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The illusion of control

The illusion of control is driven and perpetuated by the ego which is the assumed source of the illusion of separation. What if there is more going on?

Watch what happens when you are flexible about what you choose to experience. Physical existence is what it is and you allow it and go with it or, you attempt to make experience fit your expectations.  This is an invitation to be gentle with yourself, step back and review how you perceive things.

Turns out, you can control your thoughts, emotions and body responses to what you perceive. In addition, the external world you perceive is actually a mirror of the state of yoru inner world. Yet, much more is going on than you are taught.  Watch and listen to the Template Ceremony of Original Innocence




Value unmet expectations

You expected something, and it didn't happen.

You expected something, but the opposite happened or nothing.  Your ego is shaken, you are in emotional turmoil. Whenever you are miserable, look deeper to uncover why. Empower yourself.

Causes are not outside but within you. The common practice is to look outside, to lay blame or ask:

Who is making me miserable?
Who is the cause of my anger?
Who is the cause of my anguish?

Just as you cannot be intimidated without your consent, you cannot realize what is really going on by focusing outside yourself.  If you look outside you miss a deeper message. Watch what happens as you look within instead.

The source of all misery, anger, and fear, is hidden in you, (the ego).  From the moment you recognize the source, you feel who is beyond it. To know is your own ego that gives you trouble is the end of its hold over you. Nobody consciously perpetuates his own misery or discomfort if he understands it.

Ever notice how humans are conditioned to focus on what is not working rather than on what is? Shift your focus of your attention consistently and transform the nature of experience.


Envision the ideal you

Every moment, every human being is actually living a dream.  You can be living and creating consciously or unconsciously.  Pay attention to how consistent you are with how you think and feel. Its common to allow thoughts, words and actions to go against the very ideal you envision. Look into a mirror and allow yourself to see your true essence. Flashes of abilities and potentials appear around the mirror and fade.  Where do they go?

Watch what happens as you focus attention on the ideal scenario, right where you stand.  Develop self-discipline and commitment to this vision. What does this entail? How is it already taking shape? How can you allow the vision to take deeper root in your experience? Does your ideal vision resonate with true essence or is it driven by something else?


Take advantage of our email courses combined with Skype  

Many people are asking about online courses and how they can benefit from our coaching as well. We offer 4 main Quantum Coaching packages which involve reading through our latest ebooks in combination with skype calls worldwide.  Contact us about our free 30 min phone consultation to discuss.

Quantum Covert Coaching tools include;

1) In the Flow (24 Chapter book with exercises & meditations + 24 sessions)

2) 15 Universal Principles (15 chapter book + 24 sessions)

3) Being Harmony (10 Keys of Consciousness to Live Your Highest Self)

4) Shapeshifting & Self-Mastery (linked with the book The Magic Stone)

 What are you waiting for? This moment is perfect to rediscover forgotten parts of yourself and live at an optimum level.


Listen to the Soul

Notice what it is to listen to the soul. In every choice you make, there exists the ego perception and a higher consciousness knowing of the bigger picture.

When you look back at any situation to understand where you are and why you do what you do, this is ego perception in linear time.  When you focus on appearances, this is ego filtering reality. You never actually do or cancel out on things, change plans, situations, careers or relationships for reasons you think. There is always more to it which you see when ready.

Listening to the Soul allows you to see from more expanded vantage points and appreciate multi-dimensional nature.  It is feeling soulful reasons for everything, being aware of specific teachings and lessons available for soul growth on a soul journey at every step.  It involves engaging subtle senses, moving in all directions in this moment, a grasp of spherical time. This is also recognizing how other people behave reflects their karma and has nothing to do with you.  How you respond reveals degrees of acceptance of true nature and everything you project is a mirror.

Ponder three examples;

1) At first glance, attending a conference or event may seem to relate to work or some area of interest.  Yet, the larger part of you is privy to deeper, soul-related reasons for creating specific situations and encounters.

2) When anyone you encounter feels uncomfortable accepting complements, gifts or gestures of generosity, how you respond is a gauge of where you vibrate between scarcity and abundance consciousness. Seeing everything as a gift you give yourself allows you to appreciate something in all situations.

3) Money is a form of energy you direct consciously or unconsciously based on values and feelings.  No matter how much money you have, it is a form of energy flow. How you spend your money is an energetic message. Being soulful involves directing energy flow in ways that expand consciousness, team-building and inter-connectedness (rather than separation). Are you contributing to a sense of community or are you ego driven?

A key revelation is you cannot perceive something you are not the vibration of. Every experience is teaching you to let go of what you are not. Every experience invites you to listen to intuition, make soulful choices.