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Breathwork Psychotherapist
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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Caloundra Community Centre
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“Anger is like a storm ridsing up from the bottom of your consciousness.  When you feel it coming, turn your  focus to the breath." - Thich Nhat Hanh




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Why nurture ties to non-physical beings?

A human being sometimes believes he is living someone else's dream. How often do you instinctively pinch yourself or, tell the self a particular spirit experience cannot exist? Everything changes from the moment soul reminds the mind that healing takes all forms. What you believe about spirits influences your options. How do you nurture ties to non-physical beings?

1) Ask for blessings from enlightened beings. To know some beings are completely free of ignorance is to sense you still have lessons to learn. Connecting with the right source of energy helps nurture stronger ties to the Higher self and timeless blessings. Every energy affects healing vibrations.

2) Offer compassion. Beings weaker or less experienced than you benefit from benevolence and kindness. When beings around you are happy, they generate uplifting energy. Spirit may desire something from you that you do not know how to give. Realizing they exist is a step to making a difference.

3) Favor soul-retrieval. Many disturbances and obstacles experienced relate to interference from karmicspirit. Everyone to whom you have connected evokes karma. Realize something needs to be done, and you have capacity to do it.

4)Ask them to remove existing obstacles.  Spirit will not take on responsibilities you require to grow yet requesting assistance can always help raise your conscious awareness.  Apparent energy blocks do not always turn out to be obstacles.

5) Request support in spiritual and worldly matters. You incarnate to learn. Ask for guidance and it is given. Interpret as you will until you tap into inner knowing.

6) Recognize immeasurable gifts. Anything can be offered. The only limits are those you impose. Spirits are non-physical and satisfied with immaterial gestures. To share love, trust, and offer kinship, is all of immeasurable value. You are constantly empowering other beings in unseen worlds just as they are assisting you in ways you do not yet register.

7)Reconnect with nature. One perspective is the forces of nature are alive. That is, spirit reside in rivers, trees, vegetation, rocks, mountains fires, planets and other places you think and do not think of. Chidlren's stories are only some of the places where the spirit of enchanted nature come to life.

8) Protectors can be silent. Many ways exist to learn to protect the self from disease and negative energy. Each one is helping you unconsciously and deserves respect and devotion.