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The power of self-inquiry

Many people wonder which impulses to follow. How do you know when to trust yourself? and when your impulse is leading you astray?

Unless you are already enlightened, that is, you always feel in harmony and manifest instantly, then not all of your impulses are going to come from your higher self-intuitive guidance system.  Some of your feeling-based impulses are going to come from your lower level blockages; your fears, limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, baggage and karmic patterns. As such, humility is a reliable guide.

So, if everything in your life is not in perfect harmony, disharmony is not going to shift unless you are willing to do a bit of self-inquiry. Breathing more consciously is a good start, but you benefit greatly from going further.

As it is, the universe is designed to project and help you work through your emotional blockages as quickly as possible, mainly to create the exact situations that dig up what is holding you back so you face it.  Making blockages conscious with honesty and humility and appreciating the service they perform (blockages are initially designed to self-protect, and always offer valuable lessons), gives the energetic blockage has permission to dissolve.

If in a particular moment, you choose not to face yourself, the universe patiently keeps creating new situations that offer the same opportunity to face your shadow (the unacknowledged and disowned parts of yourself) until yo uare ready to look deeply into yourself and feel what you have not been wiling to feel. This is to be done with unconditional love and compassion. 

As Carl Jung echos: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Whatever arises in your life, as yourself if you are being guides by higher self or the lower emotions of fear. Ask to be shown what you cannot yet see.  Be receptive to lessons you have not yet recognized and integrated.


Tune into vibrational harmony

Everything you think is creating a vibration even before you speak.  As you realize how you feel sets the tone of your life, you begin to awaken to the nature of your inner power.  Right now, you are in position to tune into vibrational harmony, to remember all that is you.  As you relax and lighten up, you sense more clearly what is coming forth.  All dimensions of your behaviour send you messages.  What do you notice?

Be alert  to how you feel.  You can be positive, expect things to go well, or not.  Know where you stand is always a great place to be. Be a deliberate, selective sifter of your perceptions.  Allow abundance and uplifting opportunities into your scope of awareness.  Focus on what evokes your joy to attract it.  Know all you want is here and done.  Feel streams of progress.  Ride the wave of  exhilaration. You bring it on.


Bypass the roadblocks

Life presents infinite opportunities. Humans have selective awareness and the capacity for independent thought. Some people sense many opportunities where other people see none.  Some people zero in on difference and others only discern equality.  Some people diminish or limit self where others choose to focus on expansion. Why consent to allow other people make you feel less than you are?  

Notice when you make decisions based on what you want and based on fear of what you do not want.  From the moment you realize you create your own roadblocks, you are also realizing you have the means to bypass them.  Reclaim your inner power. You can dissolve the programming that creates the self-defeating thoughts and tendencies.  Add context referring to stories about your life.  What do you notice?

Consider what you would tell your mentors or programmers as you outgrow their teachings. Silent gratitude is timeless. Know everyone you encounter is a meaningful teacher. Be grateful for how they trigger stages of your awakening. As you outgrow certain beliefs and discern illusions and mis-perceptions, you are in the process of dissolving them. Recognize why you create roadblocks so you can let them go and be free.


The world is in you

Many people develop the belief they exist in the physical world rather than the physical world exists in them.  Consider your own perspective.  How do you rationalize?  What if you discern you create your experience and have power to alter perception, dissolve and re-create?  All happens as you choose, provided you sincerely want it.  You create out of desire and fear in order to remember how to deal with them.  When you forget who you are, you create impersonators.  At your leisure, and on your terms, you Transform Your Life.


Walk on the wild side

How do you know whether you accomplish something? There is a mental place where you do not look to accomplish anything and find things are completed easily and effortless.  How do you walk on the wild side?

Many people are conditioned to struggle to achieve specific goals.  Other people sense experiencing things fully every moment is something else.  Perhaps you are read to reframe perception differently. You take energy in.

What happens as you realize there is not really anything ouside you? To sense that all things are inside and projected out onto others empowers you to shift what you are projecting. Peer inside. What kind of energy is feeding your beliefs. Imagine that nobody holds any power over you unless you decide to give away inner power.

Suddenly, you realize the secret to energizing your very centre. You remember how to experience joy now. You detach from expectation. What you think is taking place is not what is unfolding. Recognize that you often choose to see what does not exist. You choose to see everything as acts of love or pleas for love. Notice inclinations.

As you recognize people who express negativity forget who they are, you can relate to their lower vibrations with compassion and understanding. If you react emotionally to such encounters, then you forget that the real you exists in a space of uncondtional love and acceptance. Open your heart to nothing.  Realign with Cosmic Synchronicity.