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Bypass the roadblocks

Life presents infinite opportunities. Humans have selective awareness and the capacity for independent thought. Some people sense many opportunities where other people see none.  Some people zero in on difference and others only discern equality.  Some people diminish or limit self where others choose to focus on expansion. Why consent to allow other people make you feel less than you are?  

Notice when you make decisions based on what you want and based on fear of what you do not want.  From the moment you realize you create your own roadblocks, you are also realizing you have the means to bypass them.  Reclaim your inner power. You can dissolve the programming that creates the self-defeating thoughts and tendencies.  Add context referring to stories about your life.  What do you notice?

Consider what you would tell your mentors or programmers as you outgrow their teachings. Silent gratitude is timeless. Know everyone you encounter is a meaningful teacher. Be grateful for how they trigger stages of your awakening. As you outgrow certain beliefs and discern illusions and mis-perceptions, you are in the process of dissolving them. Recognize why you create roadblocks so you can let them go and be free.


Resonate hopefulness

Just because you do not yet experience what you dream of, does not mean it is not coming to you, does not mean it is not already accessible. Feel the ideas birthing in you. It does not matter how they unfold. As you have faith and trust, you can choose to be enlivened by your dreams. Every moment empowers you to know the difference of feeling like what you are wanting and resisting. Look at it, feel it, be what you are asking for. You can be thrilled to know you are where you are and be satisfied and grateful for it all.

Consider how your perspective changes as you realize you cannot get anything wrong. Every thought you create replicates in your life experience. The more you talk about things, the more you vibrate them, the more you observe and feel what you observe. You are in states of constant expansion. You enjoy never being finished. Consider that since this physical world has potential for each of us to have, do and be anything, this world also offers the possibility for us to create things where we are. Notice what you are choosing. Notice the feeling place from which your questions arise and the dominant vibration you hold.  Notice how you move from beliefs to hoping to knowing you live a new life from a new vibration.


Feel its already happening

Notice that when you want to do something or when you wish for something to happen, source energy only manifests into being what is reflected by energy vibrations you feel.  So, feel like you would feel when this thing you want is already happening.  That is, feel as though you are already doing what you wish to do.  Think, speak and behave as if you relish everything about the process unfolding where you are.  Know possibilities exist as non-physical energy before the senses detect any confirmation in this physical reality.  Imagine you only allow positive vibration to flow in you as love, appreciation, abundance, and gratitude. 


Nobody is a stranger

What if you begin to sense nobody is a stranger, that everyone you think you do not know is actually an old friend you temporarily forget? What if you enter unfamiliar settings as a willing participant in bigger things?

The experience of awakening to the nature of dreams and sensing the limitlessness of mind can shock the conditioned mind.  Many people feel this kind of expansion shifts to a sense of being and knowing forever. 

Part of you is forever present, spontaneous and fearless. True nature of existence invites you to release self from individualistic attachments and misperceptions of freedom.  Choose instead to be open, naked, flexible.  Take responsibility for who you are.  Be receptive and grateful for opportunities to transform.


Notice the origins of your gifts

Some people do not realize that the mind rights off key origins of their innate gifts. Perhaps you are not in the habit of reflecting on the role of ancestry, qualities you dislike in others, perceived enemies and difficult feelings in the gifts you awaken.  What would you say if the purpose of choosing to create and experience adversity, to step outside comfort zones, is to draw attention to dimensions of limitless being you selectively ignore? How do you respond to sensing that where you choose to be has everything to do with your own unveiling?

In other words, transformation has many origins and yet, you decide to make feelings and motivations more conscious or not.  You determine what you are ready to accept and integrate into your emerging luminescent energy field, or deny it exists.  Consider fear and how you respond to repress or overcome it.  Be aware of where you are standing and why, the implications of your choices.

What you leave behind or escape is just as significant as the directions in which you shift and what you consciously choose to embrace. This relates to everyone you have ever known or heard about, and energy not even discerned yet in your scope of awareness. Take a moment to ponder all the reasons you have for gratitude.  This is yet again, another indication that you choose to Transform your life.