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Step back for a new view

Whatever the situation unfolding in your midst, as you step back, you see things from new vantage points.  You can appreciate them from a non-emotional angle.  Recognize that you are conditioned to overlook the deeper message, to misconstrue messages you convey to yourself.  The ego mind sees through its filters and the heart feels its way to the silent truth.  Its all here.  Notice taking a breath is like creating distance between you and situations initially obscured.  Creating physical space between yourself and a situation is another alternative. Immersing in nature brings you face to face with what you already know and feel in the heart.  Do what works.

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Reader Comments (1)

Often objects, and subjects, have attachments and beliefs placed upon them. So whenever, someone comes across objects of similar vibration, they see the associations they have placed and endowed upon them. One then has a vision and sees how something was portrayed in the past. Its a snapshot that one looks at over and over again, and so they are reliving a moment in time. However, as you say, if you take a step back and rise above the chords that are normally plucked, it gives one room to be above the physicalized and to allow naturally for a fresh vision to be offered, or simply no vision at all. When the chords are cut or the channels to the past are retracted, the glasses one wears falls off one's head, and a clear vision from one's personal dreamscape emerges, which then magically transforms the environment into an expanded, changing, morphing entity.
November 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBerndt

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