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“As we discover more and more of the truth within ourselves, we are changing our way of life at the core." -Vladamir Megre




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You make this place

You make this place what it appears to be based on how you think and feel about it.  Do people you encounter seem to behave as monsters or angels?  Your attitude shapes your experience.

If you seek to conquer others, the universe points to opportunities for profound lessons. If you wish to control others, you know suffering.  As you recognize controlling behaviour does not serve you, other options are still open to you.  Notice love is the opposite of control.

If you are kind, compassionate and non-judgmental, you see goodness in the hearts of others and overlook what the mind would have you compare and judge. Notice they see in you what you see in them. The world is a mirror that reflects how you feel about yourself. 

Let things be.  Flow with them.   Love people and things so much you are willing to let them go. Be happy, come what may.  State of mind and emotions fluctuate with conditions while being simply is. Unhinge the door the mind places in front of of the heart.  Love no matter what.


Listen to yourself

Listen to yourself.  Notice if you self-criticize, argue or attempt to talk yourself out of things.  Notice how often you allow feelings of optimism to fill you and a sense of trust to be your guide.  In every moment of life, recognize that you have choices about how to think and feel.

Take the example of a decision you are in the process of making.  It can relate to anything. The mind draws from logic and reason to persuade you of one course of action.  The heart invites you to feel your way to the most suitable direction.  Every prospective decision is a pointer.   

Notice that reaching for faith or praying for signs reveals you harbour doubt. It also reveals you forget about the power you access by taking responsibility. Know doubt and fear are illusion. They temporarily prevent you from being focused purely on the love that is your nature.

In essence, it is not the subject of a particular decision that matters so much as how you choose to feel about it, whatever the outcome. You can choose to see everything as an opportunity to trust, to feel peace and joy. You can view every result as a blessing that offers lessons and insight into the mind.  Every event is a reminder to love and accept yourself fully, come what may.  Be gentle and kind with yourself.  This is the path to self-acceptance.  Come full circle.


3 Friendly reminders

Here are a few friendly reminders to help you raise awareness to new levels:

1)If you notice naysayers about something you would like to do, then a spark of self-doubt in your mind has created them.  They are a living mirror that invites you to look at the real issue inside. They point to what you are not accepting.

2) Noise doesn't disturb; you disturb noise.  You allow the external world to press your buttons to bring anger to the surface so you feel, acknowledge and release it.

3) Everything invites you to see the right thing to do is love. Be kind and also compassionate with yourself. Being compassionate with others is the same thing.


Go with the flow

Notice how it feels to truly go with the flow in your life. You suddenly notice no obstacles, only stepping stones. Value judgments disappear and you only recognize experience. Feelings of risk and danger do not cross the state of right mind. Trouble does not find you. Wanting no longer controls you. You have no desire to harm or make unhealthy choices. Illness cannot cling to you.  Kindness and compassion are your constant companions.  What do you feel is required or what would prompt you to refocus on basic inner nature?

"Just as water flowing in the streams and rivers fills the ocean, thus may all of your moments of goodness touch and benefit all beings, those here now and those gone before." -Pattanumodana Blessing


Illuminate the mind

Illuminate the mind.  Let go of beliefs.  Surrender completely to what remains.  Begin to realize you have more by detaching than from focusing on the need to acquire. As you shift focus from striving to do more and choose instead to do less, you change your life direction.  Your faith is strong and you no longer need proof. The logic of love expresses itself in selflessness. Being kind to others is a way to be kind to your true self.