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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale." -Marshall Goldsmith




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5 questions to reveal synchronicity

Every moment, whatever we do or not, we are responding to a call within to love ourselves more or differently. Asking ourselves questions aloud and writing them down is a way to step back and gain perspective. Allowing ourselves to respond intuitively to our own questions is an eye-opening exercise.  Jot down these five questions and respond ...

1. Why are we really drawn to move to or live in a specific area?

This invites us to reflect on our underlying motivation or changing priorities: (i.e., imposed career move, lifestyle choice, family benefits, reputation, climate, perceived energy or opportunities, logical or strategic stepping stone, intuitive decision. Does it reflect balance on physical, emotional, spiritual and other levels?)

2. What are we meant to do to generate income at this stage of our lives?

We may really enjoy certain endeavours, find these fun and rewarding. And yet, if how we love to spend our time does not yet pay the bills, we may feel an underlying guilt or anger arising. We are taught to follow our passions and money comes naturally. And yet, until we trust fully, and impatience subsides, the timing of that flow may require us to do things we do not like as much to pay for those we do.

3. Why have we chosen a particular/ current partner?

Our partners enter our lives as conscious and/or unconscious choices.  This may be based on impulsive physical attraction, lust, someone set it up or arranged the marriage, or it could also be deeper, like a Soul agreement or energetic entanglement.  Whatever the case, when ready and open, we are invited to unravel the reasons and lessons ourselves.

4. Which is the best course of action ?

If we feel caught 'between a rock and a hard place', or feel like we sit on the fence, about something, then it is helpful to remove ourselves from the personal and see the bigger picture. It pays to ask ourselves who's idea of 'best course' we are referring to here. Everyone is not at the same point of understanding or awareness of who they are.  Everyone is not even wanting the same thing.  Everyone does not give themselves the same message.  Depending on our priorities and how well we know ourselves, different desires emerge. Choose from the head or the heart...

5.  What opportunities should we pursue or avoid?

This depends on our soul level of development, whether we live based on the personal or whether we resonate more with universal laws.  Some souls reach a stage where relaxing and trusting feels completely natural.  To reach this stage of fearlessness implies we only focus on what evokes joy.  Pushing ourselves to overcome obstacles may have been important in the past.  In this moment, it feels right to trust what presents rather than seeking out specific opportunities.  If something is meant to happen, it will.  To release any feelings of constriction, flow with any opportunities that come our way.  This will be obvious, when we are open, relaxed rested and trusting. As we trust we are in an expanded state, we know what feels right and thus, where to go.


What is the secret of attraction?

Contrary to popular belief, the secret of attraction cannot be learned.  Still, the idea of this natural force is something humans seek to harness and control. Many people assume its something you can pursue or have and wield like  magical power to turns heads.  Yet, if not that, you may ask what is it that actually influences what and whom you attract?

You may be surprised to hear that the source of your assumed animal magnetism is not what you think.  Sexual prowess relates to confidence, and appreciation of the physical body, but there's more.  Beneath the surface, attraction is an energetic force.  You allow yourself to feel it through acceptance and being aware of something deeper.  Its about raising awareness of a soul connection.

In essence, the source of true power of attraction is to tap into existing mental clarity.  That's right! This is about seeing through what ego tells you attraction is and focusing all faculties and skills to manifest the purpose known deep in the soul.  You know when you are in the presence of someone who lives in the now.  You feel peace and contentment of the universe without doing anything. Be the divine force inherent in us all.

"The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love, and express their love in every action. They know that love is not a mere sentiment, but the ultimate truth at the heart of the universe." -Deepak Chopra 


Its all cued up

You are reading this because this is what your vibrational nature is attracting.  As you make peace with where you are, then better feelings unfold or remain consistent within you where you are right now.  When you make an effort to bring others where you are, that is, encourage them to see what you see or feel what you feel, if these people are not ready, these people do not align with you. Feel the vibes. Discern the path of least resistance.  Notice what you are doing.  Are you allowing most of yourself to be in harmony?

The key is to recognize your vibration and make choices that enable you to feel good.  When you are inspired by or drawn toward things, you make decisions based on joy. Yet, its not your responsibility to bring others to your level of vibration and awareness.  You relate to others based on the emotional scale.  Know you are ready for environments that nurture your vitality and enable you to reclaim inner power.  

The best things for you are all cued up.  Ask and it is given but do you accept what is made available energetically? Standing where you are, notice how you feel.  Be  eager to express appreciation vibrationally regardless of what others are doing.  Identify positive aspects where you are to make peace with where you came from.  When you appreciate people as they are, you are also accepting self fully.  When how people feel about you no longer matters, resistance within you fades. Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy dissolve. Tune into feeling good now without requiring you or others to be different.  Allow others to be as they are.  Accept all of you.  Reasons for your fear no longer exist.  Allow the essence of being to be present and so it is. All things always work out for you. Know this and live in wisdom.