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11 Tips to embrace change with grace

More and more people are growing aware of changes and opportunities for change are unfolding all around them. 

You may find yourself feeling confused, uncomfortable, getting emotional more often, noticing opportunity for change knocking at your door or change happening without you in different situations.  Consider 11 tips for embacing change with grace:

1) Focus inward

Pay attention to how you are thinking and feeling. Be aware of core beliefs you project are what reflects and your external reality.

2) Notice your emotional triggers

Being aware of your emotional triggers implies not only recognizing when you are triggered, uncovering and healing deeper reasons for them.  This empowers you to create a new reality.

3) Talk less, listen more

Rather than listen with the intent to reply, listen with the intent to understand how you/ people are feeling. This approach offers surprising insight into why it feels easy or hard to go with the flow of change.

4) Validate yourself

Validating yourself is being heartfelt. Listening to the heart means taking more action based on intuition, and having the courage to do what feels right rather than on what you are conditioned to believe is acceptable or would appease others.

5) Invest more in personal development

When spiritual or related programs, workshops, courses, books, videos, coaches or mentoring enter your scope, you are ready.  Its up to you to see the value in investing in yourself and actually commit.

6) Offer workshops or courses

Share insight based on your passion, interest or hobby. Join skillshare, offer your own on-line courses, propose a physical airbnb experience in your local area.  The options are only limited by your imagination. 

7) See everything is connected

What is happening in education, economies, religion and other spheres is all connected.  From the moment you grow more aware of trends and interconnectedness, you begin to see through illusions of separation on a whole new level.

8) Accept yourself

The degree you accept (or reject) yourself is reflected back in every area of your perception and life. As you grow in tolerance and understanding of the world around you, this reflects changing self-acceptance.

9) Love more

As you can begin to find something to appreciate whatever you perceive to be happening, you are beginning to see through your own filters of judgement and negativity. Resistance to change is akin to resisting love.

10) Feel deeper

Feelings are key to understanding yourself and why you choose to suffer, see and create the world as you do. Suppressing feelings is the conditioned way to live.  The more you explore your feelings in the moment and along timelines rather than overlook or deny them, the more you begin to understand yourself and why you accept or resist your destiny in thi s (and other) lifetime (s).

11) Explore breathwork

Consciousness flows through the breath.  Exploring breathwork is a kind of rebirthing process which allows you to gain invaluable insight into how and why you create habits, behaviours and patterns. All of this shapes your perception of Self and the external. It helps you understand your unconscious motives for creating and responding to change. Nothing transforms your life like making the unconscious conscious.


Move with the energy

You may think you can ignore certain thought energies yet, each one is destined to flow in its own time.  Suppression simply postpones expression.  Each one signals a path to the centre.  You can see through the self-expression to see eternal being arising. 

Understand your true, unchanging position.  As awareness, one does not express, suppress or even touch energy.  One simply watches it come and go in waves.  One follows the path back to source.  Here, all subsides in the formless and all is known.  Energy is what it is: neutral.  Mind gives it form. Notice whether you allow or resist the natural flow.  As energy returns to source, it is neither love nor hate, but innocence.   


Each path is equally noble

While in the process of awakening, you may question which choices are more noble.  As you move beyond the inner judge, you realize that all paths have consequences, much like every cause has an effect.  No experience is actually better than any other.  Each one simply offers its own insight about being a master. 

Imagine that you are always being nudged to accept the mastery within. Whenever you ponder your destiny, you forget that at a given moment, all choices you make are the right ones.  All feelings you allow to flow are part of a process.  You are invited to open, accept and surrender to the elements of existence.


Allow energies to flow

Part of you feels on the verge of great things.  Part of you believes in life, fears death and clings to linear time. Yet, just because the mind believes something to be true, does not ensure it is. Discernment reveals what matters.

Another part of you already feels great, even perfectly balanced. This part of you senses a physical body is not all there is.  You feel energy pulses within vibrate back and forth.  Personality adjustments happen as you are ready.

Infinite choices exist.  The interdependence of all matter, forms and formless connections remind you a variety of influences shape what you manifest.  You control your destiny.  You decide to create what you believe is real.

As you allow energy to flow, you may sense the room where you are is no more material than the body you project.  You co-create and remember the feeling of waves of gratitude.  It acknowledges Cosmic Synchronicity.


What if everything is self-sustainable?

Most people have no idea what is technically-feasible and to what degree they permit themselves to be controlled by media and existing systems. What if the idea of a free market actually prevents equality, perpetuates conflict, competition and the 'us and them' mentality? What if your choices shape not only your experience now but also the collective destiny of humanity? What if you dissolve all teaching in favor of a self-sustaining perspective?

Consider ideas in this interview echo that money and other tools you are given exist to teach you that survival is based on self-interest, on proving superiority and fighting others to establish market share or place in a hierarchy in comparison to others.  What if much of what you currently buy could be produced to last forever or at least a very long time? What if jobs as they are now, grow obsolete? What if the military ceased to exist, people refused to join? Create the vision for a very different world and imagine what is required to evolve into it. What are you?

What if individual and collective consciousness is changing? How do you sense next stages of existence?