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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“Unconditional love is caring more abotu alignment than being right." - Abraham




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3 Tips to gain clarity of purpose

Every moment, we are inviting ourselves to recognize what is in plain sight so that which appears hidden to us grows more obvious.  As we grow aware that everything is connected. we realize no accidents or coincidences exist. More than one purpose is unfolding.  Ponder these three tips; 

1. Stay open & receptive

Appreciate the value of being guided by intuition. Doing so allows us to notice and feel compelled to follow more synchronicities that present.  if you come across a postcard at a newsagent and feel draw to visit the place, go with that. If an opportunity arises unexpectedly and it feels right, take it as a stepping stone to getting exactly what we need. There is always an exchange of knowledge, energy and other things happening, even if this is not yet clear.

2.  Be flexible

Many people plan out their lives, businesses and specific goals or milestones they intend to achieve.  What we envision and how events unfold can be very different yet still lead to fulfilling experiences. Some people plan loosely and others rarely or not at all, awaiting instead for opportunities to arise.  

3. Accept everything is a gift

Things happen.  We notice some clearly and simultaneously miss others.  Everyone we encounter and invite into our lives has something to teach us. From the moment we see everything as a gift or opportunity we give ourselves to learn, share and grow, we are also helping people we have never met and involved in strengthening unseen connections. What arises in our awareness shapes a new stage of evolving purpose. 


7 Ways to Flourish

The way to flourish is to go with the flow and embrace waves of change.  Yet, to embrace change, we also need to get to know ourselves intimately, know what feels right, have courage to do that.  We all need encouragement and down-to-Earth, practical ways to deal with what life throws us.  In this light, reflect on seven ways to flourish in your life, come what may;

1. Recognize your habits

Everyone has habits, or activities they engage in with regularity. For example, you may shower every few days, drink a hot beverage in the morning, eat certain foods through the day, engage in certain routines, like getting together with friends on friday or sharing rituals.  When you go through life performing or conforming to social conventions without question, your behaviour loses power to profoundly change you. Habits do not empower you to live Your Best Life Now.  Seeing habits for what they are, as expressions of the energies of joy, anger, grief, sadness, disgust or other emotions, changes everything. Teach yourself to feel your reasons for doing.

2. Be aware of your emotions

To be human is to feel and express emotions.  Physical existence is about reacting or responding to encounters.  You may not notice how often life elicits emotions and how they can become patterned habits. Reactions are unconscious ways the external world triggers certain emotions. The untrained mind reacts unconsciously.  The trained mind responds with deep understanding of what is happening. This is about cultivating emotions so we internalize more loving ways of responding to others and life experience.  We refine ritual with more clarity and consistency. 

3.  Awaken to contradictions 

Growing aware of what does not jive in your life is a kind of awakening.  As you sense conflicting emotions, turbulent energies, inconsistent choices, undesirable experiences, tense realtionships, you begin to see what is contributing to emotional highs and lows and the sense things are not working.  Every moment is an opportunity for revelations about the real source of resistence inside yourself.  When will you grow accountable? Take responsibility and stop denying your role? What are you ready and willing to see?

4. Be willing to break normal habits

In order to help ourselves change, it is useful to realize breaking normal habits is what enables us to develop different sides of ourselves. Stepping back and observing your habits helps you determine what is helping or hindering your health and well-being, relationships and situations.  

5.  Step outside the familliar

When we travel, visit a friend's home, break away from regular routines, we view life and ourselves differently.  This is why people take time off work to do a caravan tour of their own country, go on sabbatical, visit new places, even take a new route to work or exert effort to notice new things where they are.  Why do more people not do this more often? Fear, perhaps? Shifting roles, jobs, destinations, tasting new things, even moving house based on intuition, all have potential to break patterns develop new confidence and greater self- acceptance. The question is, do you desire change to escape or, for the love of spontaneity and embracing the unknown?

6. Be more flexible

By embracing patterns we see in ourselves, we allow them to harden and take root.  Labels we adopt can drive our behaviours and decisions, and become self-fulfilling prophecy.  As the result, many people perpetuate narrow views of themselves and what is possible.  In the West, true self is often assumed to be patterns of predictable responses to people and the world.  Yet, when you can continue to suprise people, you are actually closer to true being.  We are each complex arrays of emotions, dispositions, desires and different traits that often pull us in different directions.  What happens when you feel okay with diverging from your norm? 

7. Explore what evokes inner harmony

The key to everything is noticing your patterns and working actively to shift them.  Breaking our own patterns helps us realize other people are malleable too, that no relationship or situation is cut in stone.  Talking to yourself helps you work things ou in your life.  Wake up wanting to go to work or take the world by storm.  Feel better about yourself.  Know how you feel and what you experience begins and ends in you.  What ae you willing to do differenly today to see yourself and the world in new and exciting ways?


Heed 3 messages from Nature

Tranquility exists in the wilderness.  This differs from the noise and hustle bustle of a busy city.  Feel the difference and feel what is the same. To be in the countryside is to connect with inner nature.  Be aware you slow your pace, calm your breathing, and connect with centre of being more easily.  And yet, the quiet countryside can also seem full of unexpected disturbances.  Notice three messages you receive more clearly while immersed in nature, even a backyard;

1)  The peace often sought does not arise only in the countryside.  It is not imported from outside.  It does not mean to be away from trouble, noise or interaction. It is to be calm in the heart, come what may.  You allow or resist the peace and contentment forever accessible inside.

2) In order to cultivate flexibility and stability, simply stop looking for these qualities in what you view as the outside world. Feel life through the heart. Notice calmness and stability within.

3) Live your life whole-heartedly and you are aware of how you think and feel regardless of where you may roam.  Live life deliberately and whatever you do is fully expressed or not at all.


Flexibility serves you

Reflect on occasions where circumstances do not pan out as you initially envision.  How do you feel about this? Being flexible serves you. Notice what it feels like to resist the way things unfold. Notice how much easier it feels to adjust to changing conditions when you are not attached to particular outcomes. Feel your way to the right choice.

"Nothing is softer and more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it." - Lao Tzu