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Its not what you think

You may think certain things are missing in your life; a certain amount of money, the appropriate course of study, the perfect home, the right partner or relationship, business deal, opportunity, or condition.  Look closer.  Be aware you cannot tell life what you need.  Life reveals timeless insight and wisdom to you based on what you think you want.

You may hear people say you are what you think or you are what you do.  Step back.  Get completely clear.  Nothing is ever missing in life.  When you think this is the case, you forget who you are. When you know who you are, anxiety falls away. Whatever comes and goes, changes of state or conditions do not bother you.  What awaits discovery and recognition? Notice the witness of desires arising and falling away.  Notice what witnesses the silence.


Its all pointing here

Imagine a life where you do not have to do anything about anything.  Imagine a  life where nothing is wrong, where every choice you make at a given moment is the right one.  Give up all your emotion and effort to get somewhere. Let go of restlessness.  It may seem too simple to be true. Recognize you are the seer and experiencer, the observer and participant in this life.

What if you do not have to do, be or become anything? From this moment, notice what the mind would have you believe.  Then step back and accept every view is a reflection of the timeless recognizing itself.  Reconnect with the dimensions and perspectives you temporarily cut off.  

As the mind carries no intention, ambition or neediness, it is spontaneously one. It does not view itself as a separate part of anything.   Recognize the attitudes you hold toward 'the other.' All you think is a self-fulfilling projection.  As you drop the resistance and false ideas you adopt as a child, you slowly let go of all fixations and identities connected with the body.  What's left?

Be  true nature, the state of pure awareness.  See things with less distortion.  Allow peace to fill you. To see everything as equal is to love and appreciate yourself unconditionally.  When you are truly free, you expect nothing and simply flow freely with the stream of life. He who is truly rich wants nothing.  He who has desires is simply playing the role of creator for a while.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." - William Shakespeare


What do you truly want?

Notice how wants and desires arise from birth. A separate sense of self is born. This is not itself an issue. This is not meant to be a substitution for the divine being within. Notice whatever you give attention to grows. So, it is believing in separateness that gives rise to whatever you allow to hijack your focus.  All-the-while, the truth never moves.  Ask yourself what this moment feels like without all the wants and desires.

Step back from what gives life to your story, from what evokes emotions in your direct experience. Notice they grow stronger grounded in perceived time (past and future), a sense of suffering, loss or lack that seems to exist. What is the underlying message? What peers through?The only things that can change are mind and how it experiences. The perceiver of all is forever present. What is wanted beyond ego and desire?

Beyond that exists the imagined ideal, that which is intuited as perfect freedom. An image of unconditional love jumps into mind until it is known you are this.  Awareness does not exert effort to rid you of your thoughts. What you are does not believe in thought.  Notice how you speak of or view "you" and awareness or that which has no form. Are they not one? Look deeper. Notice what you really want and what you really are is always here. What direct experience is the living question you continue to seek?

"You are free to call forth any reality that you wish. What does God want? Nothing. Absolutely nothing." -Neale Donald Walsch


Notice archetypes

Notice the archetypes that inspire and motivate you in stories and also those that play out in your daily life.  The traits of characters that appeal to you in movies and books relate to the experiences you draw into your physical life. The outcomes in your life cannot change until you move through the pattern and see it as it is. 

You run many energy patterns unaware in this realm.The energy you express yourself through is often in conflcit with your desire.  What you attract in relationships and sitautions always relates to your energy vibration.  Step back and observe your life impersonally.  Be honest.  Wisdom arises as you choose to know yourself. You only ever transcend what is not you as you allow clarity to shine and let go of all else.


Allow senses to open wide

Wherever you are, you have the ability to observe and perceive partially or impartially.  You view things with or without desire.  You perceive thoughts, concepts and identify with them or, identify with nothing.  You discern love and hate as opposites or as reflecting the same underlying message.  Fullness and emptiness are the same.

Notice whether you exert effort to understand, whether you struggle to listen with the head. Notice that the feelings that bother you are actually thoughts in disguise.  They are drawing your attention to another kind of sensing directly from the heart.  The mind sees things based on conditioning.  Can the perceiver of everything be perceived? That which is unchanging always speaks through you. Being does not experience.  It is the most intimate existence. Allow senses to open wide and know.