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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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5 Ways to know what feels right

Life presents many situations.  The choices about what to do may seem endless.  People around you offer unsollicited advice and opinions.  Explore in depth five ways to know what feels right;

1) Be aware of the body - everything you detect and do not notice about the body is communicating with you. Be bold, daring.  Ask body parts directly what they wish you to know.

2) Be aware of your thoughts- thought forms come and go.  Dwelling on any mental image gives it life. Read your emotions. What feels right requires no thought. It guides impulsiveness.

3) Be aware of the nature of your relationships -everyone you meet is a pointer to what the heart knows.  Each person is synchronicity taking form, guiding you to see the best choice.

4) Be aware of your chosen environment(s) - every environment emits energy that resonates with your energy or not.  Be aware of attraction or repulsion and underlying reasons.

5) Be aware of the difference between conditioned beliefs & intuition -you are taught what is good, right or best for you. These beliefs differ from unexplainable reasons why you act.


See through the fear that blinds you

Imagine what it is to feel what you feel in the heart uninhibited by conditioning.    Imagine what freedom feels like.  Be the direct experience of your own Spirit. Imagine life without the rules and laws that are ingrained in the mind.  Imagine how it feels to be guided only by the heart, by intuition.  Allow all feelings to flow.  What comes to the surface; wounds, fear, frustration and imbalance come up so you can deal with it and release it.  Allow yourself to experience new expanding levels fo freedom.  Come to sense all realities are illusion by nature.  Allow bridging consciousness to speak through you.  You contain it unconsciously. Whatever you are not ready to see is within you.  As you let go of degrees of fear, levels of inner knowing arise and come to conscious awareness.  The heart is the portal to everything. Be an openly feeling person with no resistance.


Get out of your mind

The physical mind thinks its in charge and thinks it is supposed to know how everything is supposed to happen.  In truth, the physical mind can only view how things happened (past tense).  It cannot know the how before the process unfolds.  Do yourself a favor.  Stop focusing on how you can make things come about. This is not something physical mind exists to do.  Be awake.  Allow the third eye to guide you. Expand into a wider perspective.

The knowledge of how something is occurring arises in the Higher Self.  It conceives dreams and see things from the highest possible vantage point.  This implies it recognizes connections and pathways the physical mind cannot. The physical brain receives.  The physical personality mind perceives.  Open the lines of communication between the physical mind and the Higher Self.  The third eye is one possible bridge.  It links you to you.

Trust your intuition fully.  Watch for synchronicity and revel in making connections.  Allow yourself to feel the joy that builds momentum.  Being out of your logical mind is highly desirable.  Only then can you see.  Know your intrinsic value.  You recalculate it every moment along with the energy flowing in this universe.


What if the wildest things are true?

The ego mind relates thoughts to its conditioned points of reference.  The mind prompts you to doubt your gut feelings because the mind has none and cannot relate.  It judges things that seem to it normal or impossible.

Yet, what if what the mind judges as 'the  wildest things' are true? What if changes you sense unfolding within your entire being have no known points of reference?  As you cease looking for them, cease comparing, everything is answered. If you find you listen more closely to intuition, you are not alone.

Consider  Copernicus.  His pioneering work is often viewed as the starting point of modern astronomy. His gut instincts and follow-up research triggered a scientific revolution and also got him in trouble as it diverged from views of era authorties. 

Consider Galileo, another scientist who's feelings and research opposed the prevailing views of his era.  His revelation that the sun is the centre of this universe evoked discomfort in people who resisted change. 

Given the above examples, notice more closely what you are feeling inside. Notice whether the judgmental mind interferes or simply passes through.  Notice the prevailing view loses its hold on you as you embrace acceptance.   Notice what happens as you focus attention on and read your own vibes.  If you can't feel the pulse of this energy vibration, the mind is trying too hard.  Lose the mind.  Watch what happens as you allow reconnection and activation of all 12 DNA strands.


Its all a sign

Sign of the moment.  Sign of the times.  Signs are everywhere.  Do you notice the signs?

As you open the senses, you grow aware that every roadsign, food name or label, license plate, book cover, billboard, bumpersticker, T-shirt, and cloud formation, is simply another sign to guide you in life.  If you keep running into certain people, or always feel good when engaged in some activity, this is more than sheer coincidence.  If snags keep arising in a business deal you are working to finalize, its a sign.  Pay attention to little events in life and the bigger picture. 

I recall how the universe showed me I no longer needed to wear a wristwatch. On three separate occasions, its battery seemed to stop.  Each time I took it to the watchmaker to replace the battery, the watch started working again and I was told I did not need a new battery. Go figure!?

As I tapped into deeper awareness, I knew this was not really about the watch or battery. Rather, it was a message to stop allowing perceived time and rigid schedules to control me. As I gave up wearing a wristwatch, I almost magically detached from certain ways of living. This gesture reduced stress, allowed me to open my heart to greater spontaneity and a new leash on life.

As you reflect on signs in your life, what is the universe suggesting? As you recognize you are the universe, what are you inviting yourself to recognize? Trust the intuition.  It always knows.