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Andrew D. Basiago & Time travel & Life on Mars

This conversation with Andrew D. Basiago shares Hidden History of Life on Mars. He claims that life not only exists, but thrives here beyond common understandings of what is possible. He is a figure in the disclosure movement who pinpoints how time travel and teleportation technology exist and have been suppressed by authorities for eons. He is a real-life chrononaut. In this segment of a fascinating, six-hour interview, you gain insight into time travel and soul-level remote viewing that reveal how the cosmos actually is.

Using teleportation, Basiago discovers forty years before he published a seminal paper, that Tesla-based teleportation technology existed. In fact, the U.S. government was involved in Project Pegasus. Andy's father was on a team building high performance jet engines for aerospace projects for the U.S. defense department and achieved supersonic speed. Andy was taught quantum access data and prepared for what is now.

The government was sending humans forward in time to gather artifacts and bring them back. His father had future insight into how his son would be involved in disclosure of Martian life later in life. As it stands, Andy is expanding the understanding of science and technology in the perception of time.

Listen to this (and other segments) and share your impressions. How does the interview invite you to re-think your conditioned notions of time, fear, high technology and what is realTake the idea to your own dreamscape and discover for yourself what is real?