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Reach for a new perspective

You may chuckle at the idea of connecting with other dimensions, different ways of seeing or states of being that do not resonate with your current views. How do you respond to the prospect of change?

Reaching for a new level of self-awareness and understanding invites you discern your self-created limitations.  It encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, to take responsibility for yourself.

At this moment, you contemplate some adjustment, a shift in opinion or life change with implications. Notice possible reasons why discomfort and resistance present.  Why do they reach out for you?

Nothing happens without purpose.  You are here for reassurance and guidance and what you feel is a friendly reminder.  Reconnect with your own unconditional state of freedom. Its the sacred grail of love.


Its your choice

Every thought you create, every word you use, every sensation you feel, you can break it down to discern how you lean toward either faith or fear.  Neither is visible to human senses unless you believe in it. Are you ready to embrace your true power?

As part of a process of awakening, you are invited to reach deep inside to uncover strength you temporarily forget you have.  This draws attention to lessons at hand.  Take responsibility for your life and there is nobody to blame.

Every moment, your being emits energy.  This energy reveals your character, karma and state of mind.  You choose to be aware of this energy and your ability to shift it or not.   To be in a group means your energy affects the group dynamic and the energy around you can affect your own energy vibration. 

You decide to focus on moments of sadness and pain that apparently grip the soul, or not. You decide to sense a meaningful message in every experience, to reconnect with inner peace, or not.  You choose to feel completely lost and view uncertainy with fear or, you recognize you are divinely guided and nurture faith or deeper insight.  Feel the energy. 

Only you know your energy intimately.  Only you can trigger your own revelations about where you are and why. Only you can ask the questions that reconnect you with your underlying purpose right now.  You choose answers to appease ego or timeless spirit.  The heart centre invites you to reconnect now.


Create & expand now or forever

Human beings often search for clarification of purpose. They seek tangibles when they experience intangibles.  The mind longs for the material when the heart embraces the spiritual.  You wonder what to do next and are simultaneously blind to being a full time co-creator.  What now?  Where to go next?

Whatever your sense of consciousness or unconsciousness, you could decide this does not matter.  You could also decide that your life depends on enlightenment and assume a shortcut must exist to get it.  This may go on inside mind indefinitely, it may not.  You may also sense darkness shifts into light.

As it happens, existential longing is not something the human mind is equipped to measure or define.  The reason you exist is not to achieve, accomplish or accumulate.  Its all about expanding what you do not see and what others can only sense through their own experience.  Love, compassion and joy are you.  To expand into awareness now and forever is what you do.  To be conscious is evolving.  To accept is why you exist.


Caroline Myss & what is soul-level thinking?

As you continue whatever it is you consider worthwhile and important in the moment, it is useful to integrate soul-level thinking into your life. You may ask what does this mean?

The higher self or soul-level consciousness is that part of you that knows what is required for balance, harmony and inner peace.  It is constantly noticing your thoughts and behaviour and whispers exactly how to get back on track.  Do you listen?

Caroline Myss explores examples of soul-level reflection in her books Sacred Contracts, Anatomy of the Spirit and Entering the Castle. All of these works invite readers to reframe purpose and find intrinsic value everywhere. Consider these sample suggestions and how you are or could raise soul awareness.  Shere insight into how this impacts your life perspective; 

1) Distinguish soul energy from imagination and emotions.

2) Notice a soul-level calling benefits more than just you.

3) Find stamina and will to seize soul-inspiring opportunities.

4) Engage the soul more fully in your inner healing process.

5) Trust advice in the inner voice with loving intentions. 

6) Know promises are mortal agreements and vows are sacred, soul commitments with God with cosmic consequences. 

7) Feel how soul-level reflection evokes pure timelessness.

8) Soul awakening invites self-examination and contemplation.


How do you put meaning into life?

Human beings give themselves reason for every thought, feeling and action.  In the same moment, the heart knows existence is already whole.  That is, being requires no justification and true purpose does not require words.  Which thoughts are capturing your attention now?

From the view of the mind, meaning is found and even given to individual experiences.  The mind thinks about things and often misses the 'the big picture.' Watch what happens as you connect experience with knowledge and beliefs.  Physical existence takes shape through direct experience and awareness. Which feelings enrich your life at this moment?

Notice how the mind instills meaning into life. How do you actually put meaning into life? Ponder what makes you think meaning is important.  Reflect on these points for fun;

1) Be aware people claim to find their own answers about the meaning of life or sense failure.

2) Recognize the ego mind limits your point of view 

3) Explore the scientific perspectives that appear to influence your valuing process.  

4) Know that inner knowing is anchored in something beyond verifiable, human terms.

5) Sense purpose is forever expanding based on loving and expressing compassion.

6) Realize attitude is malleable and a stepping stone to being receptive to inner power. 

7) Image how life unfolds as you accept intrinsic value exists in all conditions.

8) Know awareness is not created.  It simply is.