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Generation Z & quality of life

Generation Z describes people who grow up connected to the internet and communication technologies.  They have little or no concept of life before digital media and globalization.  You might wonder if they are techno-dependent.  What would you do without your own gadgets?

On the one hand, using technology is proven to simply your life and to facilitate communication in ways  not even imagined previously. Email, fax, SMS, MP3 players, internet chats, video or satellite mobile phones, and iphones are examples.  You hear people rave about convenience, educational apps and strategies to save time. More cutting edge inventions just keep coming.

On the other hand, what about people sitting across the table engaged in using technology rather than each other? One result is young people communicate more using intermediaries such as friends or parents to work out their conflicts.  Boyfriends and girlfriends break up with an SMS or email rather than face an in-person confrontation.  You may notice how techno connections already replace or redefine human interactions. Not everyone is convinced this is a good thing.  

An interesting development with Generation Z is the growing focus on homeschooling.  Here, the rapid expansion and growing access to technology is nurturing self-directedness.  People are realizing they can help others and themselves at the same time.  Maybe you notice that using technology does not have to make you feel separate and alone. Something echoes all is well. 

Rest assured, no matter how much technology exists in your midst, you can always adapt.  You may notice a budding entrepreneurial spirit inside and realize you learn what you require as you go.   Notice the nature of your environment and how you respond to perceived change. What does the mind tell you about resourcefulness and versatility?What is your quality of life? Everything you notice is a pointer to what you are not yet seeing.  Get ready to feel what matters.

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." - Steve Jobs