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Notice versions of the dream

Mind orients "you" toward visions of success and suggests at all costs you should strive to avoid defeat. Consider you have never been here without dreaming.  The only thing you know about 'here and now' is heresay.  You have thoughts and opinions about it.  You have heard other people's views on what it must or must not be.  This is a version of the dream. The most direct way to see through the dream is to be aware.  Being awareness is not being aware of something. Mind invites you to ask how. Heart invites feeling. Be aware of the feeling before it arises. Notice the energy behind it all.


Emptiness simply is

Your nature is awareness that is self-aware.  There is a quality of lucidity and intelligence so familiar they go noticed. You embody a tremendous sense of love and well-being. You can align with perfection or balance regardless of what appears to be going on outside of you.  This authentic you knows emptiness simply is.  How willing are you to be simple, to let go of the tendency of the ego to do what it does? You always have free will.  Every moment, you are invited to let go of deeper and deeper opinions, identifications, and judgments that are irrelevant to your true self.  Nothing is required to reach a liberated place.  Stop trying and resisting.