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“Listen to your inner voice.  Trust yoru intuition.  Its important to have courage to trust yourself."

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Interview with Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo

As an alumnus of International Space University, I have long valued interdisciplinary vision and Future Life Design.

Over a period, I have been drawn to connect with Future Life Institute (FLI) creator John Mee (author-Transcendental Engineering)and FLI contributors such as Anne Jirsch and Amit Goswami (whom I interviewed on my former BlogTalkRadio Show & wrote a testimonial for one of my early books).  Most recently, I connect with Nandini Gosine-Mayroo. She is a wealth of insight: a specialist in metaphysics, a research analyst and writer for the FLI. 

Appreciate very much your willingness to engage in this dialogue for our readers.

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

How has your childhood experience guided and influenced your life journey?

Having been born into a Hindu family, I grew up witnessing the religious ceremonies of this ancient faith. While I always felt somewhat alienated from those rituals, I intuited that my heritage held a special truth. In my early teens, I had what I can only describe as some form of mystical experience while sitting at my father’s altar. My life has been a journey of attempting to understand that experience and to gain a deeper appreciation of the wisdom in the teachings of Hinduism.  

Mystical experience is increasingly widespread.  Dr. Wayne Dyer echoes that we can become mystical beings simply by changing the mind from one that creates and experiences problems, to a mind that resolves them.

The popularity with science fiction films and books shows fascination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and where it heading.  Tell us about Future Life Institute and how you came to collaborate.

Future Life Institute, founded by John Mee, has formulated a scientific approach to enhancing human consciousness. While humanity’s scientific and technological advancement over just the past 50 years is indeed impressive, human consciousness has not kept pace. Without the spiritual wisdom to manage our scientific developments in ways that serve humanity, we could very likely use those developments to destroy ourselves. FLI recognizes the wisdom teachings of Hinduism, including reincarnation, as truth. Its work is dedicated not only to helping individuals enhance their consciousness in this life, but in future lives as well. The former can be achieved via scientific developments in genetic engineering, preceded by comprehensive education and psychological counseling in managing higher states of consciousness. The latter is achieved through dedicated learning in FLI’s Future Life Design program. 

On meeting John Mee, I was immediately interested in his valuable work. As a writer, I assist in promoting FLI’s work through varied media.

Michaelangelo echos: 'The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim to low and reach it.'  Share  how you came to focus on the evolution of consciousness.

I have always been intrigued by the concept of maya, the illusion of this world. It seems to me the greatest challenge of being human - being able to negotiate the demands of our lives successfully, while maintaining a sense of detachment from its reality.  I’ve also always been intrigued by the attainment of moksha, the liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.  While the ancient texts speak of moksha as being attainable through self-realization – exactly how does one achieve that? I guess I’ve had a lifelong interest in higher consciousness, searching but not entirely sure on where to find the answers. 

What differences and benefits do you see (if any) between the spiritual and scientific evolution of consciousness?

The spiritual evolution of consciousness is said to occur over countless lifetimes. A cursory assessment of humanity’s present collective consciousness supports this theory – we seem to have a very long way to go before achieving a higher consciousness where we can coexist in peace.  Conversely, our scientific evolution is leaping forward in ways where we are struggling to grasp the long term societal effects. How will robotics affect employment? How do displaced workers live? If scientists have the ability to genetically engineer human traits, should parents be able to dictate the eye color, athletic or intellectual capability of their offspring? If greed and the desire for power remain as the base human instincts controlling our world, how will those with access to these scientific developments use them?

Well, it appears artificial lines of separation need to be healed between science and spirituality... 

Exactly! Rather than being separate things, we need to harness the scientific and spiritual evolution of our consciousness, to keep pace with these scientific developments. The scientific enhancement of human consciousness via genetic engineering is by no means a “quick fix”, as considerable spiritual training and counseling is required to manage and maintain long term higher states of consciousness. The scientific and spiritual evolution of our consciousness must work in tandem if we are to evolve into our highest potential. Traversing countless more lifetimes is an outdated approach to higher consciousness, which in our current era, no longer serves our true potential.

I love Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Institute of Inner Engineering. he reminds us the mind is a complex amalgam of many influences. He also echoes the more identified we are with these influences, the further away we are from ourselves, and one could also say the truth.  

How would you describe stages of your own awakening? What did it reveal about your gifts?

I had an innate interest in spirituality, and as an introverted child I spent long days wondering about the world around me. I read Lobsang Rampa, the Bhagavad Gita and other spiritual material in my teenage years, which made me very aware of the human ability to experience the esoteric. In my later years I’ve awakened to an urgent call from Mother Nature, as a remarkable device named The Music of the Plants came into my life.   I have learnt that communication with plants is possible, something that was not previously a part of my spiritual yearning. 

Tuning into the vibrations of nature changes how we relate to ourselves and the world. Finding the middle road between natrue and technology baffles a lot of people.

From yoru view, what is cognitive engineering and why is it important for humanity?

Cognitive engineering is the process of scientifically actualizing the potential of human cognitive functions, through genetic engineering. Our cognitive processes include sensation, perception, attention, intelligence, memory, thought - basically the functions required to negotiate our surroundings and our lives.

Cognitive engineering of our brain-based skills provides the means of becoming more intelligent beings, more perceptive of how our actions impact our immediate and long term future. It can enhance our critical thinking skills, enabling us to devise suitable solutions to the problems we face. FLI’s work has a greater emphasis on consciousness enhancement, as opposed to only enhancing cognitive brain-based skills. FLI’s work brings balance between intelligence and spirituality - which must be the way humanity fulfils its fullest potential. 

Many people are familliar with the films like Bladerunner 2049 and RoboCop and the robotic arms on the Space Shuttles and other space technolgy.

How do you see the future relationship involving robots and human beings unfolding?

I have not seen Robocop. Robotics is now replacing and will continue to replace manual jobs. A failure to adapt to these rapid economic changes will certainly result in a dissatisfied populace, susceptible to empty promises from demagogues – not the future we wish to envisage. Robotics development is calling for humanity to up its intellectual potential. Jobs in the future will demand heightened cognitive ability. Some futurists anticipate singularity – when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans. Even the technology we have today is evidence that this may indeed be a possibility. Rather than creating machines that outsmart us, humanity should focus on increasing its own intelligence. As mentioned previously, intellectual strides must be accompanied by the spiritual. 

How much truth do you see in popular culture films such as Next Gen?  Which films or books do you feel offer an accurate take on the technology revolution in this world? What would you like to see?

I will admit that I have never seen Next Gen! Star Trek and Star Wars sum up my sci-fi repertoire!

Can totally relate to the Star Wars/Star Trek and Contact movie fan club...

Speaking of technology revolution, the communication devices and sliding doors in Star Trek provided glimpses into our future. Perhaps the holographic communication seen in Star Wars will be our reality before long. My personal interest lies more in films and books that speak of galactic intelligence and communication. Thor to my mind provides hope for a future meeting with extraterrestrials in a way that earlier films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind only suggested is possible. I am currently reading 2150AD by Thea Alexander - a depiction of a future intellectually advanced utopian society. I would like to think that the film producers and book writers who provide these glimpses into our possible future, are divinely inspired to plant seeds of hope in our ailing society.

So much on the horizon while so much is already here as well, yet not necessarily in public use...

Anyway, you have also written about reincarnation. What is your take on the subject? What causes you to feel this way?

Having a Hindu heritage, reincarnation is encoded in my DNA. Applying some rational thought to the theory of reincarnation, it seems the only logical explanation to what makes each of our lives different – as reincarnation and karmic learning go hand in hand.

Imagine a world where reincarnation and karma no longer existed or was no longer necessary because humanity had expanded consciousness beyond it.  Now that is food for reflection! 

If you could leave our readers with a vision or some advice, what would it be?

My high school best friend and I had a motto “Look up, reach out”…we even shortened it to “LURO” at the end of our numerous notes to each other (this was back when written notes were still a thing!). I think it is fitting advice for humanity at this interesting and challenging time in our evolution. We need to look up to our highest potential, beyond the limitations within which we have confined ourselves. We also need to look up to the skies above us, devising ways of reaching out to the more intelligent life in our Universe and beyond. 

Please let people know where they can contact you:

I can be reached at nandini1863@gmail.com or 1-561-324-4868

For anyone interested in learning more about Future Life Institute: 




 Please also refer us to where we can read more of your articles.

Certainly! Those interested can Google my name and also access the following articles through links:



For anyone interested in the Music of the Plants:              


Thanks Nandini. We encourage you to continue devoting your attention to topics that enable you to feel most alive. Let us know who inspires you as you go along. Elon Musk for instance, is a big inspiration for many. 




Interview with Drew Tracy


Love how the more I tune into synchronicity, the more I connect with individuals who are clearly tuned into their destiny. Know that feeling? You know, when a wave of excitement passes through you, when you can look into a person's eyes, tune into their body language, and 'get the vibe'? 

It evokes uplifting feelings to interact with people who are doing what resonates in the heart, and inspiring others to do what comes naturally. This helps you see more of your own hidden abilities and bring them out to enable a new life to manifest before your very own eyes.

Crossing paths with Drew Tracy from  is like that. I get up one day and he arrives in my scope. I sense immediately that he is an adept observer with a genuineness and charisma that draws people in to share wisdom he has to offer. The empath in me senses a story.  As always, intuition is spot on.

Thanks Drew for making yourself available for this interview.

It would be helpful to Dreambuilders Australia readers to begin by sharing a glimpse of who you are and what you stand for. How have you reached a stage in your life where you regarded as a visualization guru? Which life experiences and/or revelations brought you here? 

People talk alot about the process that awakens them and I find those stories very inspiring. But I found them very frustrating for years as well. I now know that my awakening process began at a very young age for me (around 11) yet for the next 10 years I was living out my life through the heavily indoctrinated lens of religion that was taught to me as a child.

So I lived with a severe duality-mindset. “Never quite good enough, but still better than most” was the conditioning that I was tossed around in daily.

This inner conflict actually landed me in jail as the lack of conscious decisions I made in my life caught up with me. And it was there that I had the first divinely-appointed realization of my adult life.

That realization revealed to me that my conscious mind, my beliefs, and negatively perceived life experiences were holding me prisoner. It was actually a book that I found called “We’re All Doing Time” by Bo Lozoff that caused me to deeply feel this truth, and I felt a deep sense of relief as I studied, for the first time, things like meditation, breathing and the chakras.

But more than those practices, it was the sense of rest that I found in two traditionally terrifying questions that were stuck in my head:

  1. Who am I?

  2. What do I believe in?

That feels so warm at the soul level. As we shift to move more consciously through life, all we encounter is a lesson about ourselves. Some people test us. Others teach us, invite us to step outside what we think we know, see ourselves and our purpose differently. You can be receptive or not.  This is free will. Its one of the joys of being human: having the option to feel one's way through life.

In this light, please highlight specific mentors along your journey and what they have taught you.

After I had that experience, I spent the next several years learning how to let go, from those much wiser than myself like Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass and Dr. Baskaran Pillai.

Dr. Wayne Dyer:  Helped me begin to understand the incredible lessons within the Tao De Ching in his book “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life”.

Eckhart Tolle: Educated me on how to let go of the ego that is my thoughts and to disidentify with those thoughts to view my experiences objectively.

Dr. Pillai: Leads me deeper into an understanding of my true creator-self and how to manifest that divinity into my daily life through deep meditation.

Ram Dass: Invites me to ask questions about what I understand consciousness is and reminds me to live joyously

What a group of trail-blazers. You know what they say, the five people we focus the most attention on are clues about what we are evolving into...(or accepting and manifesting that we are already).

Agree whole-heartedly that we cannot hope to teach something effectively, that is, be viewed as credible, if we are not living it ourselves.  How are you already living your own ideal life scenario?

It’s my belief that we cannot teach others if we are not living our own truth and allowing transparency to shape our words and actions. For years I struggled and suffered as I “hustled” to find success in my life. It was when I let go of attachment to the work I thought was meaningful and simply allowed my heart to speak its truth that I found things could simply emerge from the abundance of the universe.

My healing first began as I started de-identifying with the self that I used to believe was me. Then, through much meditation and quiet reflection, I learned how to begin to see my thoughts objectively, rather than identifying with them. And most recently, my path has brought me to a place of discovering and dissipating the illusion of the separateness that I used to feel so heavily.

You talk a lot about success, tweet to thousands of followers about down-to-earth stuff relevant to how people feel today, even in this moment.  You also encourage students with on-line videos to clarify their visions using different techniques.  Its all very cool. All of this reveals you sense what makes others tick.

Yet, what does success look like for you? How does this feel ? Which stages are you living in real-time and still working toward?

Success to me is listening and acting out the calling that comes from deep within. That is, not chasing an ideal of what I’ve been conditioned to think an accomplished life looks like. But rather letting my true voice emerge from within with love, and taking steps down the path that begins to be laid out before me. Success to me is helping others understand that, even if the current season of their life is negative for them, they have the power within to visualize a better future by being still with themselves.

It is feeling that leads me to manifest my accomplishments. We’re often told things like “no pain, no gain” and “sacrifice now for a better future”, but I always found those ideas to lead to more suffering.

Today, I make sure to create in this world that I find myself in. We’re all creators of our own realities, so rather than hiding my true self out of fear of rejection and judgement, rather than accepting the fate that was laid out by the economy of the society that I live in, I trust the yearnings of my heart that I find in quiet meditation and walk the path that is being laid out before me.

Creating a message in a world full of messages is not always easy though, and It’s difficult at times to become a consistent creator. I’m still working toward striking a balance between allowing and taking action. Allowing the universe, God, etc. to provide the path to walk, and taking the right action as defined by my true self.

Through all of this, the one revelation I had that has never left my mind is that, unless we allow ourselves to see and deeply feel a an ideal vision for ourselves every single day, we’ll remain stuck in our current realities.

Feeling stuck is a common occurrence. It seems to happen when people are not conscious of other options and unaware of their power to change.

How would you describe your own life purpose and has this changed? What do you wish to accomplish currently? 

I used to have chronic resistance to the natural rhythms of life. Whether you’re spiritual or not, it’s obvious that life has seasons, yet many people reject the seasons of their life and try to create a new existence rather than just going with the natural flow.

My purpose in life irreversibly changed after I successfully designed my own life as best I could… I thought “Well, I tried my best and my best design of life ended up looking like a jail cell with an automatic locking door on it… not ideal.”

Today, I stick to the basics and really focus on daily renewing myself based on the lessons I’ve learned from my deep failures. Now, my life purpose is to help people cultivate a life of greater meaning, connection and purpose, so that they can better attune themselves to the natural rhythms of life.

I teach my process of visualization that really helps people allow this process to unfold. This is the daily visualization meditation I do every day:

  1. Design My Perfect Path (I Get clear on my “goal” as my heart reveals it)

  2. Walk My Path, Open My Gate (Daily iteration of my ideal life outcome)

  3. Feel The Bliss Of Arriving (Connecting strong emotion to my goal and savoring the experience)


Really feeling your enthusiasm about visualisation and appreciate your willingness to share very empowering videos on this topic. Many people hear about the vision board concept, sometimes from Rhonda Byrne’s blockbuster book/ film the Secret.   What makes your approach to visualization unique?

I actually first learned about the concept of vision boards from John Assaraf because at that time in my journey I was really into the neuroscience based approach to the law of attraction. Of course Rhonda Byrne’s fabulous book The Secret, inspired me to implement the concepts she teaches, but at that time in my life I really needed more structure.

I deeply believe that not enough people meditate, or at least find quiet time within their busy lives to meet with themselves deep within. That was my experience with myself at least, I kept getting distracted and forgetting to meditate and put a DAILY focus on my desires.

So that’s why I began this visualization meditation, to:

1.) Create a daily guided meditation process that I wouldn’t skip, and,

2.) To give myself a fun, yet structured way to begin to live into the best version of myself every single day.

It’s really helped me get good at spending just 10-20 minutes per day implementing the lessons that I’ve learned through the years from all of the amazing teachers that we’ve mentioned already.


Love how your daily regimen is so effective and also so simple that everyone has the power to step back and do it for themselves.  Recognizing the power to choose and moving through fear that prevents it, has potential to transform lives.  Taking time out for yourself, doing what nurtures the soul is essential. Trust more people listen to your insights and do it consistently.  

By the way, how do you manage your expectations about where you have been and where you wish to go?

This is a great question. Being accepting of where I’ve been is far easier for me than managing the expectations of where I should go.

What I can say is that when either of these moments in time begin to consume my thoughts it’s an obvious trigger to me that my mindfulness is not being practiced enough. Mindfulness, focusing with deep enjoyment of the Now is really the only way I can ever hope to have clarity  within the past and the future.

How do you see the role of technology currently and changing in the self-empowerment wellness field? (You certainly use it effectively yourself as a way to compress time and connect with your growing audience)

Technology is essential to allowing others the opportunity to self-empower. I receive the most beautiful realizations and education by teachers and gurus from across the globe and I’m grateful every day for the technology that brings their decades of practice and teachings to my computer.

We can now compress time to have pivotal realizations and breakthroughs in our life. For example, rather than travelling to India to experience a concept taught in exclusivity, I can simply purchase a ticket to view the same teaching online. I save time, I consume the training and I can then meditate on its meaning and allow further self-discovery in the comfort of my own home.

I will say, however, that there is, and will never be a substitute for human contact. Technology will never allow self-mastery, only allow us to open our minds to the possibilities of change--and it’s great for spreading ideas and higher-consciousness. We are social and spiritual beings that must connect with a teacher, coach, guru etc. at a much deeper level that a screen can provide if we desire to expand our lives in a deep and complete way.

As I increasingly teach and relate everything to the process of mastering time, I am interested in your view about how time influences your visualization process.  What do you sense about and the speed with which events unfold in your own life? What are your observations about your students in this regard?

I’ve gotten very sensitive to the timing in which key events in my life unfold. When I’m mindfully observing the past and the events that happened to me I always notice that just when one major change happens, the next opportunity for growth opens up for me, and I’ve learned to trust in that.

What this means to me is that I’m taken care of. Again, it goes back to the idea that, when I tried to force my life into a direction, things played out very uncomfortably. Yet when I allow life to unfold and trust in the season in which I’m a part of, things naturally bloom and die according to divine timing.

So I try not to consider time in the traditional sense when I visualize my desires and speak my affirmations. After all, visualization takes place deep within inside our consciousness, which plays by a very different rulebook than the physical plane in which we operate in.

What, in your view is the relationship between life shifts, evolving consciousness and heart-based, ideal life outcomes?  

I think that the “ideal life outcome” concept is still a very new one. The major economies in the world are incredibly wealthy and if you live in those your actual needs are very minimal. Living in this kind of abundance brings up unique questions that those who are simply struggling to survive can’t ask like “Am I doing this life thing right?” and “What is my true purpose in life?”

I actually think about this alot since I have 3 boys under the age of 6. There’s so much I haven’t had the opportunity to learn about how the global consciousness is evolving, so what I do is to listen to the lessons I learned during my times of change and consider how I can teach those around me how to use a “new” set of tools to navigate and experience life with. Things like empathy, compassion, truth and stillness are not traditional drivers of success and economy, but I feel it’s time to focus on these first, and that’s what I do with the young minds in my home as well.

Like you, I and many of our readers have children and grandchildren whose existence and behaviour highly influences our choices. Children are so fun-loving and spontaneous.Did you know children laugh on average 100x per day and adults less than 10x per day. This speaks volume about stress and authenticity The more people recall feelings of light-heartedness, the easire it is to see blessings in whatever arises. My son often says, 'It doesn't matter mommy.' And it doesn't, nothing really does, except in the mind. 

Please share what makes you smile, feel more child-like. What enables you to feel most alive?

I love nature most of all. I smile when I see its perfection and laugh at myself when I say things like “I can’t wait for spring” when it’s cold for instance. The perfect timing of its life and death is what I love most.

I feel enlivened when I’m able to fall into rhythm with the days I’m given. There’s so much to see in nature if we’d only look as we practice mindfulness.

Definitely! Living in different places, even where we choose to spend time reveals a lot about our state of consciousness and level of self-awareness. Being in natrue more often brings us closer to feel our own true nature and those things about ourselves we do not always see.

If you could leave a message with our readers, or a piece of advice to take away, what would it be?

Become empowered by your desire to live your life with more fulfillment. Don’t limit yourself on account of your current and past life experiences, but rather choose to understand that you can begin to live into a limitless, powerful life today.

Our readers are always eager to hear about new ways to connect with inspirational mentors like yourself. How can they contact you? Please share whatever intuitively arises.

The absolute best way is to connect with me is to come interact with me in the comments of my free visualization series called a Visualized Life. I’ve been getting some great response via email, so I just had a comments section added to the course so others can begin to benefit from the conversation as well. Anyone can access for free by clicking here.

Thank you so much Drew for all you are and all you do. We look forward to keeping our finger on the pulse of Rune & Relic Courses and reminding ourselves how important it is to do something to inspire and uplift ourselves every single day.

Throughout the day, its also helpful to create mindful moments where you cherish something about yourself and your life wherever you are, as you are, come what may. This is a key to seeing though limiting beliefs, laughing more and finding ways to help others without asking for anthing in return. What goes around, comes around.  The universe has your back covered. 


Deciphering ignorance

The Indian Patanjali suggests you need to return to school in order to rise above ignorance and achieve success.  According to him, we may all access useful knowledge in our minds.  It's what we choose to do with this that creates our version of success. Who is given the authority to determine what kinds of facts and skills are more important or more useful than others? What kinds of reasons do you have for accepting a particular hierarchy of steps to success?

If, by drawing from some of your skills, you're able to acquire more money and you desire this, then it may make sense to pursue this avenue.  However, if someone chooses to apply different kinds of knowledge at his disposal, which brings him less money, this individual is not ignorant, though certain cultures would have us believe that intelligence is measured by level of income.  For some people, success is based on feelings, such as a level of accomplishment or satisfaction.

Ignorance can be felt as what Wayne Dyer calls, "falsely identifying oneself as only of the ego-based world."  How can you reframe views of success such that you unlearn your thoughts to separate yourself from cravings and objects you desire? Ignorance prevents you from experiencing success and fulfillment so long as you continue to pursue what appears to provide it rather than find a sense of purpose and success within yourself without doing anything. 

Your senses may influence your view of success by tempting you with things you think you want but don't really need.  Success may involve overcoming certain self-destructive habits, such as over-eating, addictions, focusing on sources of grief, frustration and pain. 

Come waht may, remind yourself that you are not your experiences. You are not the person who thinks he chooses and controls them. A watcher exists beyond all that is perceived. Know values and habits arise as your own illusions. Reflect on your selected activities and what they reveal about your views on success. Ask yourself whether any belief about success is ever spot on.