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Do what comes naturally

Notice what happens as you allow what comes naturally. Sense what it feels like.  Reality does not change.  Only your perception of things evolves with awareness. Reflect on this;

1) Observe the external world calmly.  Take nothing personally.

2) Silently be aware of your thoughts.  Recognize each one is a pointer.

3) Listen closely to the body.  Nourish it.  Eliminate on cue and rest properly.

4) Detect heartfelt intuition and trust it.  Emotions are a gauge of how well you listen.

5) Love freely and laugh at the wonder of it all.


Connect with your intention

Every moment, you are either connected with your deepest intentions or disconnected from them.   Call them your intentions, purpose or mission. You may ask, how do you know? If you are asking someone, what does this tell you?  It is the right moment to;

1) Let go of all doubt that you are not where you are meant to be

2) Recognize the power of reflecting without judgment

3) Meditate on appreciating something wherever you are

4) Visualize something inspiring and notice how it feels 

5) Notice what you see and experience as beauty spreads


Moving through worlds

You may go through stages of acquiring things, labels, experiences, attributes, knowlege and more.  You may also find yourself reaching a stage where priorities change, where you feel that your message, or inspiration, is shifting, not only to and through yourself, but also to the external world.  You reach a stage where you raise awareness and know when you are lying to yourself or being authentic.  This is where you a notice your focus of attention is what gives life to a vision, a story, and simple shifts in attention systematically let go of all the mind tells you that you have acquired.  This is the witness arising, moving through worlds, and revealing what it is not.     


Notice archetypes

Notice the archetypes that inspire and motivate you in stories and also those that play out in your daily life.  The traits of characters that appeal to you in movies and books relate to the experiences you draw into your physical life. The outcomes in your life cannot change until you move through the pattern and see it as it is. 

You run many energy patterns unaware in this realm.The energy you express yourself through is often in conflcit with your desire.  What you attract in relationships and sitautions always relates to your energy vibration.  Step back and observe your life impersonally.  Be honest.  Wisdom arises as you choose to know yourself. You only ever transcend what is not you as you allow clarity to shine and let go of all else.


Remember what you know

You bring things into your life not to have them, but because of the sensations you experience and the momentum of the process as it intensifies.  Something within you summons and activates vibration.  Another part of you resists.  Notice your focus.  Remember the complete force of everything flows through you.  You restrain it or unleash it. You appreciate every stage and all it offers. Its exhilarating beyond words.