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12 Tips to deepen self-discovery

No matter who you work with as a guide, mentor or coach, no matter which courses you take or books you read that impact self-awareness, ultimately you are on a journey of self-discovery and progress at your own pace. Ponder these ten tips to deepen self-discovery with little or no money:

1) Look beyond traditional education.  Whatever it is you think you wish to learn or do, be aware many ways exist to obtain some insight for free.  Explore newsgroups, meet-ups, instructional Youtube videos.  Interview people, attend public lectures by those who have done it. The avenues are endless.

2) Nurture a creative art.  This is a way to unleash what cannot be said in words.  This is not about expressing it to an audience or gaining approval.  Its about translating inner knowing, revealing things and growing to trust yourself. Pottery, weaving, painting, design, dancing, knitting, or any combo of creative activities.  Whatever gets the juices flowing. Do it. 

3) Go on a group excursion in nature.  This could be anything from a bus trip and picnic lunch in a local park to a hike, extended canoe trip, mountain climbing or more rigorous trekking. Join a regular birdwatching group or walking group. Stillness speaks.  Interaction with new people can be suprising.

4) Research the mystical. This could include things like reading, watching films, going to an ashram, exploring meaning in night dreams, or taking up a spiritual internship with a mystic or shaman. Whatever it entails, ponder what enlightenment is and what it is to live life more fully.

5) Travel.  Put yourself in situations where you need to act on your feet. You could volunteer for an organisation, find a job abroad, be a live-in nanny, hitchhike or take your motorbike through new territory.  Whatever you choose, experiencing a different culture, learning a language, or fending for yourself in a foreign place allows you to see life from new vantage points.

6) Change your job or career.  Step outside the familliar.  Check out want-ads.  Try out for community theatre. Identify transferrable skills, new priorities or an inner longing to do whatever you have been postponing.  Now is the moment.

7) Face a fear. Whether its public speaking, sky diving, being more assertive or expressing yourself with more honesty to people in your life, take steps to show yourself that fear is an illusion that begins and ends in the mind.

8) Be entrepreneurial. You could start your own business, offer to be an apprentice or intern to test the waters or simply be more pro-active in different ways in your life.  Consider Jon Bon Jovi who started a restaurant where you give back in time or effort to the place rather than pay for the meal.  Imagine the possibilities.  A limit only exists when you believe in it.

9) Take a break. Take a year off from what you regularly do or had planned to do. This could be a gap year from school, a sabbatical from paid work, time to yourself away from relationships, a multi-month hiking trip, or maybe you join a crew on a ship sailing to a foreign desination. See what unfolds as you trust the universe.  Realize everything comes together.

10) Write.  Be it a diary, journal, blog, newspaper editorials, an email newsletter, contribute posts to a Facebook or other community group.  Discover what the power of words reveals.

11) Meditate.  Explore different meditation practices and listen to the wisdom of silence more often.  This is the way to rediscover what true listening is.  Its a practice humans tend to be conditioned away from.

12) Be an 'initiate'. This hard-to-define term implies a person who, through intense inner work, achieves enlightenment, illumination, and selflessness to work wholly out of the spiritual world for the sake of the world and humanity.


5 Ways to be more receptive to life

In a rapidly changing environment, there are things you can do to be more receptive to whatever unfolds in every area of your life.  Its easy.  Be open to these five points:

1) Trust in your capacity to adapt effectively to unknown 

2) Shift attention from the horizontal flow of recycled information (that has you think you are separate) to be aware of a vertical flow of new wisdoms / insights (feelings of oneness with all) 

3) Be willing to change your relationship with reality

4) Notice everything is a teacher (i.e., Nature, garden, children, strangers, all events).  As awareness grows, student -teacher roles are increasingly inter-changeable, and engage unseen energies more consciously to expand new ways of seeing.

5) Recognize letting go of old beliefs allows wider evolution, DNA repatterning, the chance for each person to be more transparent; uninhibited and free to interact directly with the Light of a New Consciousness. (i.e. be your own authority)


8 Ways to experience more joy now

One of the most popular questions asked is what can a person do to experience more joy or happiness sooner? This query arises in the mind to suggest obstacles exist to happiness.  Consider the following ways to experience more joy now;

1) Be aware no word or anything you think you see has meaning except that which you give it

2) Recognize problems do not exist (The only problem is how you are using the mind or how it has been programmed) 

3)  Notice scarcity is just a thought (as are mental patterns that prevent you from seeing things as they are)

4) Realize perceived time is an illusion (everything you want is already here when you see through a pure heart rather than the conditioned mind)

5) Observe all that exists is the eternal now moment — and your experience of this moment is created by the programming in your head. (i.e. what you can have; who you can be, etc.)

6) Be aware feelings of security or insecurity arise due to emotional programming. (it can also be deprogrammed)

7) See happiness and joy are not obtainable from the external world. (This is your core state.)

8) Watch everything from a deep, calm place inside. (Here, thoughts and emotions no longer control you or hijack your attention. Insights are revealed so you flow with the river of life.)


9 Signs Human evolution is underway

It is increasingly clear that changes beyond human control are sweeping the planet.  Humans cannot control but can choose how to respond.  You can love (allow) or fear (resist).  That is, you can get comfortable or be uncomfortable (disagree) with it.

What is also increasingly clear is that how we are conditioned to believe things are done is no longer working.   Many practices are not only unsustainable, but they also guide us to the truth of the bigger picture.  On a deeper level, there is a collision of judgements, a breaking down and dissolving of our own self-created illusions.  Consider nine signs who we are as a species is revealing itself in the nature of human evolution (feel free to add your own observations and intuitions):  

1) Food sources are shifting- where and from whom we buy food is changing.  More people are reading labels, growing food, sourcing it from places that are compatible with what feels right in the heart.  This creates a shift of power from paying larger corporations to empowering smaller entities and oneself.

2) Eating habits are changing- what humans are eating is changing. More people are realizing they are conditioned to adopt beliefs that have created a system of industries and food raising practices that are not built on love and compassion.  The phrase 'you are what you eat' arises to help people be more conscious of what they are condoning and perpetuating. The result is more vegetarians, vegans and raw foodies. More people eliminating sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy, and animal proteins from their diets because of developing allergies and/or being more aware of high vibrational food and favoring that.

3) Work ethic/ choices are changing- more people are feeling entrepreneurial, working part-time at home or viewing work in a new light.  More people are choosing to love what they do even if they are paid less or not at all.  What you do matters less than how you feel about it and while doing it. The result is a move to more cooperation and less ego-driven competition.

4) Weather patterns are disappearing - the illusion of predictable seasons and climates is falling away.  People are invited to recognize innate ability to adapt effectively to all that Mother Nature dishes out. The result: a move from complacency or reactive living to far more creative, pro-active existing.

5) Spiritual practices are taking off- growing global interest in spiritual practices such as yoga, pilates, meditation, ashram retreats, radio programs and other community activities is part of the planetary intelligence itself guiding the return to our higher consciousness, to remembering of our true divine nature.  The result is Self-understanding and peaceful interaction grow.

6) D.I.Y. attitude exploding- 'Do-it-yourself' is catching on like wildfire.  Increasing numbers of people are gaining confidence in their own abilities to not only do their own home renovations, but to also self-heal, to make home remedies, health products, to self-encourage and to act as their own reliable authority in varied circles. The result is people are referring less to external guidance, buying less and making more,  and depending less on traditional 'authorities' and trusting the heart/ intuition more.

7) Impulse building to do what is 'natural'- More people are coming to see through their own beliefs and to recognize what is natural.  This translates not into helping others not because they have to, but because they can.  The movement toward selflessness is growing. Its not just people taking time off work to go donate time and expertise to help clean up after natural disasters.  The result is a growing awakening to what feels natural, or what feels right and more people doing it.

8) Energy sources are shifting - As people grow more conscious of dirty and clean energy and natural alternatives to those which harm the environment, the increasing trend is toward more environmental choices of wind, solar, electric, other sources of power that benefit the greater good.  Free energy is something more people are aware of.  Humans are also realizing they are themselves energy sources or batteries that can be used.  The result is increasing interest in electric cars, flying vehicles and even more creative engineering that shatters myths and defies the imagination.  No limits!

9) Nature is calling  - more people are getting back to nature: camping, planting gardens, hugging trees simply feeling the urge to go to the ocean, to spend time in the mountains, valleys, forests to recharge. People hike, get their hands in the dirt.  As the unspeakable connection, people create homes in more natural settings. The result is a deeper recognition of the web of life, being one with water, the sun, wind and all creatures.


Envision the perfect life

Watch what happens as you envision the perfect life. Imagine nothing about you or conditions requires fixing or improving, that you are always making the best of where you are.  Be aware of how you feel when you are convinced everything is unfolding perfectly, that everyone you meet is a messenger from the soul.  Realize perception of worlds begins and ends in you. All experience is an extension of how you feel. Let go of a need to control. Take note of of how is your life blossoming now.