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Let the universe do its thing

People ask me many questions and forget the universe is always doing its thing.  A common query is, why hold an event in Greece? Synchronicity guides you when you allow it.  Intention is an invisible field of energy that links everything. You are the force and can recall what it is to go with the Flow.

For anyone who has read my books or knows the story of how I met the man who became my husband in passing on a public bus in a foreign country, my life experience reveals the more I trust my heart, the more the universe gives me reason to trust. As Neale Donald Walsh reminds us, everything that unfolds in our lives unfolds in perfect order, including all souls involved, so we grow exactly how we are ready to grow. Only perfection exists. You accept and see it, or not.

If ever you listen to the mind, it echoes that following intuition is a risk that evokes fear, doubt, and creates a like vibration that repels or blocks what the soul reaches for. Yet, to trust the heart is to be divinely-guided, based on knowing a wider sense of things the mind cannot grasp. Being guided by vibrations of the unknown allows you to notice strings of synchronicity, manifest what the heart knows is real for you.

So, why the workshop? It all began with an invite to a wedding of a family friend I've known since childhood. This plants a seed.  The familiar "What if?" scenario plays out in the mind.  As it  is, the bride is Greek and its easier to organize the wedding in Greece than to get relatives to travel.  For anyone who has seen the hit film, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," I am currently unsure how much input the bride and groom are actually having in the event itself, other than the honeymoon destination, but humour is definitely felt in frequent emails being circulated to any friends and family interested in the event, whether or not confirmed guests. The humour never ends!! The bolded end message on every email impacts my subconscious- Go to Greece- OPA!

Next, my dad decides to attend this wedding, which is like the seed becoming a seedling. My kids have not yet seen him this year and he is not coming to Australia again for a while. My daughter just started walking.  Both kids love to hug grandpa! Greece is closer than Canada. We can acculumate air miles! You get my growing interest in embarking on an adventure with two kids in tow!?

The child-like spontaneity within me is never really lost, and can you imagine this feeling is intensified by by watching the Mama Mia musical film. Its no coincidence it was made on the Island of Rhodes, go figure! It feels like I am walking into a fairytale until I recall that like everyone, I am always creating my own.

On top of this, a Facebook friend in Athens hears that I contemplate coming overseas and puts me in touch with her friend, who happens to be the owner of a seaside hotel, the perfect venue for a weekend workshop. Travel to this venue from Athens itself is easy. The route allows participants to savor key landmarks and breath-taking sea vistas. As well, they offer me amazing group prices for accomodation, to arrange babysitting for my kids, as well as to arrange a bus to take participants to nearby sacred sites of interest to my event. Key websites put the event 'out there.' People even find me through unforeseen channels. I do not have to know how this happens. I simply surrender to the universe and express infinite appreciation. (Details easily fall into place:)

All-the-while, I am guided to a website about ancient Greek ruins. It mirrors geometry I just painted in my watercolour book. On impulse, I flip back through recent paintings and begin to see a map of images guiding me to specific sites in Greece. Incredible! Low and behold, the first image I click on linked to the hotel site shows me the ancient ruin pictured on the cover of the Greece tour guide in my lap. (The invisible energy field gives clues I see as a string of synchronicities.)

This said, I head out to a local Saturday market and notice the sign along the road to pick Chestnuts is in both Greek and English. How often have I passed it? The original seed that grew into a seedling is now like a tree planting roots, growing branches and leaves that tickle my funny bone.  No wonder Greek recipes are coming into my scope and I feel impulses to cook more greek food. I am drawn to listen and dance to greek music, even watch a Greek film. Why is it now I am just noticing I am growing greek eggplants in my backyard? Why am I reading a memoir about a Greek woman living in Melbourne who is teaching me to rediscover edible "weeds" in my garden? Greek connections keep arising, turning my life upside down or right-side up, depending on how I view things.

On top of all this, the Greece chapter in my coming book, related to timeless wisdom of ancient cultures, symbols, sacred geometry and being in the Flow of the universe, is related to what is unfolding.  I am evidently taking this book to a whole new level. The book is writing itself just like the universe unfolds itself without "you" or "me". My travel to over sixty countries continues to allow me to expand into more. Even flights that open up offer a route only the divine could orchestrate. Infinite abundance strikes again. Sense momentum building?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I am experiencing. When it comes to synchronicity, people you tell about events you view as "inter-connected" do not always feel the same way as you do or see exactly what you see, but what matters is what you know in the heart, what you tune into and feel is real. The human is conditioned to tune out or ignore inner knowing.  Letting the universe do its thing is allowing the universe to provide evidence for what you as a smaller version of the universe, knows is not only possible but real.  

We are all divine creators or "Gods" choosing a human experience. On one level, the purpose of our lives is what we decide.  We choose how to respond to everything that unfolds whether or not we accept part of us creates it for soul growth. On another level, the human exists to align with highest being.  Many routes exist to be here. Something beyond you is a reliable guide. Let the universe do its thing.  Do what feels is right. Know everything unfolds perfectly. No such thing as coincidence.

Whatever your view and choices, no encounter is unplanned, no event, relationship or opportunity separate. Everything in the universe runs under universal law. You notice it or you do not. Align with what you love, with what ignites a glow inside. Being conscious of growing momentum, inner harmony and wholeness is knowing miracles are the norm. Hear the inner music.

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Decode the pointers

Imagine what existence is like from a place of humility and open-heartedness.  These qualities arise as one begins to see all of nature is a code.  Human beings themselves are a code.  That is, the physical body is a code and pointer much like time and our life experiences and dreams are also codes, both recognizable and decipherable when one is ready.

Watch what happens as you begin to view everything as a pointer or trigger to the remembrance of God or true nature. Something activates within as you start to recognize divine correspondances.   Synchronicity is suddenly all you see.  Every encounter, experience, opportunity is created for you, by you as part of a path to seeing through filters and accepting who you are.  Reunion with the Gods is seeing what God sees, consciously integrating your divine essence

Universal knowing exists for everyone to access. All that is required is deep listening.  No teaching from spirit is wasted. This is about tuning in through the heart while being centered and grounded. Knowing is only felt through the heart, not the mind, and dissipates the instant its no longer required.


Upcoming Workshop in Greece

Details are coming together for my June 2015 "Clarify & Purify Your Vision" workshop in Greece. Join us to

  • Unleash more of your creative potential
  • Make connections between changes you notice within yourself, on planet Earth and in the universe
  • Clarify shifts in energy, awareness & sense of life purpose 
  • Recognize links between yourself & sacred geometry   
  • Take part in activities to raise your vibration  
  • Expand feelings of Oneness & Unity with All that Is
  • Discover increased vitality, as more Life Force flows through you
  • Deepen ability to love & connect to your Divine Essence
  • Find it easier to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Build deeper trust and empower yourself
  • Ground more of your Spirit in the physical 
  • Tune into more of your gifts and talents
  • Enhance your intuition

And so much more

  • Find more about my forthcoming book In the Flow  

Express interest here, contact me directly or via Facebook

Early bird tickets now available through this link until Friday April 10th, 2015 as well as tickets closer to event

Note accommodation cost not incluced in event cost but special prices available for on-site accommodation. Details available upon request.

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10 Visuals to Live More Fully

Whatever you currently perceive as your life conditions, practice these ten visualizations to live life more fully:

(1) Imagine yourself open wide and expanding  
(2) Feel like pure water: see everything in crystal clarity
(3)  Be like the wind, in the flow, embracing cycles
(4) Ground yourself in the heart, align with what feels right 
(5) Taste what it is to be immersed in this eternal moment
(6) Discover what it is to celebrate and appreciate all of life, to do everything with passion and joy
(7) Trust the universe, accept everything unfolds perfectly
(8) Relish creative expression to unleash True Nature
(9) Let go of all thoughts and beliefs that express resistance 
(10) Love everything, every encounter and experience

Release pure brilliance

Notice you exist to radiate light, to release pure brilliance, to ignite creative force.  Everyone has innate gifts to share.

From the moment you recognize you are conditioned to perpetuate illusions of limitation, identity loses importance.  Let go of labels and all that you think defines you and absolute genius reveals itself. The truth is ever-present.

Allow yourself to expand on what you think you are. Pay attention to your feelings.  Let the soul be your pilot. Logic has no place here.   The more you trust, the more direct experience gives you reason to trust more fearlessly.