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Clarify and hold that vision

Something within you is prompting you to clarify and hold that vision. That which is bubbling up from within you begins as a feeling, an unspoken prompting or nudging to move in particular directions without hesitation. This is an invitation to do what you incarnate to do, to actualize why you exist, to contribute an emerging expression of your own uniqueness. This is creating a version of Heaven on Earth.

Something is open to each and every human being at every perceived level and situation.  All you have to do is allow yourself to tune in or, let go of all that blocks what is felt in the heart.  Allow spontaneity and child-like innocence to be the unwavering guides. Its okay not to see what is arising.  Being at ease, and thriving on uncertainty, is key to more than you know.


Look deeper

Direct experience is not what you think.  In this moment, it is an invitation to be your own authority.  Note that yourphysical  body is forever conveying messages. How peaceful and contented you feel determines how well you are receiving and listening to your deepest self.  How negative, angry or fearful you feel sends messages that you are resisting accepting yourself.  Be aware of your feelings.

Consider a woman in labour does not ask someone outside herself if she is in labour.  Consider that if you have a child, holding that child for the first time is an experience you never forget.  You do not ask anyone else for confirmation of the bond you feel.  Consider that every taste sensation you experience is yours and yours alone. Nobody can gauge how sweet or spicy you enjoy your food.  You simply read inner signs.  All of your senses are inviting you to get in touch with deeper acceptance. What if you exist to awaken and connect the heaven and Earth within yourself?  What if everything is a pointer to the love you are?  Nothing holds you back from acceptance except for you.


Love happens

Love cannot be defined.  As you give unconditionally, you feel it.  Love is like the fragrance of a perpetually blooming flower.  You can allow it to flourish or block its light and stifle its growth.  Love is enough unto itself.  As you grow more aware, love reveals itself as an ever-present shadow.  As you focus on being more loving, awareness arises as a silent, humble companion.  Hear the heart.  It always knows.   Uncover more hidden gems.  Join us for our March book launch for 365 Paths to Love.

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." -Karen Sunde


Experience the Heaven of Now

You decide where you perceive self to be, what to feel and how to expand, evolve or remember. Share in this timeless journey and connect with the perfect, expanding being you are. The nature of your focused thoughts manifests everything that enters your scope of awareness and far more.  How do you feel at this stage?


Choose states of being

Human beings can choose states of mind or allow simply being. You can live from a state of judgment or acceptance.  Allow other people to have their experiences. Be present and love.

Heaven is a synonym for unconditional love and self-acceptance, another view of the glory you can open up your senses to experience. See through the lens of heaven's light. This view enables you to expand and experience celestial powers of Higher Forces, no matter how you sense them. The small stuff enables you to attune to the bigger picture.  Its all here.

As you learn new things, you rise higher in energy vibration and deepen understanding. As you do anything, you emit an energetic imprint. This is like the birth of a new star. You are part of an ever-expanding solar system that is unified and integrated.  You discover the soul emerges into view as you embody divine nature.  Imagine galaxies emerging from within.

The moment you let your inner light shine, you experience heaven.  This is not about obtaining fame or external approval. It is about being true to the loving being inside, turning inward to discover the power of light consciousness.  Each of us transforms from inside out.   Heaven is the joy you experience in being and accepting who you are.  Those who love you as you are, are always with you in spirit and formless ways.   Love is the flow of everlasting light.

Realize you touch heaven now.  Simply choose to be calm, balanced, loving and accepting of your conditions. See something good here.  Notice how you perceive in the present moment.  What you choose to see does not change what heaven is or where.   What would it take for you to challenge every thought you have about priorities and reality? What if you are fully conscious and awakened about the nature of your own transformation? 

You have the power to change your peception every moment. Feel how answering honestly changes your life. As you discern you exist for joy, feel that in every experience. This is your conduit to heaven.  You are your own guru, source energy and universal being.  Everyone is pure, implicit perfection and equality. This revelation is heaven. You are there and never leave except as you choose to delude your conscious self. 

When you accept this, divine happens. Your disagreement or resistance toward implicit perfection creates the seed of discontent. Accept self and everything changes. False fears and other illusions fall away. Heaven is what you attune to at this moment. It speaks through silence. Heaven is in you always.