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Pinpoint the hidden key

Every moment, you have your finger on the hidden key to your own transformation.  You can only ever reveal this to yourself.  Be aware of a feeling of avoidance. Recognize when you feel sensitive. Every feeling is a pointer, a guide to true nature.

As you cease to take things personally,  a new kind of seeing starts to emerge.  What you see is what you are.  Who or what is hiding?  Go deeper.  Discover who is here when your individualized personality and perceived issues are not.  When will what matters most to others matter the most to you?

Consider the possibility you do not experience different personalities, but different bodies in different lifetimes which experience the same universal lessons. You cannot escape looking deeply into yourself forever. Illusions are dissolving.  Celebrate the journey to love deeper than ever before.  Appreciate everyone you meet.  Each one is a version of you bringing you closer to the heart.  Every moment and breath is an expression of love.  Love yourself in response to all you feel.


Direct experience is here

As a human you are conditioned from birth to structure your life around ideas, beliefs, and attitudes. You develop an identity based on perceived memories of the past.  This is what grounds you and acts as a reference for a sense of direction to or away from.  Yet, what are you really telling yourself about reality, fulfillment and direction?

As you allow the conditioned mind to control your attention, you are unconscious, sort of asleep at the wheel, not noticing signs that you pass by on the road.  When mind is already thinking about what is around the corner, you do not see potholes as you traverse them.  If you focus on the future, you are not present.  Wake up out of the idea that you must awaken.

To be awake is to take responsibility for and transcend selective awareness of the present moment. Its as if you recognize conditioned impulses to avoid or fear and let this dissolve in an instant. To sense power of vibration is to feel something within simply clicks.  No need arises to explain or understand it.  Needs are figments of the mind or imagination.

From a pure state of being, you allow yourself to notice what is obvious.  This is being open to direct experience.  Awareness is who you are. Awareness organizes the self. Who is the person who responds, "me" or "I"?Regardless of what you read or hear about, direct experience speaks for itself.  What you call love is God, it is here and now. To focus on this moment is to stop seeking.  You relax in your being.  This is not a concept.  It is not personal yet everything is contained within it.


When do you avoid what is?

When you engage in compulsive thinking, you not only avoid what is, you allow the mind to persuade you to believe that you exist somewhere other than where you are.  To resist who you are only creates more suffering.  Eventually, reasons for why you resist fall apart, but unless you awaken to understand why, delusions are replaced by more delusions.  It is never too late to more consciously Transform your life.