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Interview with William Buhlman

I am pleased to reconnect with William Buhlman. His work is widely known through the Monroe Institute as well as his books and workshops. An author, researcher and expert in out-of-body experiences (OBEs), his insights arise from over 40 years of OBEs. His engaging books invite you to shift how and what you see in this world and yourself. I highly recommend you explore his work.

Since our initial interview in 2009 and your guest spot on my then Dreambuilders Australia Blog Radio Show, much has happened. The purpose of this interview is to  explore themes presented in his most recent book Higher Self Now!, co-authored by Susan Buhlman. Readers can view sample  Higher Self Now reviews on Goodreads. It is available on audible , in print and ebook. 

William, I have always found your books fascinating and engaging and better understand more than ever before why everything is preparing us for the unforeseen.  At different stages, by following steps in your books, I gained insight into OBEs and Astral adventuring.  I thank you for your insights then and again for your willingness to follow-up here.

In your classic book, Adventures Beyond the Body, you reveal astral travel not only expands consciousness, it can verify existence of the Soul, teach you about past lives, enrich your daily life.  This is a riveting handbook for all who wish to venture beyond the body and take the ultimate trip. 

Many people are getting wht 2Cellos echo is a Wake Up call.  Tell us about the most profound discoveries you have made during astral travel about the expansion of personal, collective and planetary (Earth) consciousness?

One of the most profound discoveries that I have made is that the universe, both seen and unseen, is a multi-dimensional continuum. We exist in multiple dimensions, each of those becoming less and less dense as we move inward. Our evolution is an inner journey of consciousness through these dimensions.

Many people are taught to seek fulfillment outside themselves.  Restlessness can cause people to think shifting jobs, homes, partners or life situations is the answer. They often discover changing focus itself does not eliminate discomfort and confusion.  

As it happens, in Adventures Beyond the Body, you state that “A sense of purpose and order becomes clear: I'm witnessing the evolution of consciousness, the evolution of myself through eons of time," (p.51) and, "I have come to realize that the answers to the mysteries of our existence are not hidden; they are patiently waiting for us to extend our vision beyond the dense limits of matter" (p. 212). Based on this, please comment on linear time and how this this is affected by expansion of consciousness? What is Earthly existence like beyond time?

The only thing that really matters is our state of consciousness. There is no physical time and therefore no biological aging or decay.  Non-physical life is a series of experiences – totally unrelated to linear time as we know it in the physical. There is no past or future, only the present.

 My own expanding awareness of OBEs has greatly expanded through regular breathwork and the domino effect after recalling being a womb twin survivor (WTS).  I agree completely with what you say that “Some of the toughest lessons we are here to learn are directly related to thought control and taking personal responsibility,” [especially for our own misperceptions]. What is your experience? 

First you must realize that your thoughts manifest instantly in non-physical reality. Through my out-of-body experiences (OBEs), I have learned that I must take complete responsibility for each thought that I project. I discovered from personal experiences that my thoughts have incredible creative power and it is up to me to take responsibility because they are my creations.

Please share a few examples from your life where you have deepened your awakening by taking profound personal responsibility.

No external force molds our life – we are the creative force.  I have had several OBEs where I have created my entire environment – every nuance of it. One winter, it was particularly cold and dark, so in my OBE I created a beautiful white sand beach with magnificent blue green water. I relaxed on the beach, feeling the warmth of the sun and provided myself with a new atmosphere that didn’t require a plane ticket.

On a more dramatic note, there were times where I encountered my subconscious fears. One of these was revealed in the form of a giant sloth appearing in my OBE. I was faced with a choice – confront it or run from it. I took responsibility to challenge it by sending love to this large and vicious creature. It immediately dissolved and I was relieved that this fear would no longer influence me in the physical. This experience is detailed in Adventures Beyond the Body.

I recall reading about this in your book. It is a wake up call to all of us that finding courage to face our fears is the key to taking our lives to the next stage of consciousness.

 Some people view your latest book, Higher Self Now! as a kind of preparation for the final out-of-body experience: physical death. Death is a topic many people fear. Ego death is different than physical death.  It is said ego dies over and over again while we are still in the body. WHy do you feel OBEs are the perfect tool to prepare for the journey into the afterlife?  

The physical world is a very temporary training ground.  We will all evolve beyond the need for it; some faster than others. Our current experience in matter is but a tiny fraction of our continuing journey beyond the body. Humans remain obsessed with their biological condition and physical form. They still believe that they are physical human beings. In other words, physical life is less than one tenth of one percent of our continuing existence through eternity. Non-physical life is where our primary evolution exists. There is a bigger picture that we sometimes do not see because we are too focused on the physical. We only see the densest level of reality.

This feels like a friendly reminder to meet people where they are, to recognize people only see and experience what they are ready and willing to accept on energetic and other unseen levels.

Let me be clear, we are not biological beings at all but non-physical beings evolving beyond matter. Evolution of consciousness continues through multiple stages beyond the physical experience. We are just beginning our journey.

What a wonderful reminder you offer. A useful mantra is "I am not the body, I am not the emotions, I am not the mind, I am the Soul." Saying it is aloud is one thing, internalizing and living consciously is another. 

The second part of Higher Self Now! was written by your wife, Susan Buhlman.  She draws from her hospice work experience. How do you feel this view contributes to the death culture and rituals in the Western world?

This part of the book is about hospice, dealing with the terminally ill and the death of others. Providing an effective action plan to approach death, the second part of the book was written to highlight the choices we have during the dying process. It opens our mind to the greater picture of conscious transition

In the West, from the moment we are born, we are conditioned to prepare to die, that life and who we are has a beginning and an end.  We are taught to forget our immortal Soul and being. Do you feel this revelation or awakening about expanding consciousness prompts readers to rethink the death process?  Invite your comments on death rituals too.  

In the west, we avoid the topic of death rather than embrace the opportunity to influence our transition of consciousness. We must consider physical death as just one step in our journey. It is not the end of our existence, but the next phase of our evolution. Effective preparation for transition of consciousness is sadly lacking in many of our traditional religious practices.

 What if a human does not need to die to fully merge with the Higher-Self? Could the next stage of human evolution involve a biochemical and energetic change or DNA activation/upgrade that would create a new kind of existence on Earth? What do you see during your own OBEs? 

It is important to recognize that the emotional and physical attachments we have do not automatically reconcile at the time of death. In fact, our entire state of consciousness will carry with us from physical to non-physical being. This can be guided by the words and actions taken before, during and following the physical transition. We encourage people to be an active participant in their own spiritual growth.

 As you imply, support and encouragement are key. I refer people to films and books because of the power of the imagination. Sometimes people accept ideas easier when presented as fiction. The new film of Madeleine L'Engle's book, Wrinkle in Time invites viewers to see themselves and what is possible in a whole new way.  Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan  is a 14 -book series that also invites people to engage in different kinds of journeying which permit expanding more than the imagination.

People love inspirational quotes. Each chapter of your book Higher Self Now! contains them. They inspire seeing from outside ourselves, like having an OBE. Why do you choose the particular quotes you include in this book? How do they shape or reflect your own transformation?

(Loveyour opening quote in Ch 1:

"If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation."- Lao Tzu)

The quotes were selected as a content summary of each chapter. These comments also support the fact that there is harmonious wisdom and others have eloquently expressed their representation of our consciousness journey.

 Please share your most significant spiritual lessons and the circumstances that triggered them. Where is the most memorable place you went astral travelling and what did you retain or learn from the journey?

The most significant experience that I have had is to merge with my Higher Self during an OBE. This was a life changing experience that is very difficult to describe. Imagine floating in an atmosphere of pure love, clear light and an all knowing wisdom of consciousness. It was the foundation for much of what I know and teach today.

 In Chapter 4, you offer your readers "The 21 Day Transformation Challenge." This involves a series of steps for spiritual transformation, including asking tough questions. Is this something you did (or you and Susan are doing for yourselves)? What comes up? How does/is your physical reality change/ing?

The 21-Day Challenge is a documentation of our personal conversations. Seeing value in this as an exercise, we decided to share it with the goal of supporting others in their spiritual evolution.

 It is said everything is preparing us for the unforeseen. In all areas of our lives, we learn or recall certain innate skills and then find ourselves in situations putting them into practice. You remind people we must be prepared for rapid shifts of consciousness and quick reality changes. What are some of the biggest surprises you have experienced yourself? 

The biggest surprise for me was how many incarnations I have had. It seems that I needed to be part of the same lessons much more than I thought I would. For example, I have been a wartime soldier more times than I can remember. Some of these experiences are detailed in my writing. Apparently I am not a fast learner, and I have to repeat the same lessons until I finally get it. I believe that I have broken this chain of events in this lifetime, as I now have an aversion to this kind of conflict.

 Please share your view on how technology impacts the path to Enlightenment. In Chapter 5 of Higher Self Now! You refer to sample tools, such as breath work, yoga, sound technology, chanting, and drumming. To supplement astral, lucid dreaming and OBEs, which are the most effective? 

I have found that sound technology is very effective as a supplement to deep meditation. I use Hemi-Sync in all of my workshops because it is proven to be a powerful tool that enhances the techniques. It assists people in their explorations of consciousness.

 What advice can you offer individuals on a spiritual journey who are still seeking? Anything specific you would like our readers to take away?

Obtain the knowledge and methods to have your own profound spiritual experience. Discover a method of inner exploration that resonates with you and practice it daily. I have found that beliefs are an obstacle to our evolution. This is why it is imperative that take our own journeys and discover the answers for ourselves.

What would you like to leave with our readers as useful information to take away?

Please invite your readers to visit my web site:   www.astralinfo.org

  • Learn more about out-of-body experiences
  • Develop a plan for your transition of consciousness
  • See my workshop and event schedule

Thanks again William. I simply love the way you invite peole to step back, view and understand their lives from a different point of reference. Your suggestion for developing a plan for the transition of consciousness especially stands out.

While on this subject, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche is a good read. On-line, Kevin Williams also explores The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Near- Death Experiences (NDEs).  Otherwise, check out the classic audiobook of the Tibetan Book of the Dead read by Richard Gere. Many other options also exist. As always, follw your heart-felt intuition.

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Reader Comments (2)

The pattern that i am seeing and experiencing is that when dreams come true, we change and enter into a new relationship or paradigm with existence. Some dream travel, others soul journey, and some day dream to enter the stream of spirit or consciousness to bring home new nuggets and gems of awareness, which when installed, becomes a gateway to a new realm of exploration and attraction here on planet earth. Others don't go looking into their dreams because their dreams are coming to them into the vortex and gravity well of their stillness and calm demeanor. The dreams or the visions are not the important factor hear, for they are merely symbols and forms to get our attention to contemplate. It is through the contemplation of the dream, or new interpretation, or retooling is where the magic of dreaming takes place. Therefore, one can dream at any moment or time of the day if they are seeing beneath the surface of the reality they are currently residing in. In a sense, a dreamer or vision is a reality that we are familiar with because we know the feeling or the time and space coordinates. However, to discover what is true, one has to actually undermine and explode that vibration, to raise or resurrect one's spirit into the next realm of opportunity. One destroys the current dream or incarnation to enter the gates of a higher dimension of potential where the connectivity is that much more pronounced and accounted for. Therefore, we each have our rituals to get beneath the surface of whatever it is we may be sensing and perceiving. What we have in common is that we all have the ability to change what it is that is on our minds.
April 7, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Hi Bern, each dream is a stepping stone to new ways of perceiving and being. Every dream is like different layers, levels or flows of consciousness. Everything is streaming as energy and every event and how we respond to it (or not) is connected.
April 7, 2018 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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