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The power of self-inquiry

Many people wonder which impulses to follow. How do you know when to trust yourself? and when your impulse is leading you astray?

Unless you are already enlightened, that is, you always feel in harmony and manifest instantly, then not all of your impulses are going to come from your higher self-intuitive guidance system.  Some of your feeling-based impulses are going to come from your lower level blockages; your fears, limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, baggage and karmic patterns. As such, humility is a reliable guide.

So, if everything in your life is not in perfect harmony, disharmony is not going to shift unless you are willing to do a bit of self-inquiry. Breathing more consciously is a good start, but you benefit greatly from going further.

As it is, the universe is designed to project and help you work through your emotional blockages as quickly as possible, mainly to create the exact situations that dig up what is holding you back so you face it.  Making blockages conscious with honesty and humility and appreciating the service they perform (blockages are initially designed to self-protect, and always offer valuable lessons), gives the energetic blockage has permission to dissolve.

If in a particular moment, you choose not to face yourself, the universe patiently keeps creating new situations that offer the same opportunity to face your shadow (the unacknowledged and disowned parts of yourself) until yo uare ready to look deeply into yourself and feel what you have not been wiling to feel. This is to be done with unconditional love and compassion. 

As Carl Jung echos: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Whatever arises in your life, as yourself if you are being guides by higher self or the lower emotions of fear. Ask to be shown what you cannot yet see.  Be receptive to lessons you have not yet recognized and integrated.


Get out of your mind

The physical mind thinks its in charge and thinks it is supposed to know how everything is supposed to happen.  In truth, the physical mind can only view how things happened (past tense).  It cannot know the how before the process unfolds.  Do yourself a favor.  Stop focusing on how you can make things come about. This is not something physical mind exists to do.  Be awake.  Allow the third eye to guide you. Expand into a wider perspective.

The knowledge of how something is occurring arises in the Higher Self.  It conceives dreams and see things from the highest possible vantage point.  This implies it recognizes connections and pathways the physical mind cannot. The physical brain receives.  The physical personality mind perceives.  Open the lines of communication between the physical mind and the Higher Self.  The third eye is one possible bridge.  It links you to you.

Trust your intuition fully.  Watch for synchronicity and revel in making connections.  Allow yourself to feel the joy that builds momentum.  Being out of your logical mind is highly desirable.  Only then can you see.  Know your intrinsic value.  You recalculate it every moment along with the energy flowing in this universe.


Be open to the Source

You may have dreams where someone invites you to 'see reason' or another point of view.  You may also have dreams where this Source of wisdom invites you to step back and see your fears from a new vantage point.  These dreams may surprise you due to your own willingness to listen. 

Guess what? This apparent person or source of wisdom is a version of the higher self. It shows love and compassion and invites you to recognize conditioned beliefs as the illusions they are. Know it is within your power to bring these dreamtime revelations to conscious living now.

Give this ago: view each person you encounter as a messenger from the higher self. Each person points to what you listen and whether you allow the paradox of fear to capture your attention. Notice every time you do something, you create restlessness. The more you do, the further you are from stillness. Stop thinking and measuring Self based on what you think you do. See deeper.

As you do nothing, freedom happens, solutions are obvious, you abandon sense of Self and all identity. Doing nothing allows mental energy to arise. This only has power in stillness. Notice "you," the body and preoccupations disappear. Stillness presides. Listen to the sound of silence. This allows peace to arise. Let go. Be still. Open the door of the heart. Freedom comes to you.


Wake up & remember

A teacher does not enter your scope of awareness at key stages of your awakening.  You are the teacher who is awakening to your own true power.  Thus, an external teacher does not empower you to trigger "ah-ha" moments.  Instead, a pre-ordained awakening within draws attention to shifting self-perception.

Asking higher energies for guidance helps you to recognize you are a transmitter and vehicle travelling through dimensions.  The use of symbols, shapes, dreams and crystals brings you closer to knowing higher self consciousness. A given situation in 3-D, physical worlds does not reveal the truth of what is beyond.


Feel non-physical dimensions

Non-physical dimensions emerge in one's deeper awareness through first-hand experience. Different dimensional levels co-exist beyond what the five senses detect. Normal laws of physics do not apply.  Notice how you resist or openly accept the possibilites beyond your frames of reference and experience.

Imagine what happens as the physical body sleeps. In essence, consciousness reflects copies of itself. The dream mind and projected body/ mind double function in relation to, yet separate from the physical body. As one accesses memories from the physical and energy body, a visceral experience speaks for itself. Which perceptual interchanges do you sense? What insight are you gaining into the higher self right now?