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Realize why you are here 

Realize why you are here.  In the heart, feel you exist to be truly helpful.  There is no need to worry about what to say or what to do because you are always divinely directed.  The highest being, call it Holy Spirit, Source, God or whatever, it arises not always as a voice, but as an inspiration, intuition, or a feeling.

You can have a feeling 'something' is going to happen and not know what it is.   This thing, reveals itself, all with perfect timing.  It can speak through another person to whom you truly listen. Spirit reaches you in dreams, whispers in the wind as you walk in nature, shows up when you least expect it.  Simply be open. 

You may be asking what does this mean for you.  The more the mind sees through and lets go of attachment to beliefs, the freer the mind is from blocks that prevent it from hearing Spirit.  This can be described as the 'call of the wild'.  Smile. Go with it.

Recognize Spirit does not have to evolve, or else it would not be perfect.  You, as perfect love, only ever speak to yourself in different forms.  No matter how complicated life seems, you only have two choices, to love or fear, and only one of them is real.  Only one exists.  No-one else.  It only seems to be so.  The conscious mind sees separation in bodies and forms yet, its all illusion. The unconscious is like an iceberg that knows what exists beyond surface appearances.  What is all-encompassing is real and what is not perfectly whole is unreal.

The way you experience and feel about yourself is determined by how you look and feel about the apparent external world.  May the revelations continue and infinite trust arise.  See things as they are: immortal, invulnerable, untouchable by this world.


Value every struggle

Struggle is an experience each person creates as a teacher and a pointer to a lesson that is initially overlooked. When you know emotions like anger and frustration, you are in conflict with or disagreeing with who you really are, and what truly matters.  This is gradually revealed when you are ready to accept it.

Any sort of discomfort or imbalance you think you feel is a gift that points to your own misplaced beliefs. To believe in anything is to postpone tranquility and relief. Life is perfect as it is unless you believe otherwise.  You are happy and fulfilled, overflowing with peace and love unless you are taught to believe otherwise.

When you are ready to ask, "Who am I?" on the deepest level, you do not respond with a name, titles, occupation, relationship status, credentials or other forms of ego identification.  This is a trance.  The ego exists so you can wake up and see who you are.  Recognize who you are not to awaken from the dream.

Whatever you do as an effort to obtain security, approval or love overlooks you are what you seek. Tests arise to show you where you are still identified with who you are not.  Tests, like struggles, are valuable.  Its useful for fear and attachment to arise to show why they persist.  Feel everything fully and watch illusions disappear.  Deeper bliss appears.  What is always here is all embracing love.  Embrace limitless being.


Be aware of what is calling you

It is common to ask, "what should I do?" and "What do I want?" The desire may be a job, transition, opportunity, relationship or something else.  Be aware you do not perceive your own best interests.  A deeper look reveals goals on many levels conflict.

Notice underneath all appearances, all voices in the head are the ego.  The judge who makes the rules is the superego.  The ego either follows the imagined rules and knows rage, or breaks rules and lives in fear. Most people live according to belief in their own rules and make all decisions based on them.

Something deeper is calling you.  It is not a voice in your head.  Its unrelated to what you absorb through the physical senses.  It is the call of your heart.  You cannot know where this silent guide is leading you or what the outcome is to be.  The whole experience requires surrender and complete trust of the unknown.  This unfolding is beyond choice.  It is the divine flow.

Listen closely to the call that is deeper than the mind, the emotions, deeper than anything anyone can explain.  As you act out of motivation deeper than personal, egoic gain, you are orienting to what is natural, and what simply feels right.  All tests of the ego invite you to be true to selfishness (egoically based on fear and desire) or to be true to selflessness (based on nature and pure love that is true being). Live without resistance.


6 Steps to greater clarity

It is always possible to open to see oneself and the world as never before. Everything you notice and create for yourself offers lessons for the soul.   Follow six steps to greater clarity:

1) Look for good in or love everything without holding judgement

2) Grow aware of critical opinions that remain in your thoughts

3) Fill consciousness with reverence and respect for all life to awaken dormant forces and access deeper insights within

4) Engage in selfless acts without thought of reciprocity

5) See fellow beings and creatures differently than before

6) Surrender less to impressions of the outer world & develop an active inner life


12 Tips to deepen self-discovery

No matter who you work with as a guide, mentor or coach, no matter which courses you take or books you read that impact self-awareness, ultimately you are on a journey of self-discovery and progress at your own pace. Ponder these ten tips to deepen self-discovery with little or no money:

1) Look beyond traditional education.  Whatever it is you think you wish to learn or do, be aware many ways exist to obtain some insight for free.  Explore newsgroups, meet-ups, instructional Youtube videos.  Interview people, attend public lectures by those who have done it. The avenues are endless.

2) Nurture a creative art.  This is a way to unleash what cannot be said in words.  This is not about expressing it to an audience or gaining approval.  Its about translating inner knowing, revealing things and growing to trust yourself. Pottery, weaving, painting, design, dancing, knitting, or any combo of creative activities.  Whatever gets the juices flowing. Do it. 

3) Go on a group excursion in nature.  This could be anything from a bus trip and picnic lunch in a local park to a hike, extended canoe trip, mountain climbing or more rigorous trekking. Join a regular birdwatching group or walking group. Stillness speaks.  Interaction with new people can be suprising.

4) Research the mystical. This could include things like reading, watching films, going to an ashram, exploring meaning in night dreams, or taking up a spiritual internship with a mystic or shaman. Whatever it entails, ponder what enlightenment is and what it is to live life more fully.

5) Travel.  Put yourself in situations where you need to act on your feet. You could volunteer for an organisation, find a job abroad, be a live-in nanny, hitchhike or take your motorbike through new territory.  Whatever you choose, experiencing a different culture, learning a language, or fending for yourself in a foreign place allows you to see life from new vantage points.

6) Change your job or career.  Step outside the familliar.  Check out want-ads.  Try out for community theatre. Identify transferrable skills, new priorities or an inner longing to do whatever you have been postponing.  Now is the moment.

7) Face a fear. Whether its public speaking, sky diving, being more assertive or expressing yourself with more honesty to people in your life, take steps to show yourself that fear is an illusion that begins and ends in the mind.

8) Be entrepreneurial. You could start your own business, offer to be an apprentice or intern to test the waters or simply be more pro-active in different ways in your life.  Consider Jon Bon Jovi who started a restaurant where you give back in time or effort to the place rather than pay for the meal.  Imagine the possibilities.  A limit only exists when you believe in it.

9) Take a break. Take a year off from what you regularly do or had planned to do. This could be a gap year from school, a sabbatical from paid work, time to yourself away from relationships, a multi-month hiking trip, or maybe you join a crew on a ship sailing to a foreign desination. See what unfolds as you trust the universe.  Realize everything comes together.

10) Write.  Be it a diary, journal, blog, newspaper editorials, an email newsletter, contribute posts to a Facebook or other community group.  Discover what the power of words reveals.

11) Meditate.  Explore different meditation practices and listen to the wisdom of silence more often.  This is the way to rediscover what true listening is.  Its a practice humans tend to be conditioned away from.

12) Be an 'initiate'. This hard-to-define term implies a person who, through intense inner work, achieves enlightenment, illumination, and selflessness to work wholly out of the spiritual world for the sake of the world and humanity.