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12 Instant revelations 

To reach oneness, choose to feel, engage in telepathy and receive the inter-galactic information that is flowing into the world.  You are more than your thoughts and emotions. The questions dissolve.  Teachings penetrate deeper than you ever sensed possible.  Consider these instant revelations:

1) Your wealth is without measure

2) You enjoy absolute freedom without limits

3) You experience energy currents that shape your perception

4) You are learning to harness the power of alchemy

5) You are the current of everlasting compassion

6) You are awakening to the fullness of expanding love

7) You realize you need nothing

8) You are grateful for all you are and transform into

9) You only wish to free yourself from beliefs that are not you

10) You are in process of experiencing heaven for yourself  

11) You are activating keys and codes of expanding DNA 

12) You accept the truth of you is beyond all assumptions


Discern light from dark

People who discern light from dark do not deny darkness.  This is not about judging.  It is about understanding you cannot have lighter without the darker. Notice the complimentary nature of all feelings and situations is part of expanding awareness.   You are invited to reclaim your true self.

You are in the process of realizing part of your role is to help heal human hearts.  You need not be a surgeon.  You are sensing and aligning energy on other levels.

In another way, you are beginning to discern the difference between universal laws and man made laws.  What you focus on is what you get.  The more you focus on what is working, the more you notice things working in your favor.  It is a fascinating moment to be alive.

What do you ache for? Would you risk disapproval for the experience of love? Can you endure pain without moving to hide it, repair or ignore it? How do you evolve to recognize and transcend limitations? Can you disappoint someone and still be true to yourself? Check out Oriah Mountain Dreamer's work.  She wants to know if you can be alone with yourself and truly love the company you keep, even during the empty moments.


7 Steps to see the light

Many people self-question about the point of fundamental decisions.  They wonder whether they say or do 'the right thing.'  Second-guessing is a synonym for self-doubt. This does not necessarily mean you do not want to experience something, or does it? Part of you asks, what you are doing here how? The answer: you are ready to see the light.

1) Choose to examine your ambivalence. When part of you wants something and another part resists, the underlying reason is struggling to get your attention. 

2) Explore your feelings about duty.  You are someone's beacon of inspiration and light or, feel a sense of commitment to something or someone for whom you provide light.

3) Contemplate the value of change.  Part of you that favors change may wish to avoid fuss, consequences, ripples in a calm sea. What if all this is helpful to more than just you?

4) Pray to the Source.  This could be the source of apparent troubles as well as the Source of all energy, salvation and love.  Divine connections alter forever the progression of existence.

5) Say something, anything.  Participating in dialogue, even with yourself, reminds you of being alive.  Everything is equally adequate and inadequate to explain the indescribable. 

6) Be grateful for what defies explanation. To realize you are not meant to explain or understand everything, is a relief.  You teach yourself what to do and rediscover stillness.

7) Listen to the voice of compassion.  Part of you is forever calm, and gives you the only possible answer worth hearing.  This is the opposite end of the spectrum from the devaluation of self. Pure love fills you and answers the call.


Welcome whomever comes

"Be grateful for whoever comes, because each guest has been sent as a guide from beyond" –Rumi

Khidr as the one who travels over land and sea, mountains and valleys searching and longing to meet the friends of God. Hakim at-Tirmidhi tells about Khidr a remarkable tale. Khidr knew from the beginning of time what would happen to these friends of God. He wished to see in his own life what would become of their works. Khidr received such a long life that he experienced all of it up to the Day of Resurrection.

Rumi has told the following tale: A certain shahna (a chief of police) was active as such in the days of Harun ar-Rashid. Khidr visited him every day. This shahna suddenly retired from his job. Khidr then stopped visiting him. The poor shahna started to worry as Khidr seemed to ignore him. 

One night it was made clear to him his value was connected to his being active in his work. The next morning he went to the caliph and asked for his job back. Harun ar-Rashid asked him what had taken place and he explained it all. Khidr immediately thereafter again started to visit the reinstated shahna. People forget a person's 'presence' is not always visible.

The shahna then wanted to know of Khidr why he had stopped visiting him. Khidr then said: "The value of your position is that you sit in the Diwaan and protect the poor and the needy and free them from the claws of their oppressors. You should know that this is better than thousand Sufi retreats!"

This Sufi tale is found:


10 reasons to be grateful for difficulty

Energy is in constant motion. It takes form in relationships and circumstances that encourage you to explore emotional turmoil. The universe creates situations that relate to all your choices. This is karma in tow. Not everyone grasps the basis for karma. Consider 10 reasons to be grateful for difficulties;

1) It is opportunity to challenge your anger. Negative energy hides true reasons for upset. As you identify discomfort, you grow aware of parts of personality you can change, and shift mental focus to what you want to strengthen.

2) It draws attention to buried pain. Unless you heal root causes, suffering will not change. Only self-awareness permits you to reframe and heal painful memories. Knowing about your emotions and why you create them enables you to compare what you created before to how you feel now so you learn to create different feelings. This is a meaningful healing process.

3) It encourages you to heal a competitive nature. The desire to compete, to accept a challenge, to fight a court case, to defend your belief of innocence in any argument, all reflects deep-seated fear. Unless you address core reasons for inadequacy and insecurity, you fight misplaced battles you do not win. From the soul view, only love exists. It teaches how ego and emotion are measures of unacknowledged pain.

4) It suggests you to stop viewing self as victim. Contrary to popular belief, every experience you encounter is appropriate at a given moment. On some level you may not be aware of yet, you deserve every experience you get. When you do not choose to let go of expectations, you resist forgiveness of self and others and refuse to surrender to the moment.

5) It invites you to give up judging. No situation is good or bad. You attribute labels based on misunderstandings. You discover judgments obscure the truth. This  perpetuates discomfort and inner restlessness. You resist unconditional self-acceptance. You learn judging mirrors what you do to self.

6) It teaches how the soul communicates. Difficulty is soul's way of telling you healing is required. The remedy is not to withdraw from sources of hardship, but to realize how you contribute to them and learn to search inside the self for causes of apparent pain.  You are guided to speak from the heart rather than listen to ego-mind.

7) It teaches you to learn trust. Every experience is a test for awareness and faith in what you do not understand.  You are reminded it is not always clear why you exist right now. What matters is that you discern which parts of you prevent you from using your gifts to the best of your ability.  To develop deeper emotional awareness empowers you to make more responsible choices.

8) It teaches you escape is not the answer.  Part of you gets confused when you do not experience joy, harmony and enthusiasm.  Choosing to avoid difficulties simply means the emotions underneath them will create new hardships to get your attention until you listen. 

9) It brings out support in those around you.  Uncondtional love and support surround you in unseen ways, regardless of your actions.  Perceived difficulties also invite empathy and understanding from people you know and do not. They offer love and support.  This teaches you what soul wants you to do-to love and accept all of self. 

10) It prepares you to handle other hardship.  In some sense, each obstacle you face and work through can make other ones less intimidatng and easier to manage. You gain confidence as you reach each milestone.  You sense meaning and purpose in each hurdle.  Inner changes have already begun.  As you consciously intend harmony, cooperation and service to others, then you realize you exist to experiment with your life.  You figure out how to get out of vicious circles.   

Mother Theresa's Prayer

May today bring you peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.