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5 Tips to reach deeper fulfillment

Perceived lack of fulfillment is one reason people take up new training, aspire for promotion, shift job or career. Restlessness triggers desire for change. Without realizing it, we create barriers to our own career progress.  As you muse over options, reflect on underlying reasons for your own choices.  Ponder these five tips to reach deeper fulfillment:

1) Shift your perspective

Rather than limit yourself to an area of job or career, shift to a wellness model.  Get in touch with what enables you to feel good about yourself. Career isn’t something to reflect on or change during crisis. Discover what career wellness is and make it your norm. You can avoid some crises, and definitely be better equipped to deal with any that occur.  All-the-while, what you gather experientially, and intellectually, none of this is you. The question of being peaceful, joyful or fulfilled only arises from ego. When you conduct your life by accident, or simply do what ego tells you, life is not fulfilling. As you live more consciously, you realize no accidents exist, only unconscious choices.  Functionning unconsciously is unfulfilling, no matter what you do. As you can get to know yourself, choose jobs or careers consciously, being in a heartfelt place happens. 

2) Let go of self-centredness

When ecstatic, you do not wonder what your life purpose is or seek fulfillment.  All questions about that come from burdonsomeness, restlessness, discontent.  The height of human ego is to assume existence is human-centred, that God has some hidden purpose for you to fulfill. Rather than ask why misery? Shift to ask how to transcend your misery. The path to fulfillment is not what you think. You feel the way, notice synchronicities, trust intuition, make fears conscious and master them.

3) Be open to new ways of seeing

If something is not yet in your experience, you are forced to believe or disbelieve.  When someone chooses to believe or disbelieve outside of their experience, they have a positive or negative story to tell. Assumptions and stories do not bring fulfillment. Seeing directly does. Practical experience in all sorts of settings evokes fulfillment.  Allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Do what makes you feel alive.

4) Stop the self-torture 

Happiness is neither easy nor difficult. You need not manage happiness. Simply learn to manage your faculties. Memory and imagination set you apart from other creatures.  You reflect on the past and project into the future. People seeking fulfillment suffer from effects of memory and imagination. Rather than seek happiness, or link it to another job or degree, notice how you are conducting your faulties. If you give your power away, somebody can cause you to get angry or unhappy.  How you think and feel are up to you.  Notice personality is not SELF. Personality is largely unconscious, a little bit conscious. Content of the mind is acquired. What is not acquired from outside is called SELF. Physical body and mind are software and hardware.  What is inside is undeniably here yet often overlooked. Concentrate here and watch what happens.

5) Focus on inner well-being

If you are truly interested in your life, pay closer attention to what goes on within you rather than what is happening outside. Right now, your physical and emotional needs are passing needs. It is not a question of what is inferior and superior, it is a matter of doing what feels right for you at a given moment.  This changes.  Focusing on inner well-being happens as you begin to understand what happens in the external world is a reflection of your inner world. What you want is what is happening within you already but you overlook it.  To focus on inner-well being, some striving is required. In body and content of mind, in personalities, in memories, we are different, yet the SELF, the essential me, everybody is the same. Realisation means something already here is recognized.  This is not an achievement or an accomplishment.  You do not make up or earn fulfillment. It is not something you feel based on what you do. Rather, it is core state of being like love and success that you fail to recognize and accept until ready. Only then do you feel truly fulfilled. 


Be happy now

At the centre of your being, you are happy to be you.  You are glad to be the way you are at this moment and you are happy about what is arising.  You see the path to the answer you require.  You know who you are and you are exploring unique forms of self expression.  Every choice you make is pointing to what it is to live authentically.  As you reflect here, you are feeling better and better and begin to notice your healthy sheen.  Notice the nature of stepping stones in your life. Insight is speaking to and through you.  Notice what you see and what is expanding.  Everything is a teacher.

"We must never forget that it is through our actions, words and thoughts that we have a choice."-Sogyal Rinpoche


Alter points of reference

Notice how what you allow yourself to see shifts as you alter points of reference. 

Rather than pinpoint flaws and tell yourself you'll feel better as you alter your appearance or behaviour, look deeply into the heart and connect with the perfect being staring back.

Rather than remark on an apparent lack or imbalance in your life, focus attention instead on the ideal scenario and allow yourself to feel unconditional love, wealth and well-being now.

Rather than work toward something, telling yourself that you'll know fulfillment at the end of the journey, imagine and savour fulfillment now, regardless of what you are doing or not.

Rather than rack your brain to determine how to make something possible within logic of the mind, be still. Recognize everything is already happening without you doing anything.

Rather than exert effort to explain through the mind, feel your way to what is here now.


Reframe illness

If you ever feel under the weather, notice the words you use to describe your state and how experience unfolds to confirm them. Notice what messages the body is sending to you. How do you think and feel about this? This is an opportunity to see through misperceptions.

On the surface, you may feel overtired or over-extended. You may pinpoint restlessness, second guess some of your choices or brainstorm what is next. If you focus on imbalance, sadness, dissatisfaction or rejection, you invite more reasons to feel this way. Be aware of the world you create for yourself.  Only the body is sick. How you view the body and your state of mind changes everything.  Beyond this, what does not change may surprise you.

Watch what happens as you view it all as a teacher. Identify what are you really feeling uneasy or sick about. It's not what you think. Its not the nature of a job, condition, dead pet, or state of relationships that triggers the physical symptoms you notice.  Its not what seems to happen to you, but how you feel about it that affects your energy states.  Shift focus to isolate what you think you fear.  Now, step back to recognize why this fear is an illusion.  Peel away the layers.  Be more selective about your thoughts and the words you use.

Imagine how your life presents as as you recall all is well already.  Sense the joy of laughter and the impact of self-recognition. Healing is a state of mind. The state of being is perfect.


Rediscover what is natural

What matters does not come through your familiar senses and brain so much as through your skin, your emotions, your heart and your entire body.  Notice how closely you listen. 

Recognize who you are and make peace where you are.  Notice your relaionship with others.  Appreciate the uniqueness of others as well as your own. Know everyone complimentary.  As you listen more closely to how you think and feel, make these discoveries:

1) Anytime you allow uplifting thoughts to fill you, nothing else remains

2) Anything you conceive is yours to be, do or have provided you are open to receive it

3) Any obstacle you can think of, already fades as you shift your attention

4) Anything you think about attempts to distract you from how you truly feel

5) Anytime you align with what feels like bliss, happiness, joy, love, confidence, appreciation, love, well-being, wellness, and abundance, you rediscover what is truly natural.  You allow yourself to be where you want to be rather than imagine what you have to do to get yourself here. As you get your head out of the clouds, and are picky about how you feel, this is the swiftest path to recognizing where you want to be and already are.

"The more things seem to change, the more they remain the same." -Steven L. Hairfied (An American Monk) The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma