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4 Tips to move beyond limitation

Its common to question the meaning of obstacles that present one after the other and may feel overwhelming. Where do they come from?

Obstacles are simply self-created limitations or challenges that you create for yourself to stretch into and engage more of your capacities so you grow.  Consider 4 tips to reframe and move beyond limitation:

1. Shift from the ego to soul perspective

Whatever your situation, ego judges everything through filters of fear.  It sees problems and worries, and works toward a light at the end of the tunnel. Your psychological drama is mistaken for life.  Soul recognizes the old must fall away to make room for the new. Soul sees no tunnel.  If relationships fall apart, if you lose your job or if some environmental storm damages your property, Soul sees all of it as more of what you outgrow dissolving to reveal what you are not yet seeing clearly.  Being able to see everything as it is and accept it as it is, is about accepting positive and negative views on everything. Its about creating detachment or distance from every event.

2.  See beyond linear time

A key hindrance lies in our idea of, and addiction to time, in our habit of anticipating a future in light of the past. If you focus on history and assume it must repeat, then your life process cannot grow.  Every moment can feel fresh and new and be felt as a tremendous possibility.  Today, what you are is not the point.  Seeing beyond linear time is creating this moment as a privilege. You are worthy of being given a choice about how you live.  Exercise the privilege consciously. 

3. Stop talking about more than one version of you

Some voice within you echoes you could do better, be better or find a situation better suited to you.  There cannot be two selves in one body.  That is to say, there is no better or worse you, no more or less talented you. All kinds of states of mind and dreams present and you choose which to identify with.  How you see yourself is what manifests in your experience. How much you love yourself or fear success and true greatness affects what appears in your experience. The witness creates the person and thinks itself separate from it.  The witness sees that the person appears in consciousness.  

4. Evolve into your humanity

Each person can have something different going on in the mind.  You must be able to switch off the made up world to see another reality.  If you can identify what is real and what is made up, this is a spiritual process, a deeper understanding of who you are. You can choose love, misery, issues, its up to you. Choose consciously the nature of your experience.  Being in a state of compulsive reaction is a backward step in evolution.  Being conscious is what distinguishes you as a human being and allows a sense of inclusiveness to resonate and shape your existence.


5 Ways to See Nothing

To see and be nothing requires no effort. It is to be calm and embody whatever arises in silence without judgment. This may feel familiar some of the time or none of the time. If it is not every moment, then you choose to shift attention elsewhere. What do you choose to see instead?

Often, people see an 'obstacle'. This creates a roadblock or resistance rather than allowing life to unfold. Be aware that each obstacle is a gift. It offers ways to understand why you perceive things as you do and the root cause. Consider these 5 ways you create obstacles and forget nothing:

1) Self-talk- Notice where you say, "I would like to [do something], but..." What you are really saying? Look deeper into yourself to see for the real reason you hold yourself back from inner peace, balance and acceptance of what arises. Hesitation is a pointer. You may fear change or allow fear to control you.

2) Redirection- Notice the difference between creating an obstacle because you you do not wish to do something and creating one to point you in a more suitable direction. How does the obstacle help you to see what you are not yet allowing yourself to see?

3) Who? Notice how you feel about the direction of your life when things do not appear to be going to your plan. Who's plan is it really? Explore why you are attached to a particular plan.  Is it really for you? Or, is it someone else's idea of what is for you?

4) How much? - Notice when the obstacle that arises appears to be financial.  Notice what your own thought, body language and words are saying about abundance and scarcity.  Where you focus attention is powerful.  When you focus on what you are not doing, you channel energy into lack.  When you focus on feeling joyful about what you have, then abundance is your focus and this invites more abundance in.

5) When?- Notice when you feel impatience.  Notice whether you wonder when that special relationship is going to enter your life or when your situation will change.  You may resist deeper intimacy or commitment.  You only ever stand in your own way.

Ultimately, to accept who you are, where you are, and love whatever arises is to be in the flow of nothing. To see obstacles is revealing your own illusions and resistance.


The journey is the goal

Soul knows that in reality, goals do not exist. They are imagined into being by the ego mind which has its motives.  What happens as something within echoes that you are already home? How does this reframe your reasons for running 'here and there?' Why does a sense of purpose shift if you feel nowhere to go?

Imagine, for a moment, that you are already that which you are seeking or wish to become.  If the goal exists within you, it is innate nature.  This is not something to be achieved, obtained through rigorous training or external approval.  It is to be understood. Reflect on obstacles that currently prevent you from complete acceptance.  Which beliefs and attitudes keep you searching for what mind assumes is lacking?

Another view is the essence of being lacks nothing.  How do you come to possess things which confuse the truth? What would you attain as the things are eliminated? Nothing, but revelations of who you are not.  How you think begins and ends in the mind.  How you feel begins and ends in the heart.  In truth, the essence is aways on the path.  You accept where you are fully or turn away. The soul journey never ends.


Share what U choose

To travel to places unfamiliar or familiar is always an opportunity to raise new levels of awareness. This moment is a chance for you to share an experience that expands the way you view self and the world.  Share an expeience that initially distressed or scared you and how you chose to rise above it.  Which meaningful lessons to you gain about love?


12 Things obstacles tell you

The universe presents situations for different reasons. You choose how to view and react to each event that unfolds. Consider these twelve possible answers to the query, "what are obstacles telling you?

1) Review the path you are on (for it no longer serves you).

2) Recognize fear is the root cause of perceiving an obstacle.

3) Prepare to be disillusioned.

4) Stand back and revise your thought process.

5) Confront your emotional demons.

6) Revisit your values and goals.

7) See a stepping stone to an unforseen, beneficial situation.

8) Redefine "progress" and "success."

9) Accept yourself as you are and inner harmony that is.

10) Re-examine the underlying nature of the question.

11) Let go of the insatiable external quest for answers.

12) Stop living in the past or future. Just be in the now.