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Reaching cosmic consciousness

Increasing interest in cosmic consciousness is inspiring me to initiate a new radio show. This notion is introduced November 26 during the Insight Radio show I co-host with Steven Hairfield and will broadcast regularly in 2016. The new show is arising due to increasing interest in my Facebook posts as well as experiences with activated bio-circuitry from the Template Ceremonies. The show is to include interviews and listener participation. Invite you to read Worldbridger by Juliet and Jiva Carter and to watch their videos on youtube or vimeo. This show explores energy in motion on a whole new level. Reaching cosmic consciousness is another way to Transform Your Life.


Change your thoughts & your life

To get different results from yourself in any area of life, you have to start thinking differently about people, relationships and situations.  Changing your thoughts changes your perception of everything and also transforms your life.

Recall that people function based on their level of consciousness. How you view the world is not necessary the same as how someone else views and understands things. Note the metaphor of 'seeing eye-to-eye' or at the same level. As it happens, everyone is not always 'on the same page.' 

When you see someone as an enemy or trouble maker, your experience has to confirm it. If you see someone as a teacher or partner or something else, evidence arises to confirm that. You get to choose how to think, what to feel and experience.

You may not like what other people do or say, but not liking how they behave is not an excuse for you to not accept accountability for how you behave. Stop waiting for other people to change, or complaining when they do not. You choose how you think and feel, not a reaction to someone else. Taking personal responsibility is everything.  This is also true for the ‘difficult’ people. The only way they will ever change is if they choose to. 

People don’t change for your reasons, they change for their own, if they change at all. Allowing negative emotion to arise does not change this. Recognizing you only control how you feel is one of the most liberating gifts you can give yourself.


Knowing what is best

At different life stages, it is common to feel lost and to ask, 'how do I know what is best for me right now?' 

People are compelled to reach outside themselves, to experience situations where they are inspired or discover they are not.  It is where they explore what life is about.

Sometimes a person benefits from a guide to help understand what it is in each place or relationship that attracts or repels.  Each teacher and discovery empowers a person to find out more him or herself.

Come what may, questions can arise. Each person forms decisions based on a variety of data available; the wisdom of the ages, the current view of Science, the highest ideals of the heart, moral guides and mentors. Ultimately, each human being is responsible for his/her own decisions.

In some ways, conscience draws attention to two kinds of spiritual questions; one relates to thoughts of what is right or wrong, linked to ingrained rules.  The other is how to be a spiritual person. That is, how does one live and act in harmony with divine nature? How does one tune into the cycles of the universe, inner spontaneity and inspiration and be aware of the divine in everything? Soulful exploration helps one expand awareness.

It is one thing to choose between good and evil as defined by the external world.  It is quite another to discern the difference between the impulses of divine nature and cravings of the conditioned ego self.  Being a moral (judgemental) person and a wholly person (who sees/acts from wholeness) are two different things. Regardless of the path taken, a guiding light helps along the way.


Listen to the heart

Every moment of every day, many choices present to you. Notice which ones capture your attention and which ones you ignore. You encounter different teachers at different life stages too. Whenever you are ready a new one appears. 

Family and friends offer their perspective on your life based on how they see you. An intuitive coach acts as a more objective soundboard to allow you to recognize more clearly how you see yourself and helps you rediscover the real you.  Imagine an insightful observer using a toolkit of skills and experiences to assist you on your path. Does it resonate?

To listen to the heart is to make choices based on love that allow you to grow, to gain new insight into your life, to tune into what feels right, empowers you to see the world anew.

To live based on the logic of the mind is to second guess or doubt yourself, to act based on emotion or judgement, to procrastinate or belittle what your heart feels is important.

Every moment, you can choose to take steps to expand consciousness.  Simply be willing to review the nature of your perception and perceived life conditions.  Find the courage to review why you think, feel and believe all you do.  When you are ready to experience life on a whole new level, contact us. Collaboration, commitment and curiosity to propel growth.


15 Universal Truths

Universal truths apply to everyone, everywhere. Personal truths are not the same thing. Reflect on these 15 points.  Feel revelations being triggered.  Watch your sense of self and the world shift as you integrate the implications.

1) Everything is energy flowing and changing form.

2) Nature is a mirror for divinity and interconnectivity of All. 

3) Home is a state of being in harmony with your highest Self (not a physical place). 

4) Everyone re-emerges into the fullness of who they are. When and how is a choice. You can call it ascension, instant alignment via physical death or other transitions to immortal being.

5) Self-acceptance is, whether this state feels like you or not.

6) Experience can only match the experiencer. We accept ourselves fully or not and project unique life experience based on to what degree we accept core wholeness and infinite capacities.

7) Nothing unexpected really exists, only levels of awareness and responsibility taken by the Source Creator.

8) You are forever expanding through thought and contrast

9) All beings are energy first, knowing peace and harmony in their hearts, experiencing oneness with all of life, fully respecting all people and the earth itself. Love and compassion flow in all communications with the real

10) Equality, justice and respect for all human beings reigning on earth is the true state —no more hunger, poverty or crime — abundance available to all

11) Fearlessness is the reality of complete trust in the Divine

12) Every heart is awake to the divine inter-dimensional being it truly is

13) From the moment one lives in complete harmony and moral integrity, free, instant manifestation and communication is available with beings from other dimensions, planets and galaxies and travel to distant parts of the universe and galaxies also happens with these beings 

14) Dreams of an ideal and peaceful world are actually both a distant memory of what humand beings once experienced on another timelines and an intuitive glimpse into what is now beginning to happen on Earth.

15) Every experience you have is part of a dream you create for soul growth