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5 Tips to Raise the Bar of Adventure

As human beings, we are taught to set goals and push our own boundaries. When we feel excited, we know we are listening to the heart.  Joe Vitale says, A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot. As we tune in, yhe same energy can be felt by fear or excitement, depending on where we focus our attention. We can allow fear to hold us back or, harness the energy of excitement and accept it can propel us forward.  Which direction resonates most? That is a choice we make moment-to-moment.

As author of The Secret, The Magic, The Power, and Hero, Rhonda Byrne echoes, Start telling the story of your amazing life, and the law of attraction must make sure you receive it !

Similarly, Vishen Lakhiani, visionary entrepreneur, trailblazer and author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, invites us each to listen to the non-conformist within and ground ourselves in a new trajectory. So, be bold and daring. Take these 7 Tips to Raise your Bar of Adventure to  a new level of excitement and peace of mind;

1. Imagine going somewhere new 

Whether its choosing to take a different route to a familliar destination, envisioning an exotic vacation, or travel beyond this world, it is life-transforming to step outside comfort zones. In my case, travel to over 65 countries has repeatedly brought me out of comfort zones, prompted me to face fears, expand my vision and be open to flow beyond physical worlds.  If you astral travel, know out-of-body experiences (OBEs), or other mystical experiences, imagine going further, deeper into new dimensions or future life progressions so you can bring some of that higher wisdom back to this lifetime. When we can dream it, something beyond us creates it.

2. Imagine being something new

Whether or not we believe in reincarnation, shapeshifting or transforming into superheros, what if changing form is a real possibility?  Part of us cannot escape our mind.  We may wish to turn it off sometimes. Yet,  parts of us are always changing. Our cells are constantly dying and replacing themselves. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions change regularly. Whether and how we respond to change varies. Bruce Lee says, "[We] must be shapeless, formless, like water. When [we] pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup...."  If we have never imagined something like this could happen, take stories and night dreams to heart. Ask how often we live vicariously through fictional characters, imagine being someone or something else?  We may not awaken in fear as a bug like the protagonist in Kafka's, The Metamophosis.  Rather, we may awaken to love in such a way as what we see and feel within adn around us is radically different. Closing our eyes is a step to imagining new states of being. The wind and voice of the Soul guide us.

3. Create new learning opportunities for our kids

What if we could create unique opportunities for our kids to learn and also allow them to teach us? As teen phenomenon singer Grace VanderWaal echoes,  See[ing] Clearly  happens as we consciously create while accepting those things we cannot change.  In my own reality, as a child, I read in a magazine about a highschool that took place on a tall ship that sailed the globe for a year, stopping at exotic ports.  Although that experience did not pan out for me, it inspired me to find and participate in a unique summer camp for Kids of the World where I did circus training and other activities beyond my Wildest Dreams.  As I stretched myself, I used my ingenuity to create opportunities abroad, won scholarships to unique institutions, even attended International Space University (ISU) and explored roles and travel at different life stages. Listening to my Soul prompts me to shake up my life again, drop everything and move 2000km with my family for a school I sense resonates with my kids at this point in their lives.  

4.  Interact with Inspirations

What if connecting more deeply and listening to our true selves is the key to activating what is dormant inside us?  What is this is what revitalizes us and truly gives life meaning? We may describe this as accessig and realizing untapped potential, switching on dormant energetic systems or something else. At some stage, we are each drawn to mentors in this world and even Spiritual or Ascended Masters beyond to empower us to see them as shadows of ourselves. Living in integrity brings freedom and also brings new levels of responsibility. In my case, during self-directed doctoral research, I listed all the leaders and managers I wished to interview, found out where they would be and when, communicated directly or found ways to get myself to attend events where they would be. In total, I interviewed 1500 people in public and private sectors in 10 countries, having created a pioneering exercise in strategic diplomacy. I continue to envision who I wish to interact with, such as imagining fictional characters  as dinner, guests, as well as feel intuitively drawn to interview individuals who help me better understand myself.  Where some people aspire to be evolve into more spiritual side, I am evolving to feel more grounded.

5. Share our revelations

Each of us is on a unique journey in this world, growing aware and integrating unique downloads that are worthy of sharing through our own perspective.  As we uncover our calling, uncover our evolving purpose, this is about embracing our own authority. It also nudges each of us to share our revelations, that is, what is illuminating inside of us that can enrich others. We can share ourselves though media, books, worskshops, seminars, offering courses, though setting examples like living simply, sharing uplifting vibrations and love or other means that feel right now.  Being limitless implies we allow and accept we deny or accelerate our own breakthroughs


Interview with Anne Jirsch

As part of my own process of clarifying my mission in this lifetime, I have been inviting diverse healers, therapists, and a now future life progression expert, into my awareness. As Lao Tzu reminds us, When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher Disappears. We often tell ourselves we do not know what is around the corner, but maybe we do in the heart, and do not accept it until we see fear is a stepping stone to live more fully.

Anne Jirsch of this moment arises from many life choices.  A London-born psychic and workshop leader, she is the world-renowned authority on Future Life Progression (FTP).  As a field pioneer. she runs the only FLP training school in the world.  Her clients include heads of industry, politicians and celebrities. She is also an internationally best-selling author of four books; Instant IntuitionThe Future is Yours, Cosmic Energy, and Create Your Perfect Future.  (All available on Amazon too). Being in harmony with her calling, she triggers new levels of awakening in everyone she encounters. I feel privileged to connect and appreciate her sharing this interview.

Describe key stages of your human awakening.

As a child, I would peek when my grandmother read the tealeaves. She would cure people’s warts and used herbs to make potions. I was fascinated and had a burning desire to discover more.

In my teens, I went in search of answers. I travelled to India and visited various ashrams and temples, but my biggest teacher was a beggar called Vikram. He made me see the world with different eyes.

Love that from so young, you were aware of the power of intuition and also had role models who encouraged you to trust it.  Your unexpected teacher reminds me of Dan Millman’s, The Peaceful Warrior.  On the surface, an injured gymnast meets an unexpected teacher in an auto mechanic.  On a deeper level, Dan Millman is facing his own fears of vulnerability, failure, and death.  This is the universal Path.

As it happens, Marcel Proust says, The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. You echo a shift in perception, seeing things differently, was a pivotal moment for you.


So, we know facing fears is key to embracing what is beyond them.  Tell us about key events that guided you to FLP as a career.

For a great many years, I had worked with cards and past life regression. One day, I was working with a couple of military men, we were trying to discover something about the past. Instead, we jumped forward and saw the attack on the Twin Towers, three weeks before it happened! At first, we were shocked, but then, I wondered if we can do this whenever we wished. We starting experimenting and the results were phenomenal.

What stands out is your invitation to each of us to celebrate what enables us to feel comforable in our own skin.  In the song Most Girls, singer Hailee Seinfeld echoes we are each unstoppable when we  follow the wave of what excites us.  Her song, Back to Life in the new film Bumblebee states: we are all looking for things we cannot seem to find until we tune into the feelings inside that won't go away. The way you consistently listen to your intuition reinforces this.

What is the difference between creative visualisation/ vision boards or future pacing and FLP?

With future life progression, we actually tap into the future, we actually see what happens. With the others, it is more wishful thinking or trying to manifest.  We really can and do see the future.

In the mainstream, we are often taught that future visions are science fiction (Sci-Fi) until technology catches up, until we develop the skills or struggle our way to make a dream happen. Popular movies and books condition the mind to believe one thing while it is beginnnig to dawn that with a different attitude, new realities arise faster.  Thanks for inviting us to shatter our own myths and trust  our experience more.

Many teachers focus on guiding students to expand or be more authentic. How would you describe your approach as a teacher and guide? 

It’s all about bringing people up, inviting them to expand into new possibilities. FLP is more of a collaboration.  Our practitioners all have their own talents which FLP brings out. This allows us to guide clients, allow them to bring out their full potential. Most people have blocks and they try to manifest with their current consciousness. We take them into the future where they are beyond any blocks, we then bring that energy back to the present time. They change before our eyes.

How inspirational! Life may seem to string us along until we begin joining dots more consciously and feeling part of a larger symphony. Every revelation is a feeling of synchronicity. Its as if we know the feeling of being in harmoony with our best self, because we do and choose to forget.

Share 3 of your most emotional moments in this lifetime. What did you learn?

This is the toughest to answer; I am pretty private about such things. My most emotional moments have been when times have been tough and I’ve had to pull myself up by my bootstraps. I had very little money and a poor education to had to fight from the bottom up.

One key time would have been walking away from a long-term relationship. I packed my bags, picked up a bottle of brandy and left. Felt weird to walk away from everything you have.  Yet, it took me down a new path, opened doors and I created a wonderful life.

Your sharing here reminds us that losing everything we think we need actually brings us the experience of what we always wanted.  Eleanor Roosevelt echoes, [we] gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience where [we] stop to look fear in the face.

Your life illustrates that doing what we think we cannot do empowers us to stretch and blossom into more of ourselves. It is said our future self is living though our memories until we catch up with a more expanded and confident version of true selves.

On a more practical note, for people whose current life repeats unconscious past behaviour patterns, how does FLP help them?

Using FLP, we can take people beyond the pattern, even go into a future lifetime where we are all wiser and have moved beyond those patterns.  We have a method to locate the source of an issue and clear it.

Knowing this, it is hard to imagine people not being drawn to heal themselves on a whole new level.  Yet, fear can be immobilizing until understood and healed. In Return to Love, Marianne Williamson reminds us, our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkeness, that most frightens us.

Please share 3 examples of clients whose lives shifted as the result of FLP.

We have literally had thousands of clients experience positive results with FLP. For instance, Paul seeing himself married to a wonderful girl whom he subsequently met.  This happened after he’d given up on ever finding love.

Many of our clients have seen their future work. Wendy is a good example; she came on our training never having worked in the spiritual field. She saw herself in magazines and on stage. She thought it was just fantasy but again, within weeks it started to happen.

And many have seen their future home, Carmen saw herself living in a mansion by the sea, again she thought it was just wishful thinking.  Yet, I can vouch for her getting the home, I stayed there.

So many people benefit from being reminded of their power to change from the inside out. I also invite people to refer to your books.  You highlight the hidden power of thoughts and words. We are not only what we eat.  Our lives manifest the result of our vibrational visions and blockages which can be removed when we are ready to express our heartfelt selves more fearlessly.

Tell us of revelations you have experienced due to your own regressions/ progressions. What stands out?

There are so many. For me, what stands out was glimpsing my books before they ever materialized. I didn’t really believe this was happening because I was unknown.  Yet, I saw myself with a three-book deal, and within weeks, I had it. It all came together. It is mind-blowing to go from nothing to being published by a major publisher. 

Love that authors like Dr. Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, The Honeymoon Effect), Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God series) and Rhonda Byrne (The Secret in 2006,  The Power in 2009, The Magic in 2010, Hero in 2013, and How The Secret Changed My Life in 2016) all admit they were surprised at how their books came together and left a lasting impact.

The revelation I love the most was seeing my future grandchildren before they were born. I saw two boys who were brothers; then I saw a little girl. They are all here now.

But also world events, when we travel further into the future the world seems much cleaner and calmer, it is as if the human race grows up.

These examples are so inspiring and heart-warming. Many people are taught to visualize dreams and yet sparks of doubt often arise to cloud or block the unfolding. Humans are also taught to feel impatient or discouraged by time and forget they have far more control over their lives as they grow conscious and reclaim power they give away to anger, fear and other emotions.  We can each reharness all that energy and use it more constructively. The encouraging vision of the human race collectively growing up or evolving is entering the awareness of more and more of people. When it happens is up to each of us.

Share your most profound lesson about love (from this or other lifetimes)

It would be to have no judgement, if someone is fabulous in your life and makes you and your life better and happier then that is it. In the future we do not worry about age, race, religion or bank balances, it’s about how they make you feel.

As singer Harry Styles Sign of the Times echoes, we have all been here (in this world) before.  Rather than want to get away from here, we can embrace what Millman calls, The Life [We] Were Born to Live.  This brings me to your unique calling.

If you could offer insight that transformed your perception, what would it be?

Travelling into the future has changed me. I find it hard to worry about silly stuff because I know it doesn’t matter in the future. I am more clear-cut and, in some ways, harsher, I cut away negativity for instance, I am less liable to make excuses for people.

For many of us, time travel is a concept we are taught to believe requires a physical tardis like in Dr. Who, a whacky car like the invention in Back to the Future or a physical timepiece like Nicole Kidman seeks in The Golden Compass.  We are fascinated with machines that act as Stargates or  enable us to take a Quantum Leap. Films suggest we need a physical device to access different worlds and parallel realities. We forget we all do it between the ears and with every breath.

It’s a bit like when you are on plane and they say, put the oxygen mask on first then help others including your children. It goes against our instinct but it is the right way. Look after you, cut out the negativity in your life including people who drag you down, once you are strong then you can help others.

Share anything else you would like to add.

My website is www.annejirsch.com

Do follow me on Face book we share a lot of information there


We have FLP practitioners available for sessions, FLP Practitioner training in March UK, plus Ireland. Drop me an email and I will put you in touch.

We are about to plan a series of worldwide trainings so do let us know where you are.

And do feel free to email me annejirsch@hotmail.co.uk and I will send you a free download recording to take you into your future lifetime where you will gain wisdom to guide you right now. 

Thanks for your generous contribution to the Inspirational Mentors thread of the Dreambuilders Australia Blog.  It is a gesture of love that transcends space and time.  We each give ourselves periodical and increasingly frequent wake-up calls to evolve into more of our true selves.  as always, inviting readers to follow through on their intuition. See where it takes you...

The best way to predict the future is to create it. -Peter Drucker


5 things to allow you to thrive

Whether unconsciously or during silent contemplation, we regularly ask ourselves what can we do to be truly authentic, more accepting of ourselves and others, and instrumental in expansion or allowing something beyond us to reveal more of the wider Truth. The short answer is it all begins within.  recalibration is ongoing. Although we may not yet consciously experience our innate power in all its facits, there exist things we can do to thrive.  Consider these 5 tips: 

1. Grow aware of disempowering beliefs and replace them with empowering ones

As we do this, we feel and observe the resulting rapid changes that happen in our lives, Changes in conditions only seem to take effort or magic when we do not understand the energetic forces behind them.

2.  Feel and tune into joy as pure energy 

As you choose to be joyful, laugh spontaneously more often and do those things that evoke joy, you constantly revitalze and inspire yourself to create amazing things and enrich this world. 

3. Express what we love about ourselves and others

As we express love openly without fear, we are healing a part of ourselves that never received the attention and appreciation it deserved early in this life and in other lives (if the pattern).  Share how you feel. Be creative and specific about how and what you love.  Say it loud and clear.

4. Realize this is about unlearning more than learning

As it hits thriving is not about doing more, but about letting go of more of the filters that block it, we discover doing less, letting go of control, has a greater impact than we ever thougth possible.

5.  Breathe the way to clarity

The power of the breath and breathwork are often understimated. The pace and rhythm of your breath shares your story of love and fear. Pay attention. The intensity or tranquility of the breath speaks volumes about the degree to which you thive.  Accepting this process is not really about you.  It is an exercise in humility. The human in you is driven by ego wants and desires. Consciousness and a larger reality unfolds without you.  It moves through the breath.  Revelations reveal themselves with perfect timing.


4 Benefits of seeing inside out

Seeing things from the inside out changes how we see ourselves and the world. The inner workings of the mind control how we behave until we grow conscious of the core beliefs and patterns that are running us.  Ponder 4 benefits to seeing things from the inside out;

1. Uncover the power of empathy

 Empathy is what makes us human.  It is the ability to get beyond our own repressed shame and judgement to understand another person’s situation from their perspective. As such, we grow able to place ourselves in someone else’s shoes and feel what they are feeling, see the mirror.   As we realize we are only ever angry at ourselves, and anger is no more than expression of hurt,  fear and frustration related to past events, we see through anger and heal so it no longer controls us.   

2. Expand self-awareness

As awareness expands, it hits there’s no past, no future, just neural pathways, which make us perceive this illusion we call time.  As we grasp this, we realize, that change is one paradigm shift or ah-ha moment  away. Blocked awareness skews our perception of things. Without self-awareness, we are controlled by unconscious patterns and outdated beliefs. Expanding self-awareness reveals why we make certain choices and frees us to make healthier choices. Growing self-aware is being open to the flow of happiness, and spontaneously being joyful.  

3.  Develop critical thinking

The ability to distinguish fact from opinion arises as we begin to recognize the value and lessons each emotion holds.  As we come to appreciate every emotion, we sense the appropriateness and timeliness of each.  We trust intuition more as we accept more of ourselves. We can laugh at our own disgust, feel goosebumps at our own anger and fear and see the underlying motives in everything we choose to feel. 

4. Deepen emotional intelligence 

Emotional intelligence arises within as we grow conscious of original reasons we experienced joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear.  This involves understanding and managing emotions withotu being controlled by them. This shapes our social skills. Insight into emotions expands  at any point in life we are open to making the unconscious conscious and loving and forgiving ourselves as we let go of our own misperceptions.

When our emotional health is in a bad state, so is our level of self-esteem. We have to slow down and deal with what is troubling us, so that we can enjoy the simple joy of being happy and at peace with ourselves.

-Jess C. Scott

If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.

-Daniel Goleman


Interview with Diana Sandalwood

Diana Sandalwood is the Director of the Dreamweaving Meditation and Counselling Centre.  An adept teacher and healer, her life and work shows that we develop skills, enter into situations and create relationships that our Soul knows is best for our evolution.  We appreciate her willingness to be candid about milestones and during her own journey.  Thanks for offering examples of compassion and courage, inspiring us all to be grateful for every moment and lesson that presents itself.

Share some pivotal moments in your life that guide you to where you are today.

A radical transformation of my own Consciousness has come from my collective life experiences. Some I readily accepted, and others, I initially resisted. All of them have shaped this ‘raw gem’ that is me. All our life experiences mold or sculpt us into who we become as adults.

Sounds like your view about life echoes how Michelangelo felt when he said, ‘Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.’

You could say that. Earlier in life, during search for answers and belonging, I found great solace in the Christian Church Community.  Though I have now respectfully and lovingly distanced myself from it, I am grateful as it guided me to a solid base on which to build my life. 

Feeling gratitude and excitement reflects the knowing you have always had that destiny is on the way. Our desire for connection and love runs deep, to the point we may compromise who we are, to find belonging.  Brene Brown's book, Braving the Wilderness: A Quest for True Belonging to Stand Alone, invites us all to explore our own vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame that are tied up in the concept of belonging.  Tell us about how you come to trust yourself more...

I recall cases where I felt stretched, almost to breaking point.  Yet, I hung in there, believing answers would come, and they eventually did.  It was scary, but I developed faith and trust in myself out of necessity.

Developing trust in oneself and the unknown is part of human evolution.  Many people reach stages where they feel ready to give up, and some do.  Yet, many, like yourself, do not.  As we each  come to realize, challenges offer opportunities to grow stronger,  to tap into what we are truly made of. It is as if we let go of logic to trust other modes of operating.  We shift gears, switch focus.

Searching for Truth and meaning did bring its share of challenges, yet, it also allowed me to gain Spiritual Knowledge then access a depth of Knowing.  This process helps me sort the junk from the Truth… and shows me who I REALLY am, how powerful I am.

What you describe triggers goosebumps. As we feel positive emotions while visualizing different segments of our lives unfolding, feelings we would would feel as we see our vision happening and coming true, this is so powerful.  Meditating on our vision regularly changes everything.  As we bring in all our mind's senses, the sounds we would hear, the smells, colors and what other senses detect, we feel the light and energy of inspiration giving us all we need to go forward.

From your view, what is the REAL meaning of Christianity and Spirituality?

It is not about religion or ‘crowd control’.  Holiness and sacredness are found within.  I sense what is expected of me involves ‘how to live and BE Love.’ I would not call myself religious, but my life experiences prompt me to feel I am a combination of; philosopher, mystic, psychic, seer, healthy sceptic and Optimist.

Optimism is like a happiness magnet that draws more reasons to feel joy, guides us everywhere the Soul invites us to go.  Love that your life illustrates everything falls into place with perfect timing. We must learn patient.  Now, which dream truly motivates you to make new shifts?

My big dream is for a better world - not just a nice, fluffy one, like that described in storybooks - but a world of real Unity and Harmony. I believe we are anchoring the seeds of that in Now, with each of our heart felt activities, a world that is slowly evolving and unfolding before us.

The dream of creating and living in a better world of course, invites us, as Gandhi echoes, to be the change we wish to see.  So often, people are taught to focus on changing the external, but that turns out to be ineffective.  Please be more specific about your personal vision.

Sure! I see authenticity as heartfelt living, coming from within, not being ego-driven.  This translates into finding our own unique voices and celebrating them.  My personal vision is unfolding in the evolving programs at the Dreamweaving Meditation and Counselling Centre.

How is your view of success changing?

Ego-driven success is purely self-centered. Heartfelt living takes shape in how we contribute to the wider world. Success here involves a balance, merging into a collective pool of authentic consciousness.

What you imply rings true.  Ego seeks to be loved in return while Soul simply loves without expectations. One common, widespread belief is we can be spiritual OR wealthy. As Henry Ford reminds us, 'Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.'  Self-confidence is a powerful. The meaning of wealth varies and what people do with abundance also does.  You may be familliar with views on spiritual wealth alongisde this as well. 

As we each awaken at our own pace, our sense of wealth, abundance, and insight into our talents and how we wish to live, changes.  Individuals exist and function at differnet stages or levels of consciousness.

Could not agree more. NYT Best-selling author and teacher T. Harv Eker teaches one can be healthy, conscious and really rich.  He has helped over 1.5 million  people move closer to their goal of financial freedom. From his view, spirituality and wealth are only mutually-exclusive in the mind.

We are certainly far more than what we think. Moving from thinking to feeling-based living changes how we view ourselves and our priorities. As we discipline ourselves to do healing self-work and evolve individually, we,  as a consequence, raise the Collective Consciousness to that of Peace, Love and Oneness. THEN we will see ‘the New Earth,’ a beautiful New World.  It is in seeding THAT, that motivates me on a daily basis!

What an uplifting vision, that the New Earth emerges from a sense of heaven within ourselves. Widespread restlessness leads peopel to seek peace and tranquility.  Nina Goncharova wrote an inspiring book: Rainbow Earth: A Vision for the Future and Jose Arguelles envisioned a rainbow Bridge encircling Earth. Although unique, these visions point to awareness of the same core understanding of Love.  Imagine the world emerging as we all speak honestly about how we feel in the moment.

Wow! More people in harmony with themselves.

This brings us to your calling.  Tell us about the DreamWeaving Meditation & Counselling Centre. Why create it? What purpose and Who does it serve?

DreamWeaving is a communal, Sacred Space.  People come to feel safe to just stop, exhale, unload and detangle their thoughts and lives, to be the Observer and to allow me to lovingly ‘turn the runway lights on’ for them.  I guide them to see their OWN truth, their own Magnificence and still allow them to make their OWN choices, for their OWN life lessons, and to help them see that they DO have ALL that they need Within, that they came fully prepared and equipped for this life.

Share a piece of insight you find helps many.

We need only 'be Still and Quiet’ long enough to hear, and to then follow that intuition, for it is the Soul and it knows the way home. Sometimes life gets so busy and we get so distracted or overloaded that we can no longer tune into that ‘wee small voice Within’, and we just need someone to help us hear our own song again.  Stepping ‘off the merry-go-round’ and breathing is always possible to unburden and listen.

So, how would you describe your passion?

My Passion, my Purpose and my Joy… is seeing people have that ‘a-ha moment’, and to ‘awaken’… and then even better when they ‘pay it forward’… THIS fills my cup.

You may recall "My Cup Runneth Over" is a quote from the Hebrew Bible (Psalm 23:5) and means "I have more than enough for my needs.  You remind us we can each choose to see goodness and blessings, to see the cup half or more than half full, just as easily as half empty.

Let us in on some of your mentors.  Who are they? How do they guide you?

I have been blessed with many beautiful Mentors along the way, I firmly believe in the saying, “When the student is ready the Teacher arrives.” For it seems that when I have been at my spiritual hungriest, someone walks into my life that has all the right answers and wisdom, I have a ‘growth spurt’ and go on. One of those was moments was at age 11-12 when I was visited by Jesus Himself. In a moment of desperate loneliness, He heard my cry, sat with me, comforted me, and has walked with me ever since.

Anything else?

Another pivotal experience was when my husband was away at sea with the Navy, I was at home with 2 small children, with no money due to a pay mix-up, and had come to the end of our food supplies after breakfast one day, with no money and no-one to turn to. I had recently started visiting a local church and felt impressed to call one of the women on their phone register and go around for kids playdate. I also felt impressed not to mention any word of our dire situation, just to trust. So after a lovely day with this lady and her friend who visited also, several cups of tea and a lovely fruit platter, a fun day for the kids, (who also were provided with a sumptuous afternoon tea), as we were leaving her husband arrived home and after a few moments I was asked if I could ‘please take home the fish he had caught today as they already had a freezer full and didn’t need them”… imagine my relief - at the eleventh hour, once again, my trust was rewarded… not only did our pay come in to the bank account the next day, but also - we had beautiful fresh red emperor and sweet lip for WEEKS. 

This touching example reminds us that the more we trust, the more the universe comes through, the more we have reason to strength and deepen our trust in life and the unknown. 

My life has been a series of these types of experiences, challenges, stretching of my faith and trust, and often right at the last moment a bounty arrives… so, as the old saying goes… “I walk by faith not by sight.” “I LIVE this stuff!” THIS is why the Universe uses me to teach this principle.

What advice would you offer people in the process of responding to huge changes in their lives? 

Change is motion, movement is good. There is a beautiful saying, 'The comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there.'

Embrace change, allow it to have it’s perfect work in you. Look for the gift - there ALWAYS IS one.  Hang in there - never give up on your dreams.

How can you relate?

Based on my experience, with wisdom, discernment and great compassion, I would remind people that this is what they “dialled up” for themselves for this lifetime, and that they are exactly where they are meant to be, to look for the lesson and the beauty in every situation, to be flexible and to embrace change.  To change and grow, I call on my own life experiences to paint a picture of how life brings us the very experience we need for the evolving of our consciousness and personal empowerment. Nothing is ever wasted or for nothing - everything is our teacher. “Everything is Perfect.” Nothing is ‘right or wrong’, it “JUST IS.”  Release the need to control or to understand and just Trust and allow.

The power of acceptance and being non-judgemental is often underestiamted.  What prompts you to laugh and have fun?

It’s often the simplest little things… doing something silly or childlike, watching animals or children at play. Sometimes I just stretch my arms out and ‘fly’ down the supermarket aisles and giggle at people’s reactions, have a swing at the playground or dance in the rain. We’re WAY too concerned about the judgement and opinions of others. Don’t take yourself or life too seriously, lighten up… a wise lady once told me, “If it isn’t life threatening, don’t stress about it.” Enjoy your life.

What can you say about interacting with family and friends?

Spend quality time with them - they’ll keep you grounded! :) Make sure you take time out JUST FOR YOU!

Share one or more big challenges you have encountered and what you learned about yourself.

In the early days of our marriage, I used to get all het up about what ‘he’ was doing wrong, and all HIS faults and how ‘he’ should change, but after getting some very wise counsel I realized that ‘he’ was not my responsibility, and that ‘his’ journey was actually none of my business.  I could not change ‘him’, I could only change MYSELF… and that over the years, as I did that, as I did the self-work, ‘he’ and all those around me often but not always, changed also, or at least responded differently… even at a sub-conscious level, they reacted more positively.

How is your sense of gifts and blessings changing?

Over a lifetime I now know that ‘he’ is my gift, my balance, my teacher and the catalyst that I have always needed to mirror to me and prompt me to see in myself, that which needed working on… and I am now grateful not resistant or resentful.

Share your greatest lesson learned to this point in your life.

The greatest lesson I have ever learned is that, “Everything is Perfect”, to release the need to control or to understand, and that regardless of what the outside picture looks like in any given moment, that there is a powerful work of metamorphosis going on INSIDE, and to trust and to ALLOW this process to have it’s perfect way… and that NOBODY else’s life was my business… hands off! Because by interfering, I might just be depriving them of the very catalyst experience they needed to make a better choice in their life… you never know what’s going on the inside… remember the butterfly story… don’t try cutting butterflies out of their cocoons, you might disable them - or worse!

The metaphore of ourselves each undergoing the metamophosis is very powerful and humbling.  After all, a caterpillar does not consciously know what is happenign, it simply surrenders to the transformation unfolding, allows turning into the chrysalis, and liquid form before becoming the butterfly.  That it is to only live a brief time does not evoke fear. The insect simply lives moment-to-moment in joy, not fear, a valuable lesson to us all.

What's something you're really proud of? Why?

My Children. Both adults now and with their own families, I have watched them grow and go through life and emerge the amazing parents and people that they are. Scarred and wounded, but wiser for it all, I have seen them both bloom into beautiful, strong people… still with a long way to go, but with an amazing start. Makes my heart glow.

Anything else stand out here?

Doing volunteer work - paying it forward. I’ve immensely enjoyed working the Entry Gate at the Conscious Life Festival and the Discovery Festivals each year, as well as other things I like to be a part of as they come up.  

I love the theme of what you describe here. It reminds me of the inspiring movie Pay it Forward as well as what people in communities across the globe are intuitively doing because it feels right. When disaster strikes, people drop everything to help strangers not because they have to, but because they can.


Tell us about one or more mood or mind- altering experiences that shifted your focus and priorities.

Almost losing my Son in a motorbike accident back in 1999. Learning that I could not control things, nor shield him from life’s experiences. That there comes a time when you, as a parent, have to “take your hands off” and ‘let them go’, trust them to the Universe and allow them to lead their own lives, have their own experiences, learn their OWN lessons and live out their OWN purpose… and to trust in that.

If you discovered the opportunity to live forever (immortality), would you want this? 

We DO. I believe in reincarnation and that life is simply a serious of ‘acts’ in an ongoing ‘stageplay’… we just re-enter ‘stage right’ in a new ‘costume’ (body), with a new script (life),  and start again.

I LOVE that we get to work on each lifetime or facet of our eternity, authentically, (via the spiritual amnesia upon each incarnation.) The lessons are profoundly deep and immensely fulfilling.  I’d much rather do it like this, in bits, than all at once in one long lifetime.

Indeed. So many views and visions exist about immortality.  A lingering feeling, intuition and also recurrent vision in future (hynotherapy and breathwork) regressions is that humans are evolving from physica carbon body to crystalline form.  This would definitely prompt review or discarding of physical time and complete transformation in the nature of existence!

What advice would you wish to leave with our audience?

Let your dreams direct your sails, listen to your own intuition and FOLLOW THAT… be like a leaf on the water in the flow of life, don’t fight the ‘current’, do not be ‘distracted by glitter’, the demands, expectations and opinions of others, (no matter how well meaning they may be)… and do not allow the fears of others to extinguish your inner fire! JUMP AT EVERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY & LIVE WITH NO REGRETS!  Tomorrow isn’t promised. Life is not a dress rehearsal - LIVE IT TO THE FULL!

Reflecting and living life more fully in the moment is certainly something we can all benefit from doing and being.

NO-one knows the answers to all the questions and the guidance that you seek, but YOU… it is all Within - go there… seek the silence and the wisdom of the Presence Within… TRUST THAT EVERYTHING YOU NEED WILL COME TO YOU AT THE PERFECT TIME… and above all - ENJOY THE JOURNEY, EVERY MOMENT OF IT!!!

 Any quotes stand out?

A favorite quote of mine is:

“I alone cannot change society for the better. But I can radically transform my OWN Consciousness,

overturning the conditioning that limits my potential. We can all do this, one by one.

Over time we can change ourselves to the degree that society changes from the inside out… Giving birth

to a new way of being. Manifesting our birthright of living in a peaceful and abundant world. Have no fear.

Trust yourself. Live your full potential.”

 Thanks so much Diana for this mind-blowing conversation.  You raise lots of issues that resoante deeply.

Add anything else you wish.

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