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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Coach, Breathwork Psychotherapist


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In every moment, the Universe is whispering to you.  You're constantly surrounded  by signs, concidences, synchronicities, all aimed at propelling you in the direction of your destiny. - Denise Linn 


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5 Tips to catapult in new directions

Every moment, you can clarify or reshape what you have to offer the world. You can boost your self- confidence or encourage others, boost your public profile, boost or reshape the image you wish to present to the world.  This may involve shifts and transitions where it helps to have some extra insight or support. Amidst life change, you choose to be angry or arrogant, a seeker or avid explorer of choices, until everything feels like smooth sailing.  Not feeling like that yet? Consider 5 tips to catapult yourself in new directions;  
1. Idenitfy a focus

Pinpoint what makes you unique.  This involves self-reflection, soul searching about what makes you feel good and what it is you would like to share with or offer others.  This could be things like creative ways to use time , share expertise or mentoring, developing and marketing a product or service. Listen to the heart.
2. Nurture self-discipline

In order to feel like you make progress,  you must be willing to channel energy and attention into your own process.  This translates making a priority and recognizing what distracts you so you do not procrastinate.  Its helpful to be aware of when you mind is wandering away from the task at hand or when you shift away for other reasons. 


You can begin with a skeleton-like focus, but you also need to add detail to run with the idea.  Where would you like this life boost to take you? It is a specific geographic location?  A particular community or professional evironment, or would you like to transplant yourself where you are in more frequent contact with like -minded people?  Whatever it is, write it down.  Draw or create a vision board.  Shre your reflections with others if it feels right. Allow details to fall into place so that this process feels more real.
4. Connect

Draft a list of who you feel would benefit from what you have to offer and how you can connect with them.  Where can you go to interact with people of similar interests, who share your passion or who could benefit from your experience? Draft a one sentence explanation of what you do. Write letters or emails. Use technology for initial contact yet strive to arrange in-person dialogue and meetings to strengthen connections and make a difference in people's lives.
4. Speak

Whether its finding confidence to speak up at a social gathering or, to contact people about doing talks about your area of expertise, the important thing is to find your words and use them aloud to make a lasting impression. Make a video, teach a skillshare course.
5. Show integrity
When you say you are ging to be somehwere at a certain time, be punctual.  If you offer to speak to a group of people on a topic of mutual interest, coem through.   Your behaviour is always painting a picture.

7 Ways to revive & revitalize

When you sense you feel restless in a set of particular conditions, its important to ground yourself or at the very least, identify what would ground you.  This is a process to pinpoint 7 ways to revive and revitalize. These are sample areas coaching can assist you to

1. Body Awareness- Pay attention to your body and physical sensation

2. Nature Awareness- Spend time in Nature & learn to sense differently

3. Activity Awareness- Review your priorities

4. Mental Awareness- Discover how to truly listen to yourself

5. Soul Awareness- Pinpoint values and alignment or misalignment

6. Feeling Awareness- Tune into feelings & express in this moment

7.  Absolute Awareness- Take Steps to expand perception


5 Tips to see life differently

It is common to feel restless in a particular situation, to desire change but to hesitate taking any action.  Watch what happens as you reflect on five tips to see life in a new light;

1) Notice your language- listen to yourself. Be aware if you use words like 'try, maybe, attempt' and others that express doubt.  Be aware of how you express anger and frustration.  Each word reinforcing negative emotions holds you back.

2) Change your attitude -allow yourself to find blessings in your current situation.  Start with one.  Identify opportunities for life lessons; patience, empathy, understanding, love. 

3) Reinforce the positive - smile and laugh more.  Allow yourself to experience more joy in life, wherever you are.  

4) Shift focus- rather than seeing your life from the ego perspective, shift to see things from a soulful point of view.  That is, recognize the bigger picture, how everything is to be appreciated.

5) Recognize everything is a mirror- be aware that how you respond to all you encounter is a reflection of how you feel about your true being. Imagine everything is an invitation to love equally and unconditionally.  See beyond the judgment of the conditioned ego.  Underneath the illusions, all is love expressing love.



Focus is everything

Notice that focus is everything.  Your conditioned attention determines what you create and manifest.  It also determines what you notice and what you do not permit yourself to see or integrate into conscious awareness. Brace yourself.  The ego creates shutters with the mind.  It  prevents you from seeing with true clarity. Be aware the shutters are dissolving at your pace:

1) Notice what unfolds from the moment you only allow yourself to see blessings in everything.

2) Notice what unfolds from the moment you always take responsibility for your emotions.

3) Notic what unfolds from the moment you see wholeness and love speaking through all life.

4) Notice what unfolds as you recognize its not possible for anything to go wrong.

5) Notice what is arising in awareness as all your beliefs and judgements fall away.


Contrast helps you to focus

If you feel caught in a vicious circle, know contrast helps you to focus clearly into a new awareness of what is wanted, while you are standing in the middle of what you do not want.

When all of you is focused in the direction of what you want, then you know its here, you feel it and it manifests. Life does not feel so good if you split your attention between what you want and why you think you cannot have it.  The only reason something doesn't feel good to you is if you experience a split energy.  If you do not feel good, notice what this says about your focus of attention. What are you focused on that prevents you from feeling good and living the dream?  Negative emotion always means the larger part of you is focused on what you do want while the physical you focuses on its absence.

Watch what happens when you recognize you deserve something, you can have it, and already are experiencing it.  A focused version of you is focused upon your unlimited nature.  You are the creator of your own reality, how you respond to what is unfolding.  Once you reach fuller understanding, you recognize everything comes to you based on your vibrational focus of attraction.  This involves rendez-vous with perfect timing, with the right thoughts, the best conditions.  You have the control over what to observe, who to be involved with and more.  

Be aware that every moment, you are surrounded by evidence of your patterns of thought.  What you see is often based on your thoughts.  Yet, you do not have to base patterns of thoughts on what you see. Reality actually exists before you see it. You can live according to the phrase, 'where there is a will, there is a way,' or listen to the heart and allow the Way to reveal itself.

Notice you are energy more than anything, not a separate body, mind and spirit, one being.  Everything about the way you move through life reflects your vibrational offering.  Many people vibrate based on what they observe: i.e.- many people see something, allow that to evoke an emotional response and assume this is reality.  Its not.  Decide you like the way you are able to feel living in the contrast.  Watch what happens.  Life transforms.  Expect the unexpected.