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Master supernatural invisibility

Do you dream of being invisible? I'm not suggesting you borrow Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. I don't mean when people may already ignore you or pass you by. What if you already decide when to be invisible and when to materialize?

Its about selective recognition. Without thinking, you do this already. Yet, you may be unaware.  You may desire to exert control and this is where you overlook the treasure that is beyond your wildest expectations.  Its right here, right now.  Drop the craving and desire for something you think you do not already have.  Letting go of all wanting is one of the most difficult things to do.  Stillness comes when you are not wanting.  Be here and want for nothing. Be peaceful.  What you already have appears more beautiful.  Notice what is super, natural and innate.

This isn't only a skill you read about in superhero comics or whacky science fiction. Invisibility is 90% mental-spiritual processing and approximately 10% physical exertion.  In order to grasp the physical side of this reality, allow it to speak to you.  And no, you don't need a magic wand.

When was the last time you looked for your glasses, a sock, your mobile phone or, car keys, to be told what you've been looking for is right there or hanging out of your pocket? Have you ever searched in the cupboard for a jar and couldn't see it staring back at you ? What about at a bank robbery where people disagree on the number of criminals at the scene? Have you ever had a friend walk up and stand right beside you until you notice and it seems as though the person appears, as if from nowhere? When there is nothing to do, yo udo nothing, when you do nothing, you are still.  When you are still, the focus and light sharpen.

Musicians, radio-frequency engineers, and martial artists, grasp why selective recognition occurs. They also know learn to replicate it. You can too. When you don't choose to see something, you are 'out of phase.' When images are blurry and then sharpen, you selectively recognize them.  This is a conscious awareness.  The same way a 802.11 frequency wifi antenna could never pick up a 800mhz cdma signal, you are unable to sense something right in front of you.

When you can't find your glasses on your head, or your sock on the floor, its simply because you look so intently that all the chi energy in your skin sensory nerves are depleted. If you seek your keys, you can't find them in your purse because your chi energy is so focused on arriving late in the future that you don't feel the present. The reason you couldn't see the jam in the cupboard is because you were so hungry for crepes that your mind was filled with images, the taste, the smell and experience of eating them rather than the missing condiment. The jam image couldn't manage to squeeze in. As for the bank robbers, they were on a different frequency than everyone else present.  How do you master invisibility?

1) Recognize the human body is an antenna and transmitter. Your mind is like the radio. Psychologically, you need to believe you can blend in like a chameleon. The physical part is simple. Blend in. Cammoflage clothing can help, but for masters, it is unnecessary.  Invisibility begins as a state of mind. To experience this may require de-conditioning of the impossible.

2) Blend in with the flow. Everything and everyone has a specific frequency or oscillation cycle. If a branch sways in the wind, it requires an amount of time to complete one cycle of swaying. The same can be said for a boat is bobbing up and down in water. Given that the wind speed remains constant, the swaying rhythm of the tree or the boat will also be constant, based on its point of reference. Walk or float in phase with elements in your surroundings.

3) Learn to intuit vibes, frequencies, & chi energy. If you want certain people to notice you, simply learn to match their vibe or energy and stare at their neck. In cases where you don't want to be seen, stop fearing you'll be seen,  Stop focusing on what you do not want.  This concentrates energy and holographic images.  Listen to the heart.  Feel your way into energy flow and alignment.

4) Practice meditation. The typical human exerts much effort to be seen, noticed, nutured and approved. This begins during childhood and helps explain why we seldom recognize the innate ability to raise vibrational energy and appear invisible. There are lights and colours beyond the noraml visble specturm. Discover you can expand or retract the functioning senses. Exceptions are children who become expert at hiding from parents, teachers, and peers to the point where people forget some others exist.

5) Visualize what you choose to experience. The deeper you meditate, the more it will feel as though you experience REM Sleep sitting up. Imagine what it would feel like for all your clothes to evaporate and lift off your body. Then, sense your skin blending into the air like sugar into hot water. Next, envision and feel the multi-sensual experience of your muscles, blood, tendons, blood and nerves float away like a leaf down a stream.  Finally, see and feel your bones merge with the soil of the earth. Realize what it would be like to be nothing.

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