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Breathwork Psychotherapist
Speaker, Workshop Facilitator 

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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Caloundra Community Centre
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Transforming Perception Workshop
Saturday, September 28 (1pm-5pm)
Caloundra West


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“As we discover more and more of the truth within ourselves, we are changing our way of life at the core." -Vladamir Megre




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Be open to new things

Whith perfect timing, we grow more open and receptive, and every moment feels fresh and new.  We begin to recognize we choose to live attached to the familliar and craving more of the same or, we create our own opportunities to explore the unfamilliar, to blossom and grow.

In a physical sense, we measure time with a clock. Our body naturally functions on its own internal clock based on its energetic needs.  The logical, left-brain conditioning often prompts us to assume this is about sustenance and elimination, but the right brain and whole brain functioning know there is far more to it. Aside from the physical aspect of us, we are made up of other energy bodies that function outside of perceived physical time.

Being open to new things, implies unlearning and letting go of beliefs and attitudes we outgrow, getting back to basics. In truth, we are gradually opening from the inside out, revealing to ourselves more of the detail and potential of who we are.  We can only reveal to ourselves what we are energetically ready to handle.  We only interact with others based on our own level of consciousness and others function based on their own.


Listen to the Soul

Notice what it is to listen to the soul. In every choice you make, there exists the ego perception and a higher consciousness knowing of the bigger picture.

When you look back at any situation to understand where you are and why you do what you do, this is ego perception in linear time.  When you focus on appearances, this is ego filtering reality. You never actually do or cancel out on things, change plans, situations, careers or relationships for reasons you think. There is always more to it which you see when ready.

Listening to the Soul allows you to see from more expanded vantage points and appreciate multi-dimensional nature.  It is feeling soulful reasons for everything, being aware of specific teachings and lessons available for soul growth on a soul journey at every step.  It involves engaging subtle senses, moving in all directions in this moment, a grasp of spherical time. This is also recognizing how other people behave reflects their karma and has nothing to do with you.  How you respond reveals degrees of acceptance of true nature and everything you project is a mirror.

Ponder three examples;

1) At first glance, attending a conference or event may seem to relate to work or some area of interest.  Yet, the larger part of you is privy to deeper, soul-related reasons for creating specific situations and encounters.

2) When anyone you encounter feels uncomfortable accepting complements, gifts or gestures of generosity, how you respond is a gauge of where you vibrate between scarcity and abundance consciousness. Seeing everything as a gift you give yourself allows you to appreciate something in all situations.

3) Money is a form of energy you direct consciously or unconsciously based on values and feelings.  No matter how much money you have, it is a form of energy flow. How you spend your money is an energetic message. Being soulful involves directing energy flow in ways that expand consciousness, team-building and inter-connectedness (rather than separation). Are you contributing to a sense of community or are you ego driven?

A key revelation is you cannot perceive something you are not the vibration of. Every experience is teaching you to let go of what you are not. Every experience invites you to listen to intuition, make soulful choices.