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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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Saturday, September 28 (1pm-5pm)
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“As we discover more and more of the truth within ourselves, we are changing our way of life at the core." -Vladamir Megre




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Be open to new things

Whith perfect timing, we grow more open and receptive, and every moment feels fresh and new.  We begin to recognize we choose to live attached to the familliar and craving more of the same or, we create our own opportunities to explore the unfamilliar, to blossom and grow.

In a physical sense, we measure time with a clock. Our body naturally functions on its own internal clock based on its energetic needs.  The logical, left-brain conditioning often prompts us to assume this is about sustenance and elimination, but the right brain and whole brain functioning know there is far more to it. Aside from the physical aspect of us, we are made up of other energy bodies that function outside of perceived physical time.

Being open to new things, implies unlearning and letting go of beliefs and attitudes we outgrow, getting back to basics. In truth, we are gradually opening from the inside out, revealing to ourselves more of the detail and potential of who we are.  We can only reveal to ourselves what we are energetically ready to handle.  We only interact with others based on our own level of consciousness and others function based on their own.


Be with yourself

Ever get tired of words? Ever get tired of talking? Notice the mind tends to create stories and ideas about fear and other emotions. Sensations are like doorways that beckon you to walk through the drama into something else.  What happens as you realize form is the stepping stone, anchoring yourself deeper in dormant senses? 

The body is a bridge to the meditation that unfolds as the state of being. Awareness is open to the natural flow of things. Feel what its like to be with yourself. This is not an invitation to think with ego mind what this means. Be aware of your own conditioning. Notice that awareness is connecting with what the heart is drawn to do every moment.  Allow everything to be as it is.  Discover within yourself what happens as you allow and accept everyone as he is. Love never argues for itself or rationalizes its presence.

Every moment, the one being that is speaks through what the ego mind perceives as separate self. You may feel you oscillate between clarity and confusion, acceptance and self-doubt. Being with yourself is not about escaping the problems or suffering. It is an experience beyond concepts. When the ego mind asks the question, the mind cannot come up with and trust the answer fully. Listen to the heart. The soul knows what feels right. You cannot know the best course at the level of mind.  Accept that.

"You're just left with yourself all the time, whatever you do anyway. You've got to get down to your own God in your own temple. It's all down to you, mate." - John Lennon 


Connect with living experience

Some people seek knowledge as a means to an end. Yet, teaching reveals itself to those open and aware. When you make peace with existence, a given situation presents and you allow it to be. So, it is not what you read or hear that matters, but how living experience unfolds within. The inner guide is the real you.


Drop the self-deception

Much of the process of mindfulness is about touching the immediacy of the present moment, the quality of experience as it is. Notice how you can be attentive to whatever arises, to contact and feel infinite forms directly.  Open to notice who you are and what you do. What happens as you stay with it, trust more fully?

Many people are conditioned to be distracted from the present.  Meditation is a way to shift focus back to what is unfolding now.  It helps you realize why you may numb out or turn away from discomfort.

Remind self that if you do not get-to-know fear, then you do not understand fearlessness. You cannot drop conditioning without getting-to-know fear, surrendering and letting go of old ways of thinking and behaving.  You do not evolve alone. Your pain is not a dream.  It connects you with everything. Suffering dissipates as you choose not to focus on the ego self.  How you use beliefs invites you to see alternatives.

As you wish for others to be happy, as you wish for unconditional friendliness toward self, mind and emotions, then you also radiate acceptance out toward others. As you self-reflect, choose to see through your thoughts and feelings, you develop compassion. What unfolds no longer scares you.  Judgment fades.  You develop trust and strength. Insight into all feelings mirrors what other people feel and deeply connects you.  Let things evolve at their own speed. Drop ideals and concepts. There is nothing to measure up to.


Set yourself free

As you recognize yourself as you truly are, you would never desire any change.  You give full attention to what is. There is no perception of boredom, no reason for worry.  You strengthen awareness and forget past and future.

Imagine you are already serene, content and all you experience is aligned with the full beauty of life.  You evolve to sense what you think about in the very same moment. That is, when you permit the mind to create any sensation other than love, acceptance and gratitude, you shift into that vibration, and so it is unless you shift back to love.

What does it mean to set self free? One view is it means you are willing to re-align with the centre of who you are, the core of everything, to dissolve pain and realize emotional and other illusions cease to exist. To recognize infinite, inner power is to realize you transform perception of apparent setbacks into major advantages.

You also sense the potential for increasing awareness indefinitely, to transcend ego awareness, and to move into cosmic consciousness.  This is the endless love and peace you begin to associate with Cosmic Synchronicity.