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Interview with Carlos Castenada

Over the years, I have interacted with shamans through the post, in-person and in other ways. Each one is a wake-up call. Shamanic training awakens forgotten wisdom within.  Soul journeying and Soul retrieval shift perception and far more. 

Not all shamans reveal true names. They echo we are each a vessel through which energy flows, encourage us to grow aware of how we use perception to lie to ourselves and can all consciously shift our focal point. 

We are each invited to connect with the shaman within, to listen more closely to the heart and let the Soul guide us.  This is about tuning into Nature sounds, the melodies trees sing, the music of mountains, water and Earth. We often forget how to listen to Nature which echoes we forget how to listen to ourselves.  All we are taught shifts our focus away from what we know we are. So, how do we get back there? How is this done?

What you think is lost is never far away. Nikola Tesla echos,'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' Shamanic teaching happens in varied ways; drumming, ingesting plant substances and other ways sharede between teacher and student.  A spirit teacher enters you life to teach you. You know they are effective when you feel discomfort and gain insight into your blind spots. Spirit teachers are particularly good at reminding you that you know nothing (when you thought you knew everything). Such teachers are also very supportive (in their own way), compassionate (even if it hurts), and very wise. Thye may surprise you with what they know about you.  They highlight lessons you need because they exist to guide your growth into your shamanic potential. 

Carlos Castenada, is known as a shaman as well as other labels yet, widely remains a mystery. He earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology and wrote best-selling books about his shamanic journeys with Don Juan Matus.  As you read or listen to his work, such as The Active Side of Infinity, gain insight into other Toltec practices, you are invited to know or reject the material's authenticity.

According to Casteneda, growing aware of our life force guides us to see we separate life threads or stories.  Each thread is a discrete element, an experience that stretches back in time. We each have ability to recognize and integrate threads of life force back into our being.

What grows evident to the initiate is the shaman's spirit can leave the body to enter the supernatural world to search for answers. The lower world, middle world and higher world are some worlds open to journeying. At our own pace, we each find what we need. Imagining  Dragons reminds us we are a Believer of the world we live in or stop and see beyond it. Come what may, we are all Walking the Wire of Love. Even as we look down from above at versions of ourselves, we still take what comes. How we respond is unique to our chosen path. 

Listen to this Castenada interview with Theodore Roszak and leave comments below.

Carlos Castenada Interview with Theodore Roszak (1969)

 If you could ask Carlos a question, what would you ask? Can you anticipate the answer?

 "The soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul.” — Alan Watts

"Come out of the masses. Stand Alone. Live Like a Lion and Live Your own Life According to your own Light." -Osho.

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Reader Comments (7)

We each encode reality with how we associate cause and effect and how we each individually and collectively initiate and visualize energy flow with intent and often unconscious knowing. We project and see reality based on what our inner assemblage point or focal point of realization is in relationship to what lens or combinations of lens or chakras we may be experiencing through in any given moment. Such an assemblage point can remain the same day in and day out through habitual tendencies and learned behaviour, but may also shift depending on the environment, mood, and subject material one is interacting with and how open they are to co-mingling with such spirits of the moment. In other words, are one's defenses or shielding or ego down and how much of the energy body and brain is operational to explore the stimuli at hand. What one sees or focuses on then is determined by one's self created associations or in relationship with the archetypes found in the associational database of the collective consciousness.

Don Juan was a man of knowledge, or one who knows, because he was in communion with whatever he was immersed within. He could feel and share energy with who or what he had his attention upon. He knew that his seeing or sensing with the five senses of the outside world was only a pointer for him to live primarily from his understanding of his inside world. The human senses are just guides to what you would like to play with from within. This playing with sensations stimulates the imagination which then alters the energy flow of the observer and the object or person or entity being observed which then alters the environment to create new forms and situations to experience along with new occurrences and behaviors previously encountered. This inner playing field which is unique to every person, and can not be duplicated, or compared, therefore alters the dna and creates positive or negative mutations depending upon how well the energy is flowing within the newest version of the creation. Is the energy circulation greater or poorer depending upon whether constrictions or negations were applied at the point of imagining. Therefore, the totality of the universe is perception, as noted, and is the product of one's imagination or dream that is currently unfolding. Is one's dream being altered and coerced negatively by outside sources to corrupt the natural flow of the soul's offerings?

Facts do not make what we see in the multiverse true. Facts just pin down perception so that it doesn't shift or move the energy to morph into something new by preventing the natural change that any given environment offers at any moment in time to arise. Statistics therefore shut down change even more by the collective believing in a most likely outcome to arise. Numbers in this scenario therefore are tools of intential belief to lock naturally morphing patterns into a consistent form. They are being used as a hardening agent for something that is inherently soft. Life is only intellectual in that contemplation and philosophizing are tools of free will to create new outcomes by altering the flow of what one currently sees and spends time with in normal reality. Humans are ruled by their senses instead of using their common senses to inform their imaginations which is their kingdom that they are endowed to rule by the rite of god.

I believe the fear Casteneda speaks of is the gradient or jet stream between two established layers of consciousness moving in opposing directions. It is a border between positive and negative flow of naturally occurring energy. In a sense it is a psychological pressure, and since the mind can not classify it or pinpoint or associate its existence in relationship to the energy body, then it is foreign and must be looked at carefully to investigate. This fear then is a pointer towards exploring something completely unknown without bearings. For those less conscious, its presence may be overwhelming and may cause short circuits or fainting or the desire to flee that which can vanquish one's sense of self identity. So its a facing of death by the ego. In a sense, its the opening up of the right brain as a dominant feature in creating and projecting reality. Therefore, that which was atrophied or asleep begins to open and flow and wake up. Passing through such a gradient then allows for the soul to become fully in charge and higher self operational. A new operating system is jump started.

It was described that Don Juan used signs or omens to determine who or what he interacted with and in what ways. Its as if the form or behaviour that is out of place or context is a representation of new energy or spirit arriving to be integrated into being through the blending and sharing process. It becomes an invitation to rewrite the code or perception one has of reality of the entity or situation that is before them. One then imagines new ways into collective being as two energy systems dance with one another and in how their subtle and dense energies merge or bounce off of each other like colliding weather systems. These feelings are then explored and made inner sense of whose contemplation's and actions alters the course of their personal lives and therefore the collective experience of earth and the greater universe through a trickle down butterfly effect of unique energy pushing through all things in waves of ecstasy. Often, closed down individuals have no defense against such changing alterations in the fabric of energetic reality because they have no clear cut conscious associations or programming to deny or shield such frequencies of operation from their own personal world perceptions and contrivances.

Carlos Casteneda, does it really matter if humans are awake and knowing or not? Is it not all a unique way for greater spirit to see through the eyes of limited perception? And what would happen to the whole of creation if one were to wake up? What would be the ensuing butterfly effect?
April 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Bern, we must each sit still within, activate what is dormant or allow it to awaken, be receptive to more expansive integration. At any given moment, we always have access to all information in the universe yet, only receive, hear and 'know' that which we align with. Whatever we resist, we are not ready or willing to accept on a conscious level. Hence, we invite teachers to guide us to stretch and grow into more of ourselves and we access more untapped potential. Every moment, we are invited to let go of more self-created limitations.

Don Juan & Carlos Casteneda invite us each to do what Imagining Dragons also encourage, that is, to do Whatever it Takes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOsM-DYAEhY) to be authentic and true to ourselves.
April 10, 2018 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

"I was lightning before there was thunder" Ideas and intent are booming everywhere. Feel their reprocussion waves flowing into the greater environment and into the wholeness of the universe from their centralized download. We are each lightning rods that are struck by cosmic lightning or inspiration whose often unnoticed thunder echoes from our bodies and into the world for those around to unconsciously feel and absorb into being. And are we not the living manifestations whose souls spark and ignite the spirit in each other to move an idea and intent and vision from its inception and into its realization. Are we not just a visual aid for information to flow, and in essence, be stored within a central server. Are we not just a database that can be accessed and aligned with by the angels and the gods to trip out on?
April 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Bern, being speechless simply implies what 2Cellos echo- I AM Thunderstruck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk
(the music or vibration of the universe speaks for itself)
April 10, 2018 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Humans are gods with speech impediments that limit their ability to see what they say.
April 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Bern, experiences with teachers in this and other worlds bring to each of us whatever training and instruction we invite into our lives. Humility is one lesson or friendly reminder to think of ourselves less (not to think less of ourselves). True humility reminds us to be stay teachable no matter how much inner sight expands.
April 10, 2018 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Teachers present knowledge, information, and circumstances, and yet the students must master the studies by converting knowledge into wisdom or knowing. Teachers only offer seeds or grains of truth. It is through humility that we actually nourish ourselves to grow.
April 11, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern

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