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Contemplate everything

How often do you contemplate life? What are you really on this planet for right now? Many people focus on what is unfolding in the lives of others through television or other windows into the external world. Notice what kind of information is irrelevant to who you are. How are your interactions with others, life and inner being shifting?

Notice your focus of attention.  Is it on what you do not have or who are you really?  Shifting to focus on higher consciousness shakes the foundation of institutions that exist based on the human desire for external authority, conditioned fear,  thoughts about control and perceived separation. Feel the movement and natural flow toward interconnectivity.  Awaken to the presence of synchonicity.


Love is the answer

You figure everything out on your own.  When your being emerges pure and unencumbered, you experience the power of now, the unfolding of love vibrations.  You resonate unlimited harmony and potential.  You allow a magical power to create precisely what you envision into being.  In essence, you are a transmitting and receiving mechanism.  You need not justify a desire.  Shape your thoughts based on how you feel.  As you sense positive vibration, know the reason for it already exists.  Invite it in.  You accept joy or resist it.


Bridges build themselves

Notice everyone is not in the same feeling place of awareness. Consider you do not share the feeling specifics of an experience the same way with everyone you know.  People relate to different aspects of a given story, based on whether it is something they want or not.  Where you focus attention helps you realize why you want to build bridges of awareness.  People choose to awaken to the power of their own thoughts and emotions or not.  Whether you allow others freedom to choose affects your vibration.

That is, each person accepts or resists unconditional love, pure joy and fulfillment available to them.  They embrace or reject security and wellness.  As you deliberately choose things that enable you to feel good, you orient your vibration to transform your life.  People enter your scope of awareness who relate to your focus, who get excited about what excites you, who consciously expand insight into adjusting vibrations.     


Sense the presence of the cosmic witness

The cosmic witness is understood as the universal source; omniscient, omni-present, and infinitely guiding remembering.  It is not separate from you.  Consider these 10 steps to ascertain and sense the presence and of the cosmic witness and what it is not:

1) Awaken to your own ego-created desires that exist at the root of your suffering.

2) Step back from the insatiable ego & illusions you create to reinforce perceived problems.

3) Reflect on underlying reasons for your desires, hopes, fears & attachments that create the above. 

4) Notice the nature of ingrained beliefs  that prompt you to self-judge and imagine what is not there.

5) Recall cosmic consciousness is the core state that re-aligns you with true nature.

6) Explore why the mind imagines limitation, inadequacy, reasons for insecurity & loneliness.

7) Let go of beliefs which are themselves conditioned mental delusions.

8) Practice forgiveness of self and others then realize reasons for forgiveness are illusion.

9) Recall the feeling of "right action" & be what it is that reinforces who you are.

10) Realize that every choice impacts perceived self and the whole universe.


The world is in you

Many people develop the belief they exist in the physical world rather than the physical world exists in them.  Consider your own perspective.  How do you rationalize?  What if you discern you create your experience and have power to alter perception, dissolve and re-create?  All happens as you choose, provided you sincerely want it.  You create out of desire and fear in order to remember how to deal with them.  When you forget who you are, you create impersonators.  At your leisure, and on your terms, you Transform Your Life.