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Breathwork Psychotherapist
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“Unconditional love is caring more abotu alignment than being right." - Abraham




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Feel joyful for no reason

Whatever has guided you to this website, from the moment you make up the mind to change, you are already shifting into a new level of consciousness.  Now is the moment to get clearer about what you are doing, why you are doing it, as well as the underlying reasons for your life choices, how you are living, breathing, feeling and being. 

As the will to shift grows, it helps to hear about inspirational mentors who have made lasting personal change. This of course, is only heresay until we experience unique inner shifts ourselves. It pays to train ourselves to be more observant, to break conditioned emotional patterns, to see our environments and time anew to allow authenticity to blossom.

Rest assured, you may have already begun this process.  Nonethless, it can be valuable to receive a bit more insight, related to meditation, breathing and how your body and behaviour offer you signs and signals.  Who you present to the world is not necessarily who you ar at the core.  

Feeling joy for no reason happens as we dismantle our old identity and break the habit of pretending to be someone we are not.


The Value of Down-time

It is common to respond to being overwhelmed  by work or tasks in three ways;

1) to force yourself to focus more intently on tasks at hand without breaks,

2) to work more hours in a week, month or year

3) to avoid the efficiency trap and instead, work smarter

This said, you may ask, what does work smarter mean? It is not about doing more in less time. Rather, it is about paying more attention to what is going on within you during down-time (when you are not consciously task-oriented).  This is about recalling what it feels like to tune into and be aware of what is going on within you, body-mind-spirit. (That's right, all of you, not only mental chatter.)

Thus, you no longer schedule critical tasks when you are mentally drained and you are more informed to let go of what is no longer necessary.  Take a moment to reflect what it feels like to maximize effectiveness.  Grow conscious of distractions and eliminate them. Reflect on your inspirational mentors today. Who is inspiring you to review how you perceive and use time? 


Connections are emerging

All around and within you, connections are emerging to reveal you are exactly where you are meant  to be.  Notice confirmations and synchronicity.  They all point to the same thing. 

Try to make something perfect and it remains imperfect. Do what comes naturally and it is always perfect. Nature is perfect; effort is imperfect. When you struggle and strive, you overlook what is natural.  Call it selective awareness or amnesia.  You block deeper seeing.  As the mind stops talking a mile a minute, you stop. Realize something is feeding it.  That which feeds the fire, or keeps the mind noise going, also prevents you from seeing beyond it. 

Brace yourself: You fuel the fire.  In essence, your attention, belief or identity is the fuel from the egoic mind.  This said, all fires go out without fuel.   You can observe without being consumed by drama. Recognize you can be strong without the mind but the mind cannot be strong without you.  The mind itself is pointing to what you do not yet see about yourself. 

Meditation invites true seeing to emerge.  Bring the attention back to what you cannot be, what no  longer makes sense to your life experience.  Verify.  Confirm what you are and are not.  Notice what is settled inside.  Notice the nature of awareness.  Where are you looking from?  Who are you looking as?  Solve the mystery that keeps you from satisfaction.  Be at the place where the seeing arises from.  Something is watching the coming and going, the transitions and changes in your life.  This is the source of innate wisdom you are seeking.


Getting clarity is within reach

At this moment, at this stage of your life, you may be wondering if you have a purpose.  You may also be unaware of how your mindset and conditioning prevent you from seeing your current circumstances more objectively. This moment is perfect to tap into powerful intuitive insight.  This exists beyond what your mental filters tell you.

Raising self-awareness does not require doing so much as letting go of what you outgrow.  Be willing to explore deeper reasons for your feelings.  Engage in a process.  Self value and acceptance clarify themselves when you are not looking or seeking.

"As I begin to discover my own truth and endeavored to possess it with clarity, I became more and more alienated from that which my companions held, or professed to hold."
-Juan Goytisolo


Celebrate yourself


Ever notice how often you celebrate events and people around you? Conditioning invites you to recognize particular days of a calendar year.  This offers reasons to experience intermittent joy based on the external world.  What about the rest of the time? Why not now and forever?

Notice how often you actually celebrate yourself.  What does this feel like? How do you savour the moment and appreciate life? Know you are always worth celebrating.  You need no reason to appreciate and accept the priceless gift of existence. The holiday season comes and goes but you are here in the now.  Be aware of priceless lessons and opportunities to recognize your blessings.

"Celebrate what you want to see more of." - Tom Peters