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The Key to lengthening Life

Notice the key to lengthening life is understanding everything in terms of energy and cultivating the Tao.  This is about setting in motion the circulation of energy and aligning with universal or divine will.  It is about turning inward, being aware, controlling the unseen energy path. Being harmony is allowing consciousness and life energy to merge in thought, word and deed.  

You can view areas of your outward life; personal, professional, community/ hobbies, family or other, and feel the energy that you are generating and receiving. It is clear whether you are engaging fully, 'heart and soul' or not. The nature of feelings echo resonance or dissonance.  Being here now is about sharpening discernment, seeing beyond the illusion of linear time, being willing to shift focus of attention and energy flow toward resonance.


5 Ways to expand consciousness

Consciousness is a concept human beings initially define only in human terms. You may struggle to grasp that beliefs have potential to bridge not only degrees of awareness about physical forms, but also layers of knowledge about energy vibrations in formless dimensions you may not yet discern or accept as real. Consider 5 ways to expand consciousness;

1) Remember you arrive without ego. Physical existence is a soul exercise to learn who you are. At birth, you mentally bury lessons learned during past incarnations. Integrity or, the desire to be honest, drives the core of every soul. Yet, the voice of ego obscures truth and alters perception. One has infinite opportunities to create and resolve misunderstandings. As you adapt in mind, you effect collective intelligence.

2) Uncover truth by acting responsibly. As a human being raises awareness, inner soul comes to identify layers of self-deception. One is equipped to work through fear and obstacles falsely imagined. They anchor you artificially where you think you are. Going with the flow of energy means not interfering with the natural unfolding of creative power within oneself.

3) Discern meaning of fragmented self. A human being is never completely separate from the Source of core energy. At birth, a percentage of energy transfers to your physical form. At transition (apparent death), energy shifts to re-join the balance of energy you left behind. Energy awaiting your return has multiple, ongoing roles you attune to or sense when ready.

4) Perceive time and space as relative. Each soul fragments from a singular energy Source that divides to enable different levels of existence and expansion. Each soul fragment has equal intelligence and capacity to detach and recombine. Yet, the complex nature of soul memory and knowledge differ at conscious, subconscious and other conscious levels. Knowledge is accessible as one is ready to accept and apply progressive degrees of truth.

5) Grow more conscious of parallel dimensions. Diverse levels of soul training reveal possibilities of learning things like bi-location in one realm and conscious splitting of energy into others. This brings to light reality of multiple, simultaneous incarnations. Its possible to separate one's soul energy to guide souls in physical worlds and also to function on other planes. To transcend negative energy empowers unimaginable, simultaneous functions that human beings are not all psychologically ready to accept.