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The gift that keeps on giving

This holiday season, many people are overwhelmed about what to give others as a gift.  Watch what happens as you give the gift of yourself, that is your time, your effort, compassion and acceptance. Discover why giving the gift of love is the gift that keeps on giving.  What goes around comes around.  

Giving freely of yourself is being open to receive gestures of love from unexpected sources.  As you truly love, you make choices with heartfelt insight.  Being honest with yourself is doing the right thing.  Love and accept love in all forms seen and unseen.  Recognize all everyone does invites you to love.

Take life to new levels.  See love as the new currency.  You are creating and living a love-propelled economy.  Here, mutual appreciation nurtures and sustains all.  Love is a gift. Discover you are the gift you give yourself.


Experience the deepest fulfillment

When you are experiencing the deepest fulfillment, questions do not arise. As you reach the point where love is fullness, completeness, all that is, and recognize this is being, there is no more information to get.  In essence, there is nothing to get.  Love is not confined to time and space.  It is eternal, unchanging, forever.  This knowing does not arise in the brain.  Love is not confined to any body or any vehicle.  It is only flowing now.  The mind wants a reason why things happen. Love needs no reason to be itself. Recognize who you are.  One being glimpses infinite diversity.  Live from the heart.  It is the wholeness and God of you.  Fulfillment is given. There has never been  a moment when you are actually an ego or a person.  You are never anything but one or pure awareness.


Surrender to true nature 

Watch what happens as you spend more time in forests.  See how it touches deeply within you and invites you to surrender to that which cannot be explained.  You lose all sense of time.  Any thought that arises in the mind is fleeting.  The urge to judge dissolves. Suddenly, it dawns on you that you do no-thing.  The revelation sparks that everything in existence is divine will.  

Consider the possibility that all you think you have ever done only unfolds in your own imagination.  It hits you that you are the God that creates this lifetime before the thoughts and experiences are created in time. From the moment you accept only God's will exists, and feel the truth, you recognize you are that God.  The person is a form through which the divine awakens within itself. Surrender to true nature.  Be here now.


Read the signposts

Everything you experience is a kind of signpost or, riddle to be solved.  As regarding events you perceive with the physical senses, humans are currently living through tests for their humanity.  Anything you cling to in your own life is offering a lesson about change and detachment.  Each individual is invited to find a way to let go of old ways of doing to embrace new ways of being.  Part of being honest includes opening to possibilities behind the veil of the senses.  Be aware there is always more going on than meets with the filters of the physical eyes.  Notice what happens as you allow feeling the cycles and seasons and life with expansive awareness.


4 Ways to live more authentically

It is common for people to desire to live more authentically, that is, to feel more at ease with life.  To be honest with yourself about who you are and why you what you do is actually easier than you think.  Make changes as you see fit.  Consider four ways to live more authentically right now;

1) Pay attention to your body.  Your body language is always sending you signals.  Where you seem drowsy, feel restless, slouch or or are generally inattentive, you are expressing disinterest.  Its possible you are in one place in body but another in thought or soul.  If you do not wish to be somewhere, you are acting against deeper will.  This tells you that you are not listening to the subtler or natural tendencies inside.  Where posture exudes confidence and you are at ease in your own skin, you know you are in the right place.

2) Notice your thoughts. The more you notice the kinds of thoughs racing through your head, the better you get to know your true self.  Where the mind is focused on the past or future, or if you find yourself dwelling on judgment and comparison, this is ego or fear based living.  Shifting attention is simply shifting focus from thought-to-thought.  To be focused on this present moment is where you are most true to yourself.  Awareness takes over from thought in the here and now.  Only love and acceptance exist.

3) Recognize emotions as a gauge.  Such energy originates as thoughts in the mind and is often mistaken for feelings (of the heart).  When you make choices that resonate, you do not doubt, fear or question. Negative emotions indicate how far away you are from making the best choice for yourself at a given moment.  Positive emotions reinforce how authentic or good you feel about your choices.  If you feel torn in some situation, then emotions point you in the most suitable direction.

4) Be aware of your feelings.  These are the unexplainable vibes you get. It is your intuitive side that has no logic the mind can grasp.   True feelings are a synonym for pure awareness and the feeling centre is in the heart.  When you live in this moment, you appreciate where you are and see it in realtion to the big picture.  You feel interconnected to all that is and gain insight into yourself from everything, seeing it as a reflection of divine nature.