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What do you make of the DNA upgrade?

I invite you to watch this video about the ongoing changes in energy vibrations and share your impressions.  What do these ideas about the evolution of a species, and transformation of everything you have come to know, draw out of you? How would you describe the state of your own awakening or not?


Caroline Myss & what is soul-level thinking?

As you continue whatever it is you consider worthwhile and important in the moment, it is useful to integrate soul-level thinking into your life. You may ask what does this mean?

The higher self or soul-level consciousness is that part of you that knows what is required for balance, harmony and inner peace.  It is constantly noticing your thoughts and behaviour and whispers exactly how to get back on track.  Do you listen?

Caroline Myss explores examples of soul-level reflection in her books Sacred Contracts, Anatomy of the Spirit and Entering the Castle. All of these works invite readers to reframe purpose and find intrinsic value everywhere. Consider these sample suggestions and how you are or could raise soul awareness.  Shere insight into how this impacts your life perspective; 

1) Distinguish soul energy from imagination and emotions.

2) Notice a soul-level calling benefits more than just you.

3) Find stamina and will to seize soul-inspiring opportunities.

4) Engage the soul more fully in your inner healing process.

5) Trust advice in the inner voice with loving intentions. 

6) Know promises are mortal agreements and vows are sacred, soul commitments with God with cosmic consequences. 

7) Feel how soul-level reflection evokes pure timelessness.

8) Soul awakening invites self-examination and contemplation.


Every quest is a metaphor

Every quest is a metaphor for steps required to transform the self from physical to spiritual being.  You are actually in the process of exploring options for what to do now and those things you foresee unfolding from apparent crises or tragedies.

In the midst of your visualisation, you discover inner power.  This triggers a series of revelations that encourage you to reframe circumstances and all the good that is communicating through new hopes and dreams.  How will this world surprise you next? Consider these points along your mission to align;

1) The physical body can transform on seen and unseen levels.

2) There is only one real you beneath all the masks and labels.

3) You can emerge and return to the body at will.

4) You experience out of body (OBEs) whenever you wish.

5) Every perceived imbalance invites you to rebalance energy.

6) Disruptions or crises in physical life are simply teachers. 

7) All you need is love.  Love is also all you are.

8) Knowledge does not arise from external sources.

9) Every thought brings you toward unconditional acceptance.

10) To learn compassion for others, is to grow to love self.


What would best serve you?

The Zeitgeist Movement frames ideas for human beings to reflect and restructure from the ground zero. Modern societies are structured around what is perceived available and what is supposedly scarce. To realize scarcity is a social construct to perpetuate inequalities prompts review of alternatives.

Consider the world you know can no longer function as it has.  The environment is reaching limits os sustainability.  Zeitgeist proposes a technical, resource-based system evolves to replace the existing scarcity-based monetary system. As it stands, the average person does not know what things truly cost. Controlling interests keep it hidden and forge reality. This fuels a wheel of marketing and buying needlessly. Turns out, widespread borrowing against debt is not self-sustaining.

In the current state of world economies, its foreseen that unemployment will steadily rise, resources will dwindle and survival comes into question. This brings shifting boundaries and the disappearance of traditional power and usefulness of how societies are run. The Internet is completely shifting power dynamics, dialogue and what is possible. Nothing is static.  Transformation is imminent.  Yet, in which directions?

Rather than view related predictions as problematic, you could view this as opening doors to liberate human beings from ingrained roles and mindsets. This would and free them to develop differently. Consider these ideas and others that would best serve you as a human being at this moment;

1) Extend product lifespans. Everything is produced with the longest lifespan possible. Machines are not made to break down so they must be replaced. Automation evolves to enable self-checks and repair. This idea is backwards to items which are now designed not to last.  This perpetuates the illusion of dissatisfaction, and stimulates the will to buy and consume.

2) Increased transparency. Most people in society have no idea of what is truly possible. The current level of technological capability is hidden in part because of military strategy and information warfare. To move beyond the mindset of competition and war, to eliminate the need for self-interest, changes everything. Inadequacy, insecurity and power dynamics of hierarchies dissolve in favor of data-sharing for mutual gain. This presumes the fading of the ego mind.

3) Minimize redundancy. Rather than multiple entities producing the same thing in order to compete in price, the goal is to minimize redundancy and eliminate the need for competition. Distribution of items is organizedto satisfy basic human needs of everyone. Behind that is the desire to use resources in envirnonmentally-sustainable ways, that is, grow things in appropriate climates without creating a need for irrigation or growth in non-native areas.

4) Optimized recycling. The point of doing is no longer grounded in profit. All objects that become inoperable are made to be reused, recycled or otherwise applied in some meaningful or creative way. Inventions are inspired.  Nothing is wasted. 

5) Empower people to redefine identity. Human beings traditionally define self-image based on job and associated social role. What is the true occupational role? People recognize and react to observed patterns. They mentally reference what has been learned. This is a technical process. Its simply a matter of time before automation replaces technical roles. This frees people to dissolve illusion about who they are and get closer to the truth.

7) Delegate labour and decision-making. Ultilitarian roles are no longer only technical. Mental labour is increasingly delegated to machines. Logical reasoning is entirely a technical process based on the technical data we have at a given moment. Human minds are only capable of storing and processing a limited amount of information.Few areas of human operation is beyond the possibility of computers.

8) Moving beyond corruption & nation state. Governmental and corporate decisions are based on self-interest. So long as money exists, itactsas motivation, and possibility exists for corruption. The more information and variables taken into account, the more effective the decision. As traditional power dynamics are no longer useful, something new is evolving to replace them.

9) Centralize computerized databases. These worldwide networks contain all knowledge. Computers already focus all resources in a growing, earth-wide autonomic nervous system. Humans outgrow government as it stands. Former human roles in power structures are evolving to supervisory ones for machines.  People are to be solely responsible for environmental management and resource distribution.

10)Embrace creativity & spirituality. Freedom from the confines of traditional human labour and roles gives beings opportunities to develop themselves as never before. The only constant is change. Everything one thinks one knows is evolving at a pace. Given this reality, humans continue to align with energy, attune to higher frequency and recall oneness with nature. Expanding the scope of self-understanding brings meaningful insight, shifts energy equilibrium and extends survival.



5 Ways misery helps you

Misery is a concept that often alienates human beings. If misunderstood, it perpetuates a destructive cycle. When you reflect on sources of pain, this may trigger anger, bitterness, and more negativity. Misery is a state of mind that lowers energy, strips you of vitality, focus and alertness.

Part of you may wonder how things could be different, how some happening could save you. Your dreams may seem to shatter. Certain experiences leave you baffled or disoriented. Rather than ask how whatever it is could happen, step back and consider 5 ways apparent misery actually helps you;

1) It invites you to change direction. Discomfort is a wake-up call. Why do you choose to struggle? to perceive chaos? As you stop thinking, you find you still exist. Thoughts distract you from self-acceptance you have always had.

2) It is an opportunty to refocus. As you realize you misinterpret and distort situations, even blow them out of proportion, you realize you can shift your perspective. This discovery enables you to regain inner power.  This is an opportunity to teach the self what it means to be unconcerned.

3) It draws attention to mental patterns.  Suddenly, you realize you have choices to experience anguish or non-anguish.  You feel devastated by explosive energy or, increasingly present and aware of what matters. Either you must disappear or sources of undesirable thoughts must go.  What is shrinking?

4) It reminds you who is master. How long have you conceded to leave the mind in charge? To realize the mind is an passive instrument and you are the master changes everything. Learn to put mind in line.  Mind cannot assert without your consent. As you tame it, inner violence ceases.

5) It confirms bliss is ever-present. As you detach from mind influence, you rediscover what else exists. In this way, misery is a teacher.  To move beyond mind as an obstacle is to realize it is also an opening to joy. You sense the mind is a passage for whatever energy you choose to attract, allow and accept.

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