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Notice what is always happening

Many people are conditioned to strive for things they think will satisfy or fulfill them.  They seek the fastest, most economical way to the goal or the best way to appease family, friends, or least painful way to conform to society. It is common to think you can control things and to discover you do not.  Sound familliar?

What is truly fulfilling cannot be learned or taught.  It is always accessible and seems to come from nowhere when you are ready to recognize it.  You do not have to know from where or how it happens. Something remains in the hands of existence or beyond ego mind's control.  There is another way of seeing. 

Notice what is always happening.  Something is taking care of itself.  No need for cause or motivation. Belief in anything is a barrier to seeing.  Any search is mind-oriented.  Taste what is present all around you. It is not a means to an end.  It is grace.  The heartfelt path of true nature guides moment-to moment.


5 Timely revelations

Now is the moment to reflect on these 5 timely revelations;

1) Learning is an ability you create and give yourself.

2) Answering another reveals what you are asking for at this stage in life, what you seek to learn.

3) Every acquired learning invites you to recognize to what degree you judge or accept true Self.

4) Forgetting all you have ever learned reveals you do not know what the world is for and can only ever feel the Truth.

5) Merging with pure love is being one with the heart, knowing there is no-thing to learn and everything to be.


5 Tips to see life differently

It is common to feel restless in a particular situation, to desire change but to hesitate taking any action.  Watch what happens as you reflect on five tips to see life in a new light;

1) Notice your language- listen to yourself. Be aware if you use words like 'try, maybe, attempt' and others that express doubt.  Be aware of how you express anger and frustration.  Each word reinforcing negative emotions holds you back.

2) Change your attitude -allow yourself to find blessings in your current situation.  Start with one.  Identify opportunities for life lessons; patience, empathy, understanding, love. 

3) Reinforce the positive - smile and laugh more.  Allow yourself to experience more joy in life, wherever you are.  

4) Shift focus- rather than seeing your life from the ego perspective, shift to see things from a soulful point of view.  That is, recognize the bigger picture, how everything is to be appreciated.

5) Recognize everything is a mirror- be aware that how you respond to all you encounter is a reflection of how you feel about your true being. Imagine everything is an invitation to love equally and unconditionally.  See beyond the judgment of the conditioned ego.  Underneath the illusions, all is love expressing love.



Be aware of what you say

Words have the capacity to create a dynamic that engages you, that invites you to explore something deeper within.  What you talk about, the words you choose, reveal thoughts and feelings toward your true nature, as well as about the apparent focus.  Be aware of silent messages in what is said and left unsaid.

1) Notice feelings arising when you do not say anything 

2) Notice feelings arising when you interject, agree or disagree

3) Notice hidden reasons for speaking up or remaining silent

Discover how to decode your mixed messages.  Watch confusion and conflict dissolve.  It all begins and ends in you.


Consider a shift in perspective

Many people come to believe they are being dressed in this world by this world.  That is, they are in situations they are because of conditions beyond their control.  What if you take greater responsibility here? Consider a shift in perspective:

1) Your perception creates your sense of the world.  Change your perception and change what you see and experience.

2) What you interpret as the external reflects back how you feel inside about you. Listen to the heart not conditioned senses.

3) Recognize beliefs are changeable.  What you tell yourself is or is not possible is all in your mind.  Embark on self-discovery.