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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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Enjoy the Adventure

Right now, at this moment, you are in the process of creating experiences that expand the Soul. The mind tells you certain events are unfolding or envisioned goals while the heart feels its way into another way of seeing and expressing your full potential. 

This is an invitation to savor the power of knowing what you can do, what you came into this world to do, what you decide is possible and give yourself freedom to shine.  Part of why you exist is beyond explanation.  It is the feeling centres you are increasingly willing to recognize as reliable guides.

Awareness is expanding to let you know that what you are doing is reaching everyone energetically already.  The physical details are emerging in this world from the reality of inspirations beyond it.  You do not have to know how the perfect scenario is happening.  Simply accept that everything prepares you for the unforeseen.


15 Benefits to seeing things as they are

For some people, seeing with genuine clarity happens spontaneously.  Other people journey through life and reach for guidance during stages of awakening, that is, a process of letting go of who they are not.  The more you come to see things as they are, the more revelations unfold.  As how you view changes, what you see also changes. Ponder what transforms as you:

1) Take nothing personally.  E-motion is energy in motion and no longer gets the best of you.

2) Feel complete and secure. Know what it is to require nothing outside to feel whole.

3) Be soul-centred rather than self-centred.  Discover purpose without being ego-driven.  

4) Realize all beliefs and intentions manifest.  Direct the true power of mind and thought.

5) See through behavior patterns.  Self-sabotage ends. The unconscious grows conscious.

6) Accept no answers exist to life. You know you always seek true nature or love.

7) Observe what you resist persists.  Surrender is accepting yourself as you are.

8) Activate quantum level healing.  Any imbalances re-align instantly & permanently. 

9) See Oneness rather than separation.  This allows deep appreciation of infinite diversity.

10) Act as your own authority. External approval is irrelevant.

11) Love fully.  This is about being light-hearted, feeling free. You live as joy.

12) Listen to stillness. Take breathes as a detached observer. Listen is 'silence' re-arranged.

13) Feel true nature is awareness. You are self-recognizing. Everything emerges here. 

14) Be in the now. All suffering resides in the past or fear of the future. When you live in this moment, the past and future are irrelevant.  Suffering cannot exist now. Awakening is knowing now is all that is. It never began and never ends. Core essence is aware being. From awareness emerges consciousness, the ability to think, from thought, the thinker arises in perceived time. 

15) See time as illusion. Recognize all suffering only exists in a period of perceived time where there is a lack of self love. The mind cannot engage in something with no points of reference. You cannot stop thinking.  Yet, as you come to see thoughts are unreal, you can let them flow. When you do not give them attention, they pass. That which never changes is real and never threatened.  


Stop and smell the flowers

Notice what revs you up and gets you excited. You may be someone who is conditioned to do, do, do and go, go, go.  You may pride yourself on your planning and strategies to make yourself feel you live life to the fullest.  As fun as it is to experience different places and activities, what if you could be happy and find something worthwhile smelling the flowers right where you are?

Listen to words you use in conversation. It is easy to allow yourself to focus on what you are doing later today, tomorrow or on the horizon, or what you have already done.  In doing so, notice the unseen and unmentioned is here and now. If you feel anything other than appreciation about where you are and all that is unfolding in life, then get ready for another way of seeing.   You can do something, everything or nothing and it all smells of the same love in the heart. 


Transparency is taking shape

As you no longer have any references for what you are beginning to see,  transparency is emerging.  Gradually, things are moving in your midst.  Let the images and story reveal themselves.  The sharpness of your inner vision depends on the fineness of your vibrating energy.  Clarity arises as you are very relaxed.  The stranger the experiences emerging from within, the less you can understand or describe.  Simply be excited. 

As you reach a place where nothing is weird or abnormal, everything functions with its own special magic.  Miracles no longer exist as exceptions to the rule.  Everything has a particular feel.  From birth, you have tendencies toward various aspects of life.  As you grow conscious of your breath, how you feel and harness energies, shifts everything.

In the wider world, miracles present with perfect timing and purpose.  Individuals accept miracles as stepping stones to deeper recognition of the unseen.  Each being can consciously sense at higher levels.  Subtle energies that are constantly flowing though.  You may be confused about how to translate them. This is beyond words.  Emotions feedback quickly through the physical body and as an interface with the world.  Play with the energies, see what happens.

Every moment, you are changing the imprints of frequencies of your being.  To separate from deep awareness is a step away from getting back into the full light, from being more consciously back in with the flow.


Allow abundance to fill you

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and visions all vibrate to life and take shape in what appears as your life. Notice whether you know ups and downs or if you see all is well already. What do you choose?

Imagine how it discern true needs and have them met, to exist with a sense of acceptance, peace and tranquility.  You no longer notice anything is missing.  The inner judge grows still or you no longer hear it. You experience fulfillment, satisfaction and know without a doubt that details are coming together.  Feel what it is to embody joy, happiness and appreciation.  Allow abundance to fill you.  This is not only possible, it is your core state. Let go of the unreal.  What is real remains.  The mind tells you its own version of what is real. The heart and soul know only wholeness.