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Feel the joy you always wanted

Conditioned states trigger you in everyday life until you recognize the nature of the subconscious mind.  As you grow increasingly conscious, the subconscious disappears and its clear it is illusion. Come to realize what is real. Once you come to feel it, you move beyond symbolism.  The inner child is simply a symbol of that part of you that wants to be loved.  The nature of being is love. Only as you discover what is not real, do you allow your real essence, pure feeling, to take over.  Live from this essence and recognize there is no-thing to know, no-thing to become.  Contentment and fulfillment are innate.  Accept you are perfect as you are.  Feel the joy ego mind tells you that you must strive for.  It is already here.  Joy is a core state.


Focus is everything

Notice that focus is everything.  Your conditioned attention determines what you create and manifest.  It also determines what you notice and what you do not permit yourself to see or integrate into conscious awareness. Brace yourself.  The ego creates shutters with the mind.  It  prevents you from seeing with true clarity. Be aware the shutters are dissolving at your pace:

1) Notice what unfolds from the moment you only allow yourself to see blessings in everything.

2) Notice what unfolds from the moment you always take responsibility for your emotions.

3) Notic what unfolds from the moment you see wholeness and love speaking through all life.

4) Notice what unfolds as you recognize its not possible for anything to go wrong.

5) Notice what is arising in awareness as all your beliefs and judgements fall away.


5 Ways awareness is sharpening

At different life stages, its easy to notice changes in conditions, taste preferences, relationships, and inclinations of how and where to spend your time.  What may be less obvious is that it all comes down to slowly dissolving filters of the mind and simultaneous heightening of awareness through the lens of the heart. Recognize five ways your own awareness is sharpening:

1) Food awareness- you are increasingly aware of the nature of energy you ingest, digest and eliminate from food and drink.  You naturally make healthier choices, eating more fresh food and less processed. You may even develop allergies to eliminate certain foods from your diet or simply notice cravings for things like sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy, subside with no withdrawl.

2) Sensory awareness- you increasingly recognize you obtain information through channels other than the familliar five senses.  That is, you no longer limit a sense of reality to the conditioned filters of your youth, but trust intuition, vibes and what cannot be explained more.

3) Boundary awareness- you increasingly feel connected to your environments and all that is apparently contained within them. In other words, a sense of separation, imaginary boundaries or Self (ego) is shrinking or dissolving. Compassion and kindness are growing stronger and shifting your focus to what is common and shared among all things.  

4) Dream awareness- you increasingly see through layers of your own dreaming, the lessons you orchestrate and the teachings you choose to integrate from this life experience into wider consciousness. You see no true experiencer or experience exists except what you imagine.

5) Love awareness- you increasingly shift to knowing that love and acceptance are the key to everything.  That is, how deeply you feel unwavering peace determines the harmony you see everywhere.  The degree you love self is mirrored in how lovingly you view the external world.


5 Ways to savour life more

Imagine how your life feels as you discover ways to savour life more.  You have more energy, enthusiasm and zest for all you are engaged in. You enjoy being wherever you are and it shows.

1) Appreciate something in everyone.  Notice everyone is a teacher inviting you to see deeper into your true self.  Every encounter is divinely orchestrated with a divine purpose. 

2) Recognize you are the source of your own sunshine.  Some people allow changing external weather to affect their moods and outlook on life.  Tune into the source of light within and joy is ever-present. You either stand in the way of the light or get out of your own way.

3) View everything as a stepping stone.  From the moment you can appreciate everything is guiding you to revelations, you value impermanence and the experience of detachment.

4) See everything as an expression of love or a call for love.  Every gesture and event that crosses your radar screen is a test to for you to recognize the message of love you are sending yourself. Discover no-body actually exists only love speaking to and seeking itself.

5) Accept you are a master illustionist.  Everything you create on this holodeck of life is conjured up through the power of your cosmic imagination.  Be in awe of the universe.  The power of thought creates all you perceive and what you overlook cannot be described in words. 


Watch what comes by itself

Watch what comes by itself.  Do nothing.  Simply be yourself. When you know your true being, you have no problems for they only exist in the mind.   From the moment you recognize there is no-thing to fear, fearlessness arises by itself.  As you move through life, imagine it is like a passing crowd. Disregard names, faces, and shapes. Do not attach to people and conditions.  See them as they are; passing images in a sequence of a film reel.  Feel with the heart. Love is the only true feeling. It feels right to be oneself, to be loving.  To accept the truth, it is common to have life experiences to come and discard what you are not.  Be understanding and compassionate, come what may.  This is living through the heart and not through the conditioned mind.