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Know the power of release

For everything, there exists a season. You may reach stages in life when you sense inner conflict and contemplate accepting the discomfort or, ignore it as long as you can. Whatever you believe and fear becomes what you perceive.  This also what you come to think you learn and unlearn or let go.   Notice what else is happening.

There is no conflict when you focus attention on what is consistent and real. The mind's decision about what is real does not change the truth. As you outgrow ego perceptions and willingly shift focus, you can also abandon what is felt as the source of conflict.  Know the power of releasing what is not you. That which remains is nothing.

"To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go." -Lao Tzu


5 Reasons to feel the expansion

Right now, energy is penetrating and radiating inside your body.  You choose to feel it on deeper levels than before.  Physicality is not separate from energy. You vibrate and perceive in a variety of ways.   Why choose to feel expansion? What if you let go of what mind thinks it knows should happen? How do you feel as the love that you are emerges?

1) Realize perception defines your reality.  Those things you see as solid also become fluid.  Those things you sense as fluid also become solid. You feel energy is going through constant transitions.  You focus on whatever states you choose. To perceive your body as an energy system means you are more accepting of alternating states.  You are like water, in constant movement or transition.  You are ready to re-experience previous states to let them go.

2) Sense presence affects awareness.  To focus on now does not arouse anything but permits love and joy to present without being obscured.  This empowers you to choose what to feel with levels of awareness, to let yourself go into the flow.  You release all fear, worries, anxieties and doubts that hold you back.  To allow yourself to be who you really are is to disolve what you are not.   You invite what you do not want to release as part of the process.

3) Accelerate remembering.  It is reassuring to reconnnect with the inner knowing that the real you always has everything it requires.  You recall how to connect with an invisible space, to stay connected to all energy flowing through your entire system. Be ready to expand, to remove limits that have comforted you.  You outgrow them. They are not you.

4) Feel more comfortable with spiritual questions.  To remember how to give complete and compassionate attention to the soul journey is to feel content with wherever you are. You realize you need not control the direction. You can feel reassured about your intrinsic value, about the meaning of your existence that could never be taken away. Consciousness is like a bridge to your body. Fear does not prevent awareness, love and acceptance.

5) Help others discover their own truth.  Encourage people to talk.  Everyone nurtures their own life wisdom.  Allow that to surface.  Remind people that infinite sources of healing exist within. Invite them to look inward.  Allow their unfolding on the outside.  Rather than impose your views, enable others to grow aware of their own. Many people are afraid to look, to awaken.  Echo how everyone is lovable and forgivable now. Open the energy field of unconditional love for the self.  Inspire others to drop resistance and awaken all that they are.  Release expectations.


Remember what you need

As you increase your level of awareness, you begin to discern the fullness and beauty of life.  You also experience revelations about what you need. Its possible to let go of situations, to detach from relationships that you outgrow.

Everyone and everything is in a state of evolution.  Part of the process involves remembering how to attune to the true self, to accept unconditionally the conscious creator you are.  You also sense you are opening up and releasing barriers that block access to the spiritual self.  Choosing to feel and be pure love is part of the renewal process.

What if you begin to sense new kinds of energy acessible to you?  What if your paradigms and self-view are shifting? What if sensing unlimited abundance is part of recognizing endless cosmic energy that already flows through you?  Cosmic Synchronicity is not only a healing force and cosmic stimulus. There's oh, so much more.


10 Ways to heal thyself and others

Kindness is sometimes an indescribable feeling.  It is that which compels you to hope for what is good for yourself and others so that you can each grow in meaningful directions.  Each person is on the path. Consider 10 things you can do to help heal yourself and promote healing in others;

1) Feel and project love and compassion toward yourself.

2) Feel and project love and compassion toward everyone.

3) Be present and available for loved ones in need.

4) Do not judge (for you do not know the lessons of others).

5) Learn to forgive thyself and others completely, forever.

6) Listen to your inner voice and mind with impartiality.

7) Be aware of your feeling responses to every situation.

8) Know true love has no opposite (its not an ego need).

9) Be genuinely grateful for all experience as a stepping stone

10) Realize unconditional self-acceptance is accessible now.


Release the guilt

Analysis of dream submitted by Anonymous in Canada.

Dream: I was in a second floor of dank prison with a soundproof door and walls. The window had bars to a colorless, dirt courtyard. A dark man in my room squeezed through the bars to escape into fresh air. I felt this person was guilty of a crime, but I resisted calling the guards playing poker next door. Part of me wanted him to escape. I sensed the guards would not hear me call. I got the attention of a hot, black prostitute wearing red in the yard. She got the attention of the guards next door. They came and set me free. I was puzzled.

Steps:  (1) Reflect on details highlighted by your senses
            (2) Identify what content stands out
            (3) Notice the landscape, color and associated feelings

Interpretation: You are smarter than you think. The mind can seem like a mental prison. The very nature of ego is to instill guilt. This is bestowed on you as a child., the idea you are separate, unique and different. Your suffering depends on judging. You come to feel guilty for inclinations toward love, sexuality or anything you want that is natural. You are taught certain thoughts or behaviours are unacceptable in the external world.  Your nurtured action is to instill guilt (fear of not being loved) in children and other people.

This dream echoes you punish the self unnecessarily. Regardless of what you may have done or considered, it calls for unconditional love.  In truth, there is no such thing as guilt.  You only experience guilt because you think you are separate from what you want.  The fear of not being loved is unfounded.  You are love incarnate in a body that forgets its own being.

Notice your dream captors are gambling. The mind is leveraging some kind of wager.  Who are you playing against? Consider perceived adversaries. You may fear imagined consequences. Ask yourself to reflect on your understanding of 'risk.' Are your worried about losing identity, tarnishing reputation, changing values, principles or beliefs? You have risen to new levels of self-knowledge but do not yet feel comfortable with what you sense about your core urges and unexpected creative or other freedom.

Colors evoke intense emotions and certain ones stand out. Trust your intution about your own associations with color. Black is often viewed as negative, evil or a reflection of depression. Your conscious self urges you to eliminate dark thoughts. Red can represent things like love and passion, sexuality and life force. Reflect on the themes of resistance and surrender, where and to whom? You are the judge and jury.