based on vibration.  Beneath and beyond everything, you know you are only ever catching up and aligning with more of yourself.  None of us can be what we wish to be and think we are.  Being arises only through direct experience of what already is, and development in directions that reveal themselves through self-knowledge. You lift the veils in proportion to fearlessness you embrace. As Leonard Orr echoes,  we are "always in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity, whether [we] know it or not."

7 Tips to realize the impossible 

Its common to create dreams and also very common to doubt or talk yourself out of them.  What if you could realize the impossible more often?  What if the steps are available to you now if you choose to take them? What if everything you think is pointing to or guiding you toward completely new, different and unforeseeable experiences, even the unthinkable experience of immortality?

1) Believe what you want is possible 

The psychology of believing: this brings the vibration of possibility into your conscious awareness. As everything is energy,  you must realize that your thoughts are energy and your every thought is creating your reality. We have to question the belief systems given to us by our societies in order to liberate ourselves from them in a practical way.  This is about understanding why we come to believe in self-created limitations and taking steps to stop lying to ourselves. What if you could begin a 7-Day Kickstart Program to begin reclaiming control of your focus?

2)  Make the unconscious death urge conscious

The philosophy of believing (or not): the  idea exists that death is inevitable and also that death is optional. Realize every apparent obstacle, injury or illness you encounter relates back to the unconscious death urge.  This is about what Leonard Orr calls Breaking the Death Habit. From the moment you believe in time, you exist in the conditioned idea your time (and life force/ body) is running out. Notice where you place your attention and how you reinforce your belief with thoughts, projections, and experiences. Fear-based vibration from within you can only be reflected back as materializing versions of fear (i.e. not getting, not being, not having- all versions of the illusion of sepatation). 

3)  Unravel what comes up to the surface

You have to work with the mind directly, learn to go inside yourself and root out all self-sabotaging, victimizing thoughts which you have about yourself. This begins in pre-infancy and infancy consciousness in this timeline, yet baggage may emerge from before and beyond too, if you are open to that.  For now, in this life, body memories arise, get out of control and are reinforced consciously and unconsciously in our habits of living which develop into longstanding patterns. Your life is about decoding your patterns and correcting your misperceptions

4) Stop believing in programming

Demonstrate our rational mind can change our emotional mind so then the emotional mind produces immediate results through our physical body. We have to take responsibility for the subconscious mind and make conscious changes. Genes are programs passed on genertion to generation.  Insurance companies bet you will die of approximately the same age and symptoms of our same sex symptoms. Death occurs due to collective disbelief or ignorance of natural divinity (i.e Orthodox religions reinforce this), and our diet. Imagine what happens as you internalize The Science of Everlasting Life.  Recognizing and overcoming this urge involves making the belief conscious, seeing through illusion of fear.  People hide the possibility of immortality from themselves because they do not wish to take full personal responsibility for every aspect of their life.

5) Survive senility and aging

One view is that this is just a stage of the human condition. Yet when people believe death is inevitable and beyond control, there belief exists that this is the end. What if, this is not the end? What if this is simply a stage and a second childhood? What if senility has rejuvenation built in? Your own book of life comes up. If you read it, trace out cause and effect relationships, see the causes and effects, heal the causes, then the effects also change.  Imagine stories about thriving centenarians is only a glimpse of what is and can be.

6) Activate your own Bio-circuitry

The basic guidance is keep surrendering to divine nature, view your body as points of light, allow these points as light to become responsive to your thoughts and feelings.  See every experience as a pointer to  your own divine light.  Physicists see energy as poits of light in form. Smallest point is thought which are also points of light. Every cell in the body emits photons. You have to be in an enlightenened state in order to literally illuminate the body to its true destiny. Some yogis do manage to do this without healing the emotional mind completely. Healing the emotional mind is the typical path to transform the body into light.

7) Recognize your connection to the cosmos

As consciousness awakens up through every chakra system, earth, air, water, fire, mind elements are intelligently interacting with each other. The spiritual practices involve bathing or cleansing regularly (purification), doing pranayamas (breathing consciously), interfacing consciously on different levels with each of these 5 elements. It may be said the highest mission is to recognize cosmic purpose and consciousness. You can relate all this to the process of mastering time, working your way through cleasning the chakras and energy bodies. Monk Thích Nhất Hạnh reminds us, "Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts." 


Interview with Rick Strassman

Dr Rick Strassman, is a medical physician, clinical researcher, visionary, and author of the seminal work, DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2000).  He also co-authored Inner Paths to Outer Space (2008) and more recently, is author of DMT and the Soul of Prophecy (2014) ebook & paperback.

His related documentary also receives widespread acclaim. You might say his cutting edge work prompts inner shifts, inviting us to envision and take steps to create a new kind of conscious future.

Intuition guides me to connect with specific people with perfect timing. Interviews that arise empower readers to see a bigger picture unfolding. At one stage of life, I engaged in psycho-pharmacology research, gained insight into the grant-writing process as well as politics of drug research trends.  It reflects shifts in collective consciousness, points to where we are heading.   

Thank you Dr. Strassman, for the presentations about mystical experience & spiritual scripture (@Horizons Perspectives on psychedelics), other work you do, and making yourself available for this dialogue. Interest in the effects of psychedelics (literally, "mind-manifesting") on consciousness is growing.

Due to your books and work, what is your view of changing public interest, understanding and receptiveness to new uses of hallucinogens? 

I’m glad to see that psychedelics are returning to the arena of public discourse. So far, however, there really are no “new” uses of psychedelics in the research environment. Rather, these new studies are confirming and extending older data that was generated during the first wave of human research. Perhaps the newer uses that you are referring to concern religious applications, which include both indigenous and more Western-religion-oriented type settings. By these, I’m referring to the ayahuasca churches and indigenous ayahuasca use.

Yes. New Yorker magazine recognizes a huge ayahuasca boom in the U.S. Well-intentioned researchers like yourself, aim to bring ayahuasca as ancient medicine, into the light of science.  The prospect of a fast track to awakening draws western travellers to the Amazon in droves. (For anyone considering it, invite doing soul-work first and read: things I wish I knew before drinking ayahuasca).  How do you feel about these social trends involving hallucinogens? 

It’s important not to prematurely close the door on with these drugs can do. That is the temptation I see people indulging in regarding a type of fundamentalism. Either these drugs “occasion mystical experiences,” “mimic psychosis,” “increase brain connectivity,” etc., as their means of producing their effects. We don’t really know what they do to exert their effects.

When do you see them being clinically legalized for therapeutic healing?

In the US, there are movements to place MDMA and psilocybin into less restrictive drug categories. These efforts are using the tools of normal pharmaceutical companies to get a drug into the clinical pipeline. Phase I, II, and III—safety and tolerability in normals, small-scale studies in patients, and then large-scale studies in patients.

That is encouraging.  It shows people are growing more open-minded, even legalizing certain drugs for public benefit. The view of cannabis, for instance, has shifted dramatically. Although marijuana is not a hallucinogen, it can have hallucinogenic properties.  

Business Insider (Mar 2018) says 29 U.S. states have legalized medical cannabis.  This article notes 23 health benefits, including, slowing the spread of cancer, reducing anxiety, and slowing the progression of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  What stands out is cannabis offers huge pain relief and facilitates natural healing.  Civilized Life is presenting the World Cannabis Congress in June 2018. The widespread legalisation of cannabis reflects a shift in acceptable drug use.

In this light, Australian private insurers offer partial reimbursements for some alternative health treatments. In the Netherlands, various drugs can be obtained in cafes without prescription.  What is your feeling about the evolution of psychedelic drug use in the Western world?

We still don’t have the optimal setting worked out for the optimal use of psychedelics. What will probably turn out to be the case is that because of the wide range of effects of psychedelics, there will be various optimal settings for various desired uses: religious, medical, creativity, and so on.

Your research popularized the notion DMT is produced during dreams and near physical death. Both the general public and other researchers are interested in this. Please expand.

Unfortunately, those were educated speculations rather than objective data. Nevertheless, those ideas have spurred on bona fide research and we are closing in on the role of DMT in the dying process. 

Your research inspires other researchers to go deeper, conduct further studies.   Recent neuro-pharmacology studies begin to touch on dreams and psychedelics. One article states, "The broad overlap between dreaming and psychedelic states supports the notion that psychedelics acutely induce dreamlike subjective experiences which may have long-term beneficial effects on psychosocial functioning and well-being." Researches also envision more clinical studies.

Progress is being made.  We don’t have information about dreams yet though.

Existing computed tomography (CT) research proposes a calcified pineal may relate to aging and the onset of Alzheimer's. Current theories suggest DMT is produced naturally during waking states in the pineal.  Yet, calcification of the pineal appears to inhibit DMT production. Why?  

The pineal gland appears to make DMT both in humans and lower animals. We don’t know whether calcification has any effect one way or the other.

David Attenborough reminds us, “We only know a tiny proportion about the complexity of the natural world. Wherever you look, there are still things we don’t know about and don’t understand." As you and he imply, new information is available to be discovered and examined. 

Research shows calcification prevents the pineal gland from functioning. Fluoride accumulates in the pineal more than any other organ. Fluoride exposure in animal studies has found to decrease melatonin and lead to accelerated sexual development in females.  When our pineal gland is calcified, one view is humans are out of balance with nature, impeding proper biological functioning. How do you sense this relates to DMT?

I don’t know how fluoride ties into the DMT scenario.

What do you envision happening as the pineal is de-calcified in more people?

I know of no way to decalcify the pineal gland.

Considering over one million people have watched DMT and the mysteries of the pineal gland, and huge audiences are focusing attention in this direction, this certainly warrants new attention.  How would you build on your  previous work in an international study if you could today? (I already know a few people who are ready and willing to volunteer)

There is one DMT study taking place in London right now. This is a brain imaging project. There are plans to actualize a continuous infusion study of DMT, wherein it is possible to maintain the state longer than is the case when it is given as a single bolus or smoked one time. There are ayahuasca studies taking place now in Spain and Brazil. Unfortunately none in the US or Commonwealth countries.

Traditionally, tribal shamans use plant substances to connect with spirit worlds and for healing. Shamanic schools now exist in different parts of the world, including the U.S. Shamanic healers offer services not covered under Medicaid or other insurance. When do you envision U.S. shamanic clinics emerging for the general population?

This relates to what kind of clinical models emerge for using psychedelics. While certainly not around the corner, I can see at some point “shamanic” use of psychedelics being considered “indigenous healing” which could be reimbursed. This is the case with, for example, certain indigenous healing practices of Native Americans and Hispanic cultures in New Mexico that at least one of the major insurers reimburses.

Your remark here echoes new changes in the air and echoes changes in collective consciousness. Helen Keller reminds us that the heresy in one Age becomes orthodoxy in another. George Bernard Shaw agrees. He echoes "all evolution in thought and conduct must first appear as heresy and misconduct.

How else do you imagine shamanic healing (DMT, ayahusca and other drugs) growing more accessible in the U.S. like medical opiates and marijuana? What about legalizing psychedelics for conscious tourism as is done in Costa Rica, South America and other part of the world?

This again relates to setting up environments in which people can take psychedelics for various reasons. The settings where there is direct benefit provided to patients for whom more traditional practices have failed are more likely to get off the ground first.

What does this echo on the state of collective consciousness and nature's harmonizing influence?

My late Zen teacher used to say that the balance between good and evil is always 51:49.

Midwives, health and well-ness practitioners such as chiropractors, naturopaths, ayurvedic doctors and others, are revolutionizing and changing the way people view health care services, integrative medicine and self-healing. What inspired your pioneering DMT research?

I was interested in the biology of spiritual experience. To the extent that psychedelics could bring about states of consciousness resembling those that occurred in non-drug religious states, I believed that there were common underlying biological denominators. The presence of endogenous DMT and its psychoactive effects made it a strong candidate for such a mediator.

Emerging technologies can record what the experiencer is sensing in altered states.  This is used for dream research, to track the brain in meditative states, channelling mediums and others. How do you see this, along with DMT, perhaps validating connections to the spirit world (i.e. higher vibrational states)?

First one needs to define “spirit world.” This needs to be done with more rigor than simply alluding to their having a higher vibrational state. I have more or less glibly wondered about dark matter cameras that could image those things that are comprised of it.

Agreed. John Chavez, who interviewed you before, suggests, we also need a clear idea of what Science means. Often people can be conversing about Science and spirituality and not be clear, and not be on the same page.

If the spirit worlds reside in normally invisible planes of existence, perhaps that type of imaging device could capture images of things existing in those planes. Then, one might compare those images with what one sees on DMT and related substances.

Many people are familliar with the psychedelics in the movies. Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Ridley Scott's original Bladerunner , Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey, are examples. Actor Jim Carrey took DMT and says his consciousness shifted dramatically as the result. How do you see the DMT experience is important for breaking through the matrix of individual and collective consciousness?

The existence of “things” in parallel, objectively verifiable, self-existent alternate planes of reality would be of great interest. However, simply establishing their existence without some goal in mind would only be tinkering rather than automatically being useful for the world.

In your Other Worlds, and your books, you suggest psychoactive substances like DMT allow the brain to bypass our five basic senses to unlock multi-dimensional realm of existence where other-worldly communication occurs.

This, of course, is only an hypothesis.

How do you account for the phenomena of synaesthesia, clairvoyance, and individuals with selectively magnified subtle senses, who do not ingest DMT yet access multi-dimensional realms spontaneously and at will?

It makes sense that nondrug states that resemble those brought on by giving DMT may be mediated by the same processes that are called into action when DMT is administered.

Also in Other Worlds documentary, you suggest the external search for alien life-forms is mis-directed.  Is our collective attention mis-guided when popular visionary sci-fi stories with aliens are the focus rather than the inner space world of our minds? 

Not necessarily mis-directed, but not the entire story.

Alien encounters are perhaps the most highly documented events yet are also the most downplayed. Sheer numbers of common stories, reports, and apparent abductions would, if on another subject, be substantial enough to make a huge statement in a traditional judicial system. That aside, if you view this from the perspective of your research with DMT, would this imply increasing numbers of people are expanding consciousness and producing DMT to access inner worlds of the mind?

We don’t know if endogenous DMT levels rise in states that resemble those brought on by giving DMT. Don’t gild the lily. Psychedelics can be used for terrible purposes. Just look at Charles Manson who used LSD to cement malignant beliefs and goals of his followers.

Why or why not? What other explanation could you suppose?

Humans are always living on the edge of disaster, the closer to the edge—that is, the more extreme the situation—the more extreme the potential solutions. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that LSD was discovered around the same time that the atomic bomb was developed.

Do you foresee DMT or related psychotropics being used more as a divination tool to gain greater insights into downloading visions for greater holistic technologies, mathematical and quantum understandings, as a think tank under controlled experimental conditions to improve upon the human condition?

There were some early studies using psychedelics to enhance creativity. This is an area that needs to be revisited.

Great composers and creative minds tune into the wide universe to download their masterpieces. What kind of world do you imagine as more people ingest DMT for clinical trials, healing or produce it naturally, to tap into conscious dream worlds? Would more of us get clarity faster and manifest our divine gifts?

It depends. I think that psychedelics provide a cementing of beliefs that previously were more or less conscious or about which people were more or less certain. This has to do with my notion of psychedelics as super placebos. Not wanting to beat a dead horse, it would be of use if you read the book about Manson and his use of LSD in his followers: Helter Skelter. It’s a sobering account.

It is suggested Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were aiming to contact the Afterlife with their emerging technologies. Tesla is known for saying the secrets of consciousness require an understanding of energy, frequency and vibration. He also said, “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” Which connections do you see emerging related to your work with DMT?

I have a predilection for the medieval Jewish philosophers. They suggest, based on Aristotle’s early work, that there exists an “Active Intellect” in which resides all past, present, and potential future information and events. The philosophers believe it is possible to “conjoin with” that information depending on one’s particular state—in particular, the state of one’s “intellect” and “imagination.” I think psychedelics stimulate the imagination, and to the extent that a more perfect imagination allows one to conjoin with the Active Intellect, there may be a little for them in tapping into what Tesla refers to as the “core.”

Indeed. Tesla's work still inspires shifts in what Science originally taught us to believe is impossible. Look at the electric car, free enegy and other technologies. Albert  Einstein also echoes, “The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” 

Why do you sense the origin and function of the DMT- Spirit molecule frustrates many scientists?  

Most scientists are limited to what they can see, measure, observe externally. The properties of DMT are a little trickier to subsume in this way. For example, DMT is actively transported into the brain across the blood brain barrier using energy. This is something that the brain does only for required substances like sugar and certain amino acids. This indicates that DMT is necessary for normal brain function, and normal brain function translates into normal consciousness. In addition, the DMT synthetic machinery is active in retina. Thus, both general consciousness and visual consciousness in particular may be mediated by the maintenance of a homeostatic level of DMT. This is too mind blowing a notion for most of us.

As DMT production in the pineal is clincally proven in rodents, what can you add about human DMT production?

New data hone in more carefully on how DMT is produced in the pineal, and extends findings to the human.

What do you imagine is required for the assumed boundary between science and spirituality to dissolve?

It will never dissolve, but might become more porous. Even then, people believe what they want to believe.

One of your theories is that DMT may function as a type of cross species Esperanto, in that it allows communication among any organisms. If everything could tune into the same frequency at the same moment, what are the implications?

It might make people more compassionate. It also might open up a can of worms regarding mind control, loss of privacy, etc.

Your theory of Theo-neurology suggests God designed the brain for us to connect with the divine. Does your DMT research corroborate the idea the human body is a system of bio-circuitry?

My research didn’t address that.

Would you suggest the human body is like a radio dial and the level of DMT determines the channels or frequencies we tune into?

I speculate about this.

If so, do you suppose we regulate DMT release to change channels?

We don’t know anything about endogenous DMT levels in humans and their relationship to non-drug altered states. The “changing channels” notion is a metaphor, hopefully useful.

Many famous geniuses have drugs of choice. Graham Hancock's research led him to consume ayahuasca and he explains his journey on youtube. One thing he concludes is:“It may be that DMT makes us able to perceive what the physicist call "dark matter" - the 95 per cent of the universe's mass that is known to exist but that at present remains invisible to our senses and instruments.”  

Terrence McKenna and David Icke also advocate of the use of psychedelics to open the mind. Which ones have you or would you like to consume? What do you notice about your own shifts in consciousness with or without psychedelics?

I don’t talk about my drug use or non-use.

Terrence McKenna says “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” Please comment.

Psychedelics are illegal because of their adverse effects. I think it’s a counter-productive myth to point to their putative mind expanding effects as reasons for their illegality. There are enormously powerful drugs that can be misused and cause major problems. Thus, strict regulation is more helpful than not over the long run. I would rather fewer people with more supervision take psychedelics than more people with less supervision.

If you could leave a piece of advice for our readers, what would you share?

Psychedelics are not panaceas. One big trip may be all that you need, provide enough of a push for the rest of your life. After that, the rest is commentary.

Thanks again Dr. Strassman, for offering food for reflection about the ongoing shifts in collective consciousness. It is clear dialogue is ongoing in scientific, government and public spheres.  The jury may still be out on the best or most appropriate uses of psychedelics, but growing interest exists in exploring and testing out new possibilities.

Encourage visitors to check out Dr. Strassman's  books, Youtube presentations and to visit his blog. His visionary approach to psychedelic research is a sign of the times.

Nikola Tesla is right on point as he echoes, many people, much like Dr. Strassman, are doing research, and proposing theories that point the way in which humanity and collective consciousness is heading.  Invite you to tune into the vibe.


Interview with Jaan Sanaam


Jaan Sanaam is Founder of Global Transformative Education, the largest breathwork training and therapy organization in the southern hemisphere.  Based north of Sydney, Australia, he is Director of The Depression Solution, trainer of breathwork-orientated psychotherapists, and a new generation of therapists who value pioneering approaches to therapy.

His unique approach to Advanced Breathwork Therapy led him to become one of the most sought after and successful teachers who has even led programs on route to Antarctica.  He runs regular retreats and programs at a sanctuary. He and graduates tailor services to small groups.

Its fascinating how the universe works. About a year ago, my husband attended a packed Business Success Systems breakfast in Melbourne and Jaan was the speaker. Hence, a pamphlet about this wellness guru and his group retreats reached me.  Intrigued, I did some research about his work and programs, watched related Youtube videos and discovered we have some mutual colleagues in the psychotherapy world. I attended one of his retreats, connected with some of his past students, and came to witness the impact of his work and also feel results first-hand.

All of this said, as the result of further training under the supervision of Jaan and his senior students, I feel privileged to discover there is far more to this man than meets the eye.  Thus, I am pleased to invite him to engage in an interview here.

Thank you Jaan, for reserving time in your busy life to share glimpses of your personal journey. 

Please tell people about your origin? How did you end up Down Under?

I was born in Czechoslovakia.  At age 6, I immigrated with my parents to Australia. My parents wanted my brother and I to have greater opportunities, and by god, did we ever.

Share some of the milestones that you lead you to create who you are right now.

My journey started at the age of 14. I came across a book about how ‘Ninjas’ attained their powers they are known for, and that was through meditation. Like any teenager, living in their dream world, I was determined to access these powers, so I started meditating daily for an hour. My atheist parents understandably found this a bit strange, but, let me go on with my dream of ‘attaining powers’, humouring their young child’s ‘fantasy world’. By the age of 15, after researching the ‘Yogi’s’ way of meditation and their level of mystical abilities and states they experienced, I upped my meditation to 2-3 hours a day.

That sounds like a very dedicated practice early on. I sense this invites readers to step back and view events in their own lives from a very different place. Would you say this is soul-driven?

I did not know it at the time, but I was well into the ‘full swing’ of my destiny. As much as I know I am writing this now, feeling the keys beneath my fingertips, I know on a ‘Soul Level’ I set my life up, so I could ‘get onto the tracks of my destiny’ – My sadhana – final Yogic stage where daily meditation, chants, purifications etc finish off the final stage…. Which has many stages itself.

And your sense of sadhana, what role does it play on the spiritual path?

Sadhana does not mean any one specific activity.  Rather, sadhana means using everything as a tool for well-being.  There is a lot to it.

So then, its not simply traditional meditation practices per se.  It is the insight we gain into ourselves through this process. 

Yes. sadhana is about how we eat, sit, stand, conduct the body, mind, sense energies and emotions, as well as the how we breathe.

Ah-ha! Tell us about breathwork.  This feels like a huge part of your calling.  What is it exactly?More than basic pranayama? Which life experiences guided you to get into breathwork? 

Going back a bit, At the age of 17, I had my first ‘Re-birthing Breathwork’ session. It was a turning point. I quickly experienced ‘Re-birthing Breathwork’ (RBW).  The emotional & psychological side is like using a hammer and chisel to break-through an emotional block – as if the emotional block was a huge cube of concrete. Cathartic Breathwork, however, invented and refined by me, is like taking a sledgehammer or sledgehammer to it 4 – 6 blows and the ‘Block’ – cement cube – breaks and crumbles.

How did developing this unique approach to breathwork change your life?

By age 20, I was a qualified Breathwork Facilitator, began seeing clients on a professional basis and facilitating workshops on personal and spiritual growth. At 21, I had a vision to bring Re-birthing Style Breathwork into mainstream healing. I was the founder and initial driving force of the body that has grown into the Australian Breathwork Association. This body is dedicated to raising the profile of Breathwork so it may claim its rightful perception as a valid, effective healing and psychotherapeutic technique.

Love that inner changes are reflected as external changes. Many people are noticing restlessness within themselves and shifts accelerating in the world around them. What you say about your journey with Breathwork reminds me of Arthur Schopenhauer who says, "All truth passes through three stages; First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." It reminds us to act when it feels right, and to hang in there and trust.

Now, on your site, you offer a free cathartic breathwork ebook.  Why is it a useful introduction?

It offers only a glimpse and invites you to explore further. That’s why I focus in hosting my 7-day residentials.  This involves 7 days of advanced Cathartic Breathwork Techniques plus a handful of other psych-therapeutic therapies I feel are 'the best of the best.'  If you are willing, using my techniques guarantee your transformation. Over 12 years of teaching them shows that my techniques work. 

The mystical aspect of breathwork and your early interest in ninja techniques reminds me of the mentor of Doctor Strange from the recent popular marvel comics movie. The protagonist relates that he was once a brilliant but ego-driven surgeon. After a car accident severely damages his hands and hinders his ability to perform surgery, he searches the globe for ways to repair them and encounters the Ancient One. After becoming one of the old Sorcerer Supreme's pupils, he follows his detiny as practitioner of both the mystical and martial arts. He also discovers what is involved in Mastering Time. This sparks one's curiosity about your teachings.

Yet for now, let's shift to focus on breathwork which is both technical and mystical. Who discovered, created key techniques in the West?

‘Holotropic Breathwork’ was discovered in Czech by a Doctor of Psychiatry in 1950’S – Stanislav Grof. ALSO, it was re-discovered at roughly the same time by Leonard Orr – An American spiritual explorer. What are the chances of this occurring?

Only synchronicity exists, when one is ready to see. The world must be ready for this phenomenon that presents as one of many ways to expand consciousness.

Exactly! This beautiful & precious jewel we call planet Earth, has paid for it collective Karma enough, to finally be given a tool that makes enlighten-ment, not to mention healing anxiety, depression, seemingly ‘no-way-out’ relationship blocks, and a whole range of inner issues - especially the ‘SELF WORTH’ ISSUE – which virtually no-one escapes from childhood with intact.

Karma, or the Law of cause and effect, is a huge, open-ended matter.  The healing potential of open-ended consciousness is also a significant development and tool for self-healing. 

Life experience and pioneering work has led you to be viewed as an authority on consciousness and evolution. For those unfamilliar with your work, please expand. What do you really do?

I teach about kundalini awakening. Did you know the real ‘Awakening of the Kundalini includes 3 very distinct stages? Each stage requiring a total different approach and and set of techniques for each of those stages. (yes, there are as many symptoms of the kundalini awakening as there are people on planet earth.) How do I know all this? First-hand experience.

You are a man who wears many hats; therapist, teacher, director, workshop facilitator and others. Who are you really?

I am Sanaam – Sanskrit for ‘Body of Bliss. Otherwise know as Ananda. Swami Muktananda, Nityananda, Sanannda etc. Sanaam is another word for the matrix of Bliss we have our cells arranged on and we access in love, child-parent love, universal Love etc; I am just not worthy – established 100% of the time in Ananda – Then I have a right to call myself ‘Sanaam’ and my name, which already is to a certain degree an access to Shakti Energy – To Heaven It-self, will within 10 years approx… become a mantra itself, so much shakti will be charged into it.

It is said we grow into our names; they evolve with us and us with them. What is in this name?

Jaan Sanaam Jerabek - My name has evolved and continues to evolve during the moment of my energetic evolution, I was born Ja'n Honzik Jerabek.  At school, John Jerabek out of a desperate desire to be accepted. Ja'n become John Jarabek. Changing the name felt temporarily normal. Changed back to Ja'n at 22 as it was truly me (at that stage). I stopped being insecure about my name.  At that point, I had no idea Jaan meant 'love & life' in Hindi.

Age 28 my Maha Guru - the real deal - put me into heaven bliss by pure divine will power - a state that surpasses orgasm, love you feel for someone, ant type pf experience of beauty...

One day I was initiated and realize I was 'Anananda' - the bliss behind everything..., I had experiences of giving prole experiences of Bliss till that point, but they were far and few between, it was not at my conscious control. I was the biss that reality is built upon, I creamed this whilst running after my maha guru....Her response...; Excellent'', You've done it, but I need you to establish yourself in that bliss, live, sleep, eat and have your being in it. Since your 1st name is Love & Life, I will give you a diifferent
version of Amnanda -You are Sanaam - The Body Of bliss -  Love, the Body of Bliss, and one day you will experience yourself as the bliss behind everything in existance, simultaneously, That's when you can
call yourself a real Guru, an embodiment of bliss and people just by repeating your name 'Sanaam' will enter the'Kingdom of heaven'. What you have worked so hard for over 26.27 years has just been your
university, your training Ground - Your Sadhanna. You cannot even fathom what awaits for you.

Would you say then, you offer unique insight into enlightenment? Many people seek this path.

The real nature of enlightenment is- Gradual. It is not arriving at a place, like all life, like all energy, it is a process. Having a ‘God Experience’ or ‘Momentary Enlightenment Experience’ is where things go wrong, People mistake this for enlightenment when it is simply an ’glimpse’ of enlightenment. How do I know this? in my late teens I decided to join my individual mind with the universal mind, spark with the great flame –The result I gain access to truths you will never read about unless from someone whom has done the same

How to you use direct insight as a teaching tool to empower others to transform their lives? 

THE TECHNIQUES I USE ACCELERATE EVOLUTION. I run a ‘Spiritual Bootcamp’ for Disciples, where healing depression, anxiety and inner conflict also a natural by-product of releasing the baggage that hinders true enlightenment.

It would be helpful to offer a testimonial:

Recently, a partner in a law firm said – ‘’I feel this year with you Jaan has enabled me to by-pass 10 -20 years of butting my head against the wall with my psychologist and other ‘therapists’’’.  

I am not wanting to blow my own horn, (well, maybe a little ), but my system works. It is the ‘Most Powerful Personal Development & Therapy Program available in Australia today. THIS WORKS! AND IT WORKS RELATIVELY FAST.

In addition, I am also happy to speak with anyone about my own-life changing experiences as the result of this Cathartic Breathwork training.

How long have you been teaching? After all, longevity makes a statement about staying power.

I have refined it over the last 20 years to take it out of a ‘close your eyes, and make an intention – a mental level regression occurs, usually very ‘Hit and Miss‘. You will most likely people told ‘what a great session, you cried, had an insight etc’’, But what about each and everytime’hitting’ the root cause of what you want to transform in your life, in a very precision, laser type surgery depending on your issue, depends what leading edge ‘psycho-therapeutic’ tool, is called for. IT IS NOT THE OLD, EVERYONE LAY DOWN, BREATHE, HALF OF YOU FALL ASLEEP AND SOME OF YOU CRY OR SCREAM INTO A TOWEL or HIT a PILLOW…. The dark, early days of Breathwork. It is now a ‘laser precision guided technique’ – to get at the core of your issues.                              

How do you envision your approach to breathwork evolving in the public eye?                  

Watch 20 years or so…we’ll have it on Medicare (I am the founder of what is now ‘The Australian Breathwork Association’ – a body to educate the public, constructed ethical guidelines and boundaries, access indemnity insurance).  Now, 20 years later, we do not yet have access to Medicare and private health funds. It will happen soon.  What is being ‘prescribed initially -Psychologists who have done little on no work on themselves get their knowledge from ‘other people, ‘case studies in textbooks’ COMBINED with drugs that are unhealthier than Cocaine & Heroin combined (at least they come directly from natural plant ‘alkaloid’). The pharmaceuticals (Greek for ‘mixing of poisons’) are often ineffective and, in my experience, usually makes matters worse.  Breathwork is the Future of Therapy. It is here to be used by all who are ready for it.

Who are greatest inspirations or mentors? How do they shape your life purpose and sense of being here? 

Leonard Orr and teachers on higher planes guiding me though the experience of my destiny.

What is the Anxiety-Depression Solution? How did this brainchild come to be? How do you envision that project evolving? Is there any connection between this program, breathwork retreats and your other projects?

I go into detail by answering questions on my website. Invite readers here to check it out.

Many people are experiencing noticeable changes in their lives and events appear to happen faster.  What kind of advice can you offer them?

Explore Breathwork – easy – It is the long lost ‘Siamese Twin’ of meditation.  What do I mean by this, 3 things:

1)      IT ‘IS’ the Future of Therapy. The collective takes a long time to catch up. IT IS A FACT. Did you know CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – the main ‘so called therapy’, used by ‘Psychologists’ (who spend the 1st 5 years of full time Uni studying statistics and then if they want to specialize in treating people they get taught CBT in the 6th year), CBT was ‘invented’ in the 1960’s!! Imagine using the same surgery technique Doctors used in the1960’s now on people!?! What would result be? Our Organization – The largest Breathwork Training & Therapy Organization in the Southern Hemisphere –  get to speak to many people on the ‘front line’ of ‘mental illness’. I constantly hear reports along these lines…’’I have had 40 sessions with my psychologist and I still think negative thoughts and feel depressed and that’s even though I am also on 2 different ‘Anti-Depressants’’ – This was a call I had only yesterday. So, think of seeing a Psychologist for your depression or anxiety? Think hard. As ‘Well meaning’ as they are, unless they have the up to date tools/ and or have done years or decades of their own ‘inner work/ serious therapy, you are in for a long and frustrated (in most cases, fruitless I HATE to say) journey. 

2)      Breathwork, CATHARTIC Breathwork (CBW)I call it these days as I specialize in using it to release even womb and birth trauma, let alone early childhood * dysfunctional parenting trauma – works from the 1st session onwards. You do not need to practise it or even believe in it, it just works automatically on everyone. It is actually something I recommend and get you to sign a disclaimer you will not be using it at home. Dangerous unless super-vised by a trained & experienced facilitator.

3)      Why, do I call it the ‘Long Lost Siamese Twin’ of Meditation. Easy, anybody can shut themselves of in their room and close their eyes and after a chunk of practise they can experience ‘Transcendence’. Rise above their issues, enter into the higher chakras – Crown and beyond and have a bit of quiet…but then they leave the room, interact with their partner, parents, boss, siblings etc and BANG! The same triggers are there. They lose their ‘peace and go back into their ‘normal’ state. Usually at the mercy of their triggers.


Does breathwork allow transcendence? In other words, is it a stepping stone to enlightenment?  

Breathwork does not enable you to ‘Temporarily Transcend’ It allows you to ‘Permanently Transform’. You see the root of ALL Your uncontrolled thinking, your monkey mind has at its core a trauma that has not been resolved/ integrated. that’s why you worry about the future, ruminate about the past, not allowed to live in the present Now, in the moment, where God Lives. Cathartic Breathwork enables the root of the automatic thinking patterns to be released permanently – the end result – a life in a permanent state of peace, what the Yogis call ‘Living in Meditation’. I used to be such a thing-a-holic I would at times not even sleep my mind went around and around, no…it’s as if a had a lobotomy. And how did this look like? The Kundalini awakening.  

Do  many of your students compare the experience of breathwork to lucid dreaming?

Many people ask me about lucid dreaming, projecting your 3rd eye, listening great distances, Experiences of God/ Enlightened states, clearing the chakras, Experiencing the bliss, Love & joy we really are, Best Meditation techniques to achieve all of these and more….

Take Lucid Dreaming, becoming aware on the lower Astral plane to be more scientific and accurate about it. You see. If you want to learn ‘Lucid Dreaming’ instantly tells me, your energy bodies are at a certain level of vibration, where you are not becoming ‘conscious’ / ‘aware’ on the astral plane. It means you have a low vibration filled Etheric body (Your Emotional Body) so the bridge in your consciousness between your physical brain and astral body is clogged up with emotion – The Etheric Body. A.k.the emotional Body, needs to be cleared for Lucid Dreaming Nightly & ‘OBE’ – out of Body experiences. Now you could set months aside and form new channels, around the clogged ones that are already there. You program your mind, telling yourself each night ‘’ As soon as I start to dream I will ‘wake up’/ become conscious. You cut meat and other dense animal and chemical foods out of your diet to help things, eat nuts, use special oils and music - but this is not enough.

What is absolutely necessary to allow enlightenment to happen?

THE answer to all this is always the same. The kundalini awakening which has many stages to it, has to occur if you wish for any permanent affecting ‘Enlightened states’. The ‘Awakening of your Kundalini’ does not occur once and then that it, is open.

It is a matter of repetitious practise of a discipline, until the Kundalini starts to ‘Stir’ and starts to let you experience your powers automatically. 

Can you give readers a sneak peak of what they are in for, from your perspective?

I will give you a shortcut as a gift and enable you to experience where.

To speed things up, you need start to learn the art of transferring your consciousness to your astral body by imaging a double of yourself on the astral/ in a luminous darkness (astral comes from the Latin word for ‘starry darkness’ which the lower to higher astral plain looks like) and keep imagining using the arms, legs, torso of this ‘astral double you imagine’. See through its eyes, use its appendages etc With enough practise you eventually build a bridge between your physical brain and your astral level of awareness and eventually, your nightly programming –‘’as soon as I start to dream I will become conscious’’ and daily intention – you really have to want/ desire this strongly, so re-enforce this desire during the day hours, for months at least putting any goal or practice aside and eventually you will get your reward.

You see, we can all develop any power with enough training.  Yet, as you awaken the Kundalini, all the powers come to you one by one…for good. The Yogis called the people who spent months and years training themselves to acquire a power, as the misfortunate ones who were caught by the ‘trap’ – the acquisition of powers. Unfortunate, because they could have spent those months and years working on their ‘Sadhana’ – their final enlightenment process, after which, if they attained, they were given ALL the powers anyway. Permanently. Even into the next lifetime. For the psychic powers you develop individually, in the manner I just described, are a skill, there are not integrated into your soul level consciousness and you are born next life without the power to 90% of the degree. You do not get to ‘carry over’ your ‘learned skill’ into the next life time. This applies to all ‘learned ‘psychic abilities.’

Music is often a sought after tool for inspiration. It is widely assumed music or specific vibratins can induce meditative states and to promote lucid/ astral travel.  What is your feeling about this?

No music. It anchors you into material place. Music is cheating. I could put moving and emotional music to make you open up ur heart and cry. Cheating, I am here to help you master your breath. Not an emotional dj. Music has zero to do with lucid dreams and obe’s. Cheating otherwise. That is if beats and music helped failitate lucid dream. It can effect a true yoga nodes meditation but most fall asleep before 1 hour is up. No short cuts.

If you could offer readers some life changing advice, what would it be?

Listen to your heart. Do what other people fear to do. You, yourself are the knowledge. Only you can access it, but first, you have to discover how to feel and get out of your own way.

Thanks Jaan, for sharing this insight and inviting readers of this blog to discover the wisdom that awaits them through exploring options in Global Transformative Education. For more information on his programs, 7-Day Advanced Life Transformation Intensive and other retreats, the Depression Anxiety Clinic explore his website and contact him directly.

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