Dr. Liara Covert

Breathwork Psychotherapist
Holistic Coach, Workshop Facilitator 

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 



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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim to low and reach it." -Michaelangelo



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What is really missing?

Human beings often decide they want something.  They are convinced something is missing.  This may be an object, a goal or, something that cannot be bought. This may be something immeasurable and formless.  Mind appears to imagine want and create hindrances. What if nothing is really missing?

To want nothing implies you already have everything. To choose not to make or want anything reminds you completeness exists already. Love expands in an empty mind.  This is discerned as you remember to see and feel clearly.  When was the last moment you felt absolutely free to just be? 

Physical existence offers many opportunities for every human being to gain insight into his condition.  You may wonder what this means.  The true meaning is in front of you at this moment.  Letting go and releasing unnecessary thoughts differs from holding on and resisting.  The universe gives everything.  To rediscover the feeling of completeness prompts one to wonder why people make life so complicated.

Before mind appears, emptiness is all there is.  Emptiness is energy. Energy is emptiness.  Energy transforms. To be willing to go through a learning process enables you to tap into the true self. You return to the clean mirror, before words, thought and distractions.  Every lesson brings you back to the Source.

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