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“As we discover more and more of the truth within ourselves, we are changing our way of life at the core." -Vladamir Megre




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The Power of Love 

Love is described in many ways.  Often overlooked is that every instance you say, "I love ...anything" perpetuates illusions of separation. Humans are taught to fear the impersonal. This is why its common to be concerned with creating an identity, gathering labels, credentials and accumulating roles and experiences or stories to share.  People are taught to fear losing these ideas, and so, experience a tug-of-war within. Whenever discomfort arises, this is a gauge you are drifting or turning away from the truth felt in the heart. The power of love never stops vibrating through everything. Your body is simply a vehicle where you tune in or out of the flow of something bigger than you.

Watch what happens as you turn away from the personal, from desires and fears, from the thoughts and memories they create, the sense of linear time and space or familliar points of reference.  Hence the phrase, 'all roads lead to Rome'.  Home is not a place, but a feeling that is felt come what may. Being the witness allows the natural state to reveal itself beyond self-created illusions.  Every moment the Light has potentlal to illuminate itself.

Thus, it is said, whatever you do, happiness is. It is not dependent on experiences. Real love is without conditions.  Everything is actually love energy in motion.  What is perceived is shaped by mental filters until mental filters are recognized as they are and allowed to dissolve.

The true Power of Love is felt as everything is felt to have equal value.  That is, everyone you meet, every experience is created, orchestrated and/or destroyed by you for lessons.  Every revelation triggered, every thought and feeling, is the universe speaking to and through itself, in infinite diversity. 


Imagine no plan exists

It is commonly taught that devising a strategy, setting goals or plans is the way to live. At some stage, it may make sense.

Yet, consider the possibility that living a purposeful life has less to do with your efforts to control outcomes and more to do with responding as higher consciousness to what unfolds.  Discover that you throw all you encounter at yourself to remind you to love.

Imagine for a moment, that no set plan exists for the journey you are on.  You can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone.  No limits exist except those you create and believe.  In the game of life, the object is to love everything equally and unconditionally.  Only then does it grow clear you are love itself reflecting back.  Call it Zen, Tao or no-thing.  Its always here in everything.


Love happens

Love cannot be defined.  As you give unconditionally, you feel it.  Love is like the fragrance of a perpetually blooming flower.  You can allow it to flourish or block its light and stifle its growth.  Love is enough unto itself.  As you grow more aware, love reveals itself as an ever-present shadow.  As you focus on being more loving, awareness arises as a silent, humble companion.  Hear the heart.  It always knows.   Uncover more hidden gems.  Join us for our March book launch for 365 Paths to Love.

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." -Karen Sunde


Be the compassionate universe  

Be aware that energy creates reality.  Be aware of what is real.  You nurture what you see with thoughts and emotions. Nature remains as you let go of all that is nurtured. Go within. Feel connected to everyone and everything and the truth reveals itself.  You exist to evolve your consciousness.  Notice whether you listen to the heart (intuition). Allow yourself to be in the empty space that exists within the heart. Be that in silence.

Consider what happens from the moment you choose to live in empathy, to help, serve or empower others with love and appreciation. You begin to sense what it feels like to do the right thing and intuitively do it. You begin to go deeper within yourself and know the universe you are.  Interconnected universes are held together with compassion. You are the fabric of everything that has ever existed and all that is in this moment.  All that is unfolding invites you to let go of what stands in the way of accepting the real you.

"I allow my intuition to lead my path." - Manuel Puig 


Love brings it up

Unconditional love speaks through everything. It also draws attention to anything that is not love. Notice which relationships, emotions and situations stand out for you.  To step back and digest this empowers you to shift your focus and experience infinity. Love brings to the surface and makes conscious the fear that hides. Love invites you to recognize patterns, false defenses and heal wounds imagined into being. In truth, one is forever perfect, divine, unlimited and constantly expanding into more. Love it!