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Relish every revelation

Every moment, it is possible to relish your own revelations.  Notice a shift as what initially seems important suddenly grows unimportant.  Self-created filters of judgment are dissolving.  What remains is revealing itself and defying any explanation.

Every message you give yourself reveals a common thread... you are stringing yourself along, playing life too seriously as emotions rise and fall.   Laugh more.  See the big picture from the point of view of the infinite universe.  Right now, No-thing really matters.  No-body is in control. You are always no-where.


Live life to the fullest now

If living life to the fullest in this moment is possible, what prevents you from doing so? Who or what are you waiting for?

Imagine for a moment, you only ever wait for yourself.  No-body else exists. You are in process of catching up with true Self, that aspect of you in the know, aligned with higher wisdom. It exists in a timeless space. You imagine this pure awareness watches 'you' in silence, all your experiences and aha moments framed in space and time.  Can pure awareness foresee your choices before you make them? Who is really watching whom? Can a watcher watch itself? a fire ignite itself? a light illuminate itself? 

Of course, in truth, separation is illusion, but is fun playing the game or you would not be so engaged in this game of life.  Live your best life now.  Savour every moment. Love everything and recognize you cannot hide from innate wholeness forever.


Simplify Your Life: imitate nature

The moment you begin to feel truly ready to Simplify Your Life, you challenge your beliefs, dismantle them until you have none.  It is the nature of beliefs to materialize into versions of reality. The mind always gives you answers about reality based on things you have read or been told.  This is the intellectual way of experiencing life. Living from the heart is the feeling way to live according to true nature. Imitating Mother Nature is accepting inner knowing, going with the flow, being yourself, doing what feels right without asking why. Peace and innocence are felt.  

At any given moment, the mind thinks you want happiness.  The heart wants nothing. It simply loves and is in a state of bliss. This is subtle, pure feeling.  Move beyond urges for words and questioning.  Surrender to the heart.  Feel it out. Discover what never comes and goes in this moment. Be the empty vessel. 


Feel the point of it all

A common question asked is, 'what's the point of it all-- simple life experiences, the suffering, and emotional highs and lows?'

Consider the possibility that the meaning of life, the point of any given experience, is whatever you make of it, no-thing but what you decide. That implies responsibility.  What if you could feel your way to love or a message about it, wherever you are?  

Cease to believe in something and the image or memory vanishes. Your surroundings themselves materialize and change or disappear based on thought- feeling energy.  All you encounter is a different version of you requesting love and acceptance.  You are a cosmic chamaeleon. See it all as it is.


The gift that keeps on giving

This holiday season, many people are overwhelmed about what to give others as a gift.  Watch what happens as you give the gift of yourself, that is your time, your effort, compassion and acceptance. Discover why giving the gift of love is the gift that keeps on giving.  What goes around comes around.  

Giving freely of yourself is being open to receive gestures of love from unexpected sources.  As you truly love, you make choices with heartfelt insight.  Being honest with yourself is doing the right thing.  Love and accept love in all forms seen and unseen.  Recognize all everyone does invites you to love.

Take life to new levels.  See love as the new currency.  You are creating and living a love-propelled economy.  Here, mutual appreciation nurtures and sustains all.  Love is a gift. Discover you are the gift you give yourself.