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Reframe remote influencing power

Remote influencing is the exercise of bending reality with the mind. Every moment, you use thoughts to shape perceived physical reality. Everything you think invites certain things into your life. You create connections and disconnections with specific energies and systems. Different parts of self are engaged in different activities simultaneously. You have capacity to release systems that not longer resonate inside.

Some gurus say humans can meditate and do spiritual work to connect to the creator. As you move toward enlightenment, you develop new ways of decoding and undertanding your own material reality. You learn about attachment and detachment and even begin to grasp multiple dimensions.  Anyone can learn to move through them more consciously. In fact, you do this regularly but are unaware of your innate potential.

More specifically, you constantly interact with a higher self, the matrix of universal ideas and different levels of consciousness with different purposes. You need to reconcile these levels to create and hold the consistent perception you are part of one unique being. This triggers timeless, life-changing revelations.

The whole secret invites you to focus on the unity point, a level of mind or energy within every self. We do not need space, time or anything ego tells you. To arrive at this unity mindset means your behaviour, perspective and activities, and what you sense about the creator, transforms completely. As you read this article, you already sense conflict arising within. What will you do about that? Something or nothing? The next step is yours.

A key issue is to learn what it means in practice to use remote influencing power yourself. How do you already do it? What else could you learn? The perceptual way is to connect within. Some human beings also choose to seek out teachers or additional guidance. Do what feels right. Listen to intuition.

Some people follow a lower-vibratory energy. These beings exist in a reality and a dimension that focuses on polarisation. Their universe is about separation. Their choices promote competition, dense energy and realities. Humans do not all grasp unfolding events that create perceived crises Anything not grounded in desire to share or unite is going to fail. This result is pre-destined. Remote viewing enables one to sense it.

Other people move to a higher vibratory energy. They interact through groupings whose choices seek to unite the world. Related perceptions and trends move toward an alternate level of the mind. At the highest level of the mind, you get higher levels of inspiration, higher levels of integrative activities and the only ideas that come to you are grounded in universal and equal happiness. Love is the glue that nurtures.

Consider these ideas to help you empty conditioned misperceptions and prompt core self to energize differently;

1) Remote influencing teaches you mutliple realities exist & the soul splits based on realities you choose to focus on.

2) You already sense situations in different ways now that transcend human views of space and time.

3) Recognize no earthly tools are capable of managing global upheavals that compromise outdated social structures.

4) Free will is a perception modulated by the whole being that contains everything and everyone. 

5) Energy expansion has gone as far as it can go. Contraction has begun to realign universal energy.

6) Crises are steps that enable people to realize how interconnected they are.

7) Adjust thought patterns by choosing not to talk about or focus on issues of fear.

8) Realize you can do without many physical things ego assumes you needs to survive. Soul has all it requires now.

9) Sense empathy heals self and everything. Become everything to see how it interconnects different souls and species.

10) Know you feel compassion and unconditional acceptance for others unconsciously.