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Shatter the myths

How you perceive yourself highly influences your life choices and whether you have faith in dreams.  To what degree you recognize and value your skills and abilities helps you understand your behavior patterns.  Why do you disregard your potential? Why opt to ignore aspects of your personality?  This all influences whether you struggle with your sense of self-worth.  Ready to shatter your self-created myths?

Its quite common for people to nurture false assumptions about their identity. From a young age, we're all labelled by others.  The words we permit to affect us are often those we allow to sink deep into our subconscious.  If you were ever told you weren't capable, you may have grown to believe it.  You don't have to feel permanently inept or inferior.  Rethink reasons for your insecurity or shame. Consider these three tips:

1) IQ tests don't accurately measure intelligence.  How smart you are isn't for other people to tell you.  Its for you to prove to yourself.  This isn't something you can pin down with a number, an acronymn, or any other test result.  It arises through life experience and choices you make that shape your self-confidence.  Many people have been labelled as one type of person and gone on to prove they are a completely different sort.  You are really the best judge of your own character. 

2) Historical & socio-cultural evaluations are misleading.  You may assume your sense of adequacy (or inadequacy) depends on qualities or skills deemed important by your community.  Not everyone works in a field that is socially-valued in mainstream culture.  The level of external approval doesn't have to influence your core self-acceptance.  Yet, lots of people wrongfully assume their earnings, gender, skin color, ethnicity, religion or other labels alone define self-worth. Identity simply is and begins within. As you permit, your emotional awareness grows with you.     

3) Who you are is not reflected in the mind's self-image. The latest trends don't define who you are. Your mind tricks you into thinking it controls the parameters of your life. You intuitively sense untapped abilities before you gaze into a mirror or read current media. Nobody, not the media or the ego knows you as well as the heart. As you imagine your physical body, envision how it functions ideally, how you know it is evolving in quantum leaps. Notice what happens when your thoughts are no longer the point of reference for health and well-being, time and space. Who or what exists beyond the mind's limitations? Can this be perceived or described?

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