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“Listen to your inner voice.  Trust yoru intuition.  Its important to have courage to trust yourself."

-Dawn Ostroff




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Shift toward greater integrity

Sometimes we get the feeling we are getting ahead of ourselves or, are not quite caught up with where we think we are meant to be.  Reflect on examples where you feel in between places or conditions.  These are signs of ongoing shifts toward greater authenticity.  Notice where the universe is echoing this message back:

  • Ever ask someone to assist with a project and that person responds after the job is already done?
  • Ever get asked to provide a service in a geographic area after you have moved to another location?
  • Ever feel like you are evolving at a different pace than your partner or entourage?
  • Ever witness individuals you know not behaving in their integrity and feel awkward or restless about it?
  • Ever see an honesty box by a roadside fruit stand and read a sign that some people take without paying, but feel compelled to pay?
  • Ever intuitively pay the toll for the car behind or feel drawn to show compassion in new ways

Now is the reflect on deeper sources of discomfort.  What messages is the Soul really offering? 


5 Reasons to join our 12 week program

We are excited to offer a 12 week program to get you on track to living a more congruent life. This is the most comprehensive package we have ever offered.  It is structured around our 13th book in process. Here are five reasons to contact us for the course outline:

1. You are eager for a game plan

This program guides you to examine 12 key life areas.  As the result of a pre-program questionnaire, we can tailor the program to focus more on key areas. As you grow aware of the difference between how you see yourself and what / who you see yourself becoming. you grow aware of your biggest obstacles and core beliefs that hold you back.  As your sense of identity, success, and reality change, you create a game plan to move forward. 

2.  You wish to better understand yourself 

This program assists you to better understand what is going on inside yourself. As part of a proess of re-alignment, you feel inner nudges to shift how you see and shape your priorities. You are invited to grow into a more astute observer, to respond to exercises and points for reflection to add clarity to an evolving vision.  The more you listen to yourself, the more synchronicities present and the more natural it feels to follow them. There is always more going on than you consciously realize...

3.  You are open to system upgrades

Research reveals that we grow faster by being open to system upgrades.  What we assume is importnat to us now is changing because we are changing. This means we are willing to learn and unlearn what we think we know about the status quo.  As the saying goes, what is initially perceived as heresy comes to be seen as pioneering or cutting edge, and then later, as genius. Evolution in how we view ourselves translates into changes in how we experience the world.   

4. You wish for expert support 

This program offers personalized phone or in-person sessions as well as email support. Liara is an expert in incongruence and the journey to congruence. She draws from worldly insight and experience unlike anyone else. She makes connections between changes in lfe conditions and shifts in consciousness. You benefit from being guided to your own inner wisdom through tools such as dream analysis, branches of breathwork psychotherapy including; past life regression, future pacing, soul retrieval and others. Her shared insights arise from changes in nutrition, emotional release, shifts in relationships, career, lifestyle, re-evaluation of quality of life. She empowers you to grow aware of different ways to see and experience everything. Where possible, we facilitate group circles or discussions mediated by technology as part of course. 

5. You creave lasting results

Lasting results arise from remembering what fearlessness feels like.  This leads to unleashing inner power and allowing this to shift how and what you see. Regardless of your perceived challenges, emotional roller coasters at the start of this program, steps guide you to grow conscious of habits and patterns, to see first-hand how it feels to shift perception, value intuition.  Confirmation is you recognize more synchronicities, feel more comfortable with uncertainty and discover what is involved in creating lasting lifestyle change. 

Read more details at Life Coach Australia Services here. Contact us for pre-qualifying questionnaire and course outline.


12 Dimensions of Success

Over the years, I am repeatedly asked for steps or advice to assist people to feel more fulfilled or attain greater success   This guided me to create the inspirational mentor interview thread and inspirational mentor articles to encourage connection, dialogue, encourage transparency so more people gain insight from unique paths.  Over 5000 self-development articles exist here. Contact us to submit article topics and seminar ideas. We appreciate all your valuable contributions.

In addition, I also offer workshops where I explore the process of optimum living in more detail.   This draws on insights of my 13th book now in process. Take your life to a whole new level by participating in one of our group events in 2019.  The life shifts you experience speak for themselves.  I share huge shifts I have experieced as the result of healing unconscious patterns, shifting perception, and retraining the mind.

For now, as a gift to yourself, ponder these 12 dimensions that shape your experience of success:

1. Clarify your version of success

Be as detailed as possible. Its sets the stage for the journey. Notice little is accomplished with tears alone or complaining about where you are not or, being frustrated about what you are not doing. Get practical: look at multiple life areas: personal, professional, spiritual, community, and others.  (Refer to: Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within for sample questionnaires). Where do you ideally envision yourself? What do your loved ones say? What are you willing to choose or what drives you over everything? What if you could be a pioneer? Do what your heart years for? What is it that truly stretches and inspires you? What do you wish more than anything else? Maybe this takes shape as a bucket list: things 2 before you leave this world. Next stage make three columns in terms of priorities (A=short term, B=medium term, C= someday)

[***during my workshop, I reveal my lists, how visiting 65 countries and doing unique and daring things has happened as well as what remains for me to create, manifest and download to translate in this world] 

2.  Empty the Mind

While reflecting on your response to the above, empty the mind of negativity. Do a brain dump of what limits or prevents you from moving forward.  We tend to adopt beliefs of people in our midst, unconsciously decide what is and is not good for us, all unconsciously before taking action. Write all examples of self-defeating or self-sabotaging thoughts running through you that discourage you, echo self-doubt, cause you to feel unworthy or to forget everything is possible. Take a close look at beliefs you are allowing to run you.   Every time you lie to yourself, decide to call yourself on it. Grow aware of the lies. Its the only way to transcend them.   Jot down examples where you transcend your own self-sabotage.

3.  Think less, Feel More

Following the title of one of my ebooks, I invite you to feel your way to your own solutions.  If money was not an obstacle, if your perceived doubts and mental clutter dissipated, how would you feel the way into new contributions to this world? What does this revised version of success look/ feel like? Imagine no limits, being heart-centred and service-driven. You can create your own fairytales by feeling the way into blessings and all that uplifts you. Notice the focus on feeling energy shapes your life. Allow yourself to feel the way into optimum living, well-being, and clarify new peak experiences. Create a new point of reference for yourself. Raise the bar higher. Why tell yourself you must work toward intermittent peak experiences? Why not instead convince yourself everything is part of the same peak experience you fragment with the mind?

4. Access hidden genius

Regardless of your evolving vision of success, inviting external guidance helps expand awareness so you reclaim inner power.  Mentors, coaches, inspirations, teachers,  all empower you to recall what matters, encourage you to push the limits of your talents and access your hidden genius.  This is about listen to the heart more closely. As you shift your understanding of what is possible and go for it, do what people do not expect, you have no reason to give up.  Sometimes people seem to stand in your way as if to discourage you. Take note of who does this, how it makes you feel. Do not allow them to hide you from your larger self. Remind yourself these are projections of your shadow. As you make the shadow conscious, self-defeating patterns no longer control you. You laugh at your genius.

5. Align with your Soul

Although we may identify what it is that nurtures and energizes us inside, we are often conditioned to talk ourselves out of things.  It can seem hard to take the steps necessary to be true to yourself, listen to intuition.  To live in harmony and inner peace, your thoughts, beliefs and actions all align.   As you grow aware of how you hold yourself back, it hits you can retrain the mind. Affirmations, mantras, meditations and other techniques assist you to feel what it is to be authentic.  Then, step back from what you are doing, and recognize how authentic you feel where you are.  You know better than anyone how you feel. Be brave: listen, act on the heart. 

6. Connection

Sometimes blood relatives support and encourage us in our heartfelt pursuits.  Other times, they discourage us, do not understand ius or, cannot relate to our motivation. We each choose who to listen to or ignore. Edna Buchanan echoes: Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Most of us know what discomfort or restlessness feels like.  It is part of our journey to grow more discerning of external opinion in relation to our own intuition.  We choose role models and mentors. Be like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, who says, Sometimes I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast! (See Transform your Life: 730 Inspirations) Maybe nobody has done what you dream? Who inspires you to connect  with yoruself and the world in ways nobody has done before?  

7. Build confidence

Some where along the journey, we come to believe we are inadequate or do not have what it takes to realize our true potential. On some level, this invites yo uto get in touch with the undelrying reasons for your fears so you can access more of your own innate fearlessness. Identify events, experiences, conditions that ingrained your fear.  Where do you recall becoming a coward? Make this conscious and change the energy. 

8. Deal with fear of success

Deep down, you may fear people may be jealous of you if you realize dreams.  You may already have examples of where those you encounter do their best to criticize you and tear you down.  This draws attention to issues of self-worth, superiority and inferiority and the underlying fear of vulnerability.  Now is the moment to get in touch with yoru shadows on a whole new level.

9. Be congruent

Incongruence is allowing yourself to live and act based on fear.  Congruence is acting based on love. As you act from a place of love, you grow aware of a Soul purpose.  Act from this place, and what you offer the world is service-oriented rather than (ego) self-serving. You trust yourself more deeply and people and opportunities in the world naturally show up.  Synchronicities are easier to see.  As you grow aware of unconscious blocks and clear up what is out-of-alignment in your life, your evolving vision can manifest with much more ease.  You understand the energy flow behind change and dreams happen/ manifest quicker.

10. Follow intuition

You may find yourself intuitively drawn to focus time and energy into endeavours that do not make conventional business sense, but resonate and strike you as something that is part of a larger picture or transformation. You may also feel criticized for listening to your heart and not following the status quo.  You may feel called to download or share what feels daunting to you.  Freedom means feeling hiow you want to feel and knowing it feels perfect.  It means wearing what you want to wear, expressing what means the most without fear of persecution, punishment or repercussions.  Sometimes followign dreams, leads us to leave country of birth, entourage or environment to a more suitable place to allow freedom of self expressions.  This is a reminder that what and who you need always comes to you.  Its up to you to take the next step.

11.  Exercise the imagination

Notice the imagination has no boundaries but those you choose to create. You may brainstorm or free draw that which comes to you about yourself.  Have no preconceived ideas of the meaning.  Allow that to arise within you later. Notice Thomas Edicon was inspired by something to create the lightbulb.  he nearly flunked out of primary school and was repeatedly told he was stupid before later being called a genius. Some people believe Alexander Graham bell downloaded the idea for the telephone from the ethers in a dream.  It takes courage to  stand up for what you feel is right.  Yet, if you do not believe in yourself, why would anyoen else?

12. Do the unthinkable

Seize this moment to design the world you imagine existing in.  Go further than simply thinking up a career change, new relationships or environments that match ego desires. Challenge yourself to re-imagine the world from the inside out.  Imagine no karma.  What is unfolding as you are Mastering Time? The building blocks are love and compassion rather than fear and anger. Go further than simply being the conductor of the Sunrise and Sunset like in The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. As co-creator, all is possible.

The power of the universe will come to your assistance if your heart and mind are in unity. -White Buffalo Cat Woman


Mid-life crisis or priceless gift?

As Taylor Swift echoes in her song Blank Space, crisis can be a perfect storm or a turning point. You may observe what appears to be 'out-of-character' behaviour in people around you in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or older.  You may feel an unshakable restlessness and have urges to act out your Wildest Dreams; take up a unique hobby, travel or move house based on a hunch, detox, radically change diet or the identity you present to others.  You may wonder what the blazes is going on? Other than turning to pop culture to get a handle on it, keep this in mind;

1. Reflect on emotions

About every 20 years of human life, emotions that are not healed and released from early trauma surface and take shape as adversity or challenges that cannot be ignored. It may be a health issue, family drama, relationship break-up, career setback or hiatus. You may not connect outside events with inner turmoil. Its common to dwell on the negative or work to 'tackle' the problem rather that see an opportunity to heal and feel the way into a less stressful phase of life.

2. Reframe the perceived 'mid-life crisis'

At some stage, you may grow aware of deep dissatisfaction. It may seem to relate to aging, being bored with a longstanding relationship or marriage, a feeling you are 'losing your touch' or edge, feeling disconnected, like you have accomplished what you have set out to do with kids, family, career or other things and fear what's next. Restlessness or disappointment may prompt you to seek external sources of pleasure, such as; fast cars, boats, exotic vacations, technology, drugs, younger partners or behaviours that push the envelope of what you once saw as rational, safe or acceptable.  This can happen at any age, but it is usually when people have money to do what they used to think they could not afford. Such behaviour shifts focus away from suffering. Ask is new behaviour going to last? Do you love feeling breathless? Is this a game? Or, is it time to accept lasting happiness is unrelated to the external?

3. Uncover the gift

What if as Inspirational Mentors  Allan and Barbara Pease echo, different ways exist to access your answer? What if every life choice you make is a turning point where you decide how and what to feel, imagine and create? What if you act more consciously to align choices with your core values? What if seeing yourself and the world differently could guide you to optimum living? What if you could engage in business for good, create impact, connection and joy by joining initiatives like Paul Dunn's B1G1?  What if you could begin right now, to shift gears, lifestyle, priorities, behaviours and goals of all sorts? What if being only solutions-oriented is missing something? What if rather than simply be inspired by James Bond or famous people you'd invite to dinner, you guide yourself to get Out of the Woods to organize visions, make them measurable and ground them differently?  Knowing this, if you feel drawn to a mentor, would you reach out?

How you present yourself to the world is a gift and the process of growing more authentic is also a gift. As Sia says, in her new song Nothing to Say- We have things to do and plans to make.  

Whether its getting a tattoo or body piercing, going on a pilgrimage, engaging in a thrill-seeking activity, shifting the nature or orientation of your business, whatever empowers you is on the path to listen to the heart. Watch what happens as you act on what enables you to feel more energized and shape your life around it.  This is congruence. This is creating a life of breakthroughs.  Remember what it is to be unstoppable in every area of your life.

Henry David Thorough reminds us, we are each "constantly invited to be who we are." What this feels like on the outside can be congruent with feeling harmony on the inside.  Brian Tracy echoes its up to you to tap into strength and resilience. When you are ready,  what you exist to be and do and be is beckoning. Make the most of who you are and what you know.  You are a gift to this world and yourself.  Take responsibility for your creation.  Go forward with enthusiasm.


3 Tips to Live a more congruent life

Notice what happens when you focus energy and attention on uncovering your purpose.  You may be surprised to remember that this evolves with you and changes at different life stages. Reflect on these three tips to live a more congruent life;

1. Be present

The more you are present to your emotional reactions and other responses to life’s experiences, the more intimately you get-to-know yourself.  The deeper and more conscious your relationship with yourself, the more congruent you’ll be able to live your life in ways that feel fulfilling.  Your life’s value, is not based on an arbitrary number in your bank account, but rather, on the experiences you live and the time you devote to being fully conscious during those experiences.

2. Listen to intuition

Intuition is the language of the soul. True listening is about tuning in to this frequency, being aware of what sparks your curiosity and interest, jumping on opportunities that present and knowing everything you choose to notice is itself a sychronicity or stepping stone to more joy. 

3. Pay attention to relationships

Every encounter, friendship and longer relationship is a soundboard for your own authenticity. People show up on your radar, come and go in your life, to help you see and better understand yourself. Congruency inspires congruency and vice versa. Notice who do you spend the most time with. How are they empowering or disempowering you? Do they inspire you to be true to you?

The key to living a fulfilling life is being congruent with your Soul purpose. - Liara Covert