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12 Tips to energize & create a new world for yourself 

This is the perfect moment to review where you are, feel what it is to energize and create a new world for yourself.  Here are twelve tips;

You are energized when:

1. you interact with people who remind you of who you are (unlimited)

2. you recognize you exist to generate energy and create a new world

3. you realize love is not about possession but about giving/ inspiring

4. you question your true origins and fearlessly explore the unknown

5. you trust intuition to guide you to precisely what you need

6. you read books, are open to learning from yourself and also others

7. you are increasingly open-minded

8. you recognize constriction in your body that you can release

9. you grow aware of unconscious responses and move beyond them

10. you are worthy to live the life you have alway dreamed

11. you accept the 'what' always comes before the 'how'

12. your world is as healthy as the food you put into your body (*the most high vibrational food is raw, organic plant-based sustenance)



Nothing to renounce

Notice any restlessness arising.  Something prevents you from seeing there is nothing you need.  Identify it and see its falseness.  Rather than ask, "what next?", simply recognize the presence of the witness.

Watch what happens as the focus in your life switches from what you are not doing to awareness on the presence or absence of things; situations, people.  Discover that on which you attach and create an identity.

In essence, there is nothing to renounce or to get emotional about, only the invitation to stop acquiring and attaching to what you are not.  This moment is an exercise in detaching from the unreal, in remembering, accepting and living true nature.  Stepping back is seeing lessons available right now.


Consider a shift in perspective

Many people come to believe they are being dressed in this world by this world.  That is, they are in situations they are because of conditions beyond their control.  What if you take greater responsibility here? Consider a shift in perspective:

1) Your perception creates your sense of the world.  Change your perception and change what you see and experience.

2) What you interpret as the external reflects back how you feel inside about you. Listen to the heart not conditioned senses.

3) Recognize beliefs are changeable.  What you tell yourself is or is not possible is all in your mind.  Embark on self-discovery.  


5 Ways to savour life more

Imagine how your life feels as you discover ways to savour life more.  You have more energy, enthusiasm and zest for all you are engaged in. You enjoy being wherever you are and it shows.

1) Appreciate something in everyone.  Notice everyone is a teacher inviting you to see deeper into your true self.  Every encounter is divinely orchestrated with a divine purpose. 

2) Recognize you are the source of your own sunshine.  Some people allow changing external weather to affect their moods and outlook on life.  Tune into the source of light within and joy is ever-present. You either stand in the way of the light or get out of your own way.

3) View everything as a stepping stone.  From the moment you can appreciate everything is guiding you to revelations, you value impermanence and the experience of detachment.

4) See everything as an expression of love or a call for love.  Every gesture and event that crosses your radar screen is a test to for you to recognize the message of love you are sending yourself. Discover no-body actually exists only love speaking to and seeking itself.

5) Accept you are a master illustionist.  Everything you create on this holodeck of life is conjured up through the power of your cosmic imagination.  Be in awe of the universe.  The power of thought creates all you perceive and what you overlook cannot be described in words. 


What are you looking for?

As you participate in this world, you are invited to explore all the sensations and delights you can imagine. This gives life to the dream. Discover what you are truly looking for.

1) Appreciate the element of surprise. Notice you cannot consciously surprise yourself. Yet, it is through jolts of surprise that the most life-changing experiences unfold. Surprises are priceless. Who is the knower- creator of all surprises? Who is the experiencer? 

2) Listen to a sound. The whole point of mantra is that they mean nothing. The idea of repeating what is senseless is to liberate you from the notion that the universe means anything. 

3) Be open to Satori. Be totally selfish or continually altruistic and you come to realize you only come to realize yourself through the other. He that loses himself, finds himself. He that would save his life, would lose it. Revelations all point to the same message. Life is a teacher.