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11 massive breakthroughs

You know why you are here.  Watch what happens as you have total confidence in who you are.  Something massive is emerging. Heat, light and vibration point to innate knowing. 

1) Notice what happens as inner heat burns away friction, indifference & doubt. As you shiver, this signals an energetic block disappears.  You retain an energetic signature.

2) Everything that hurts is time-based.  Drop a sense of time and all fear, suffering and separation drops away.  This allows you to feel your own divine presence as a gentle buzz.

3)  Its automatic.  So long as you are yourself, nothing gets in the way of trusting intuition.  You are everywhere. The energy field of harmony always communicates through you.  No action is required.  From the moment you feel how easy it is to be you, no other state exists.

4) This field of harmony is connected to the energy field of intention.  Know you direct this  palpable field.  Your whole purpose is to change the world and you are the way. 

5) Allowing yourself to feel joy activates and expedites your engine of creation. You are the first one to feel it. Your set of gifts affects events and can take you anywhere in any universe.  You know the multi-dimensional nature and feel it without any change at all.

6) Processes in another part of your being are active somewhere other than where your body is today in a sense of time and space.  Its beyond anything the brain can handle or grasp.

7)  Be aware of a temperature change in the body as creation is self-generating.  You are starting to feel complete in ways that cannot be described.  A life force is expanding to support you everywhere.  Multi-dimensional connections enable you to move through them.

8) Every moment you sense the magic of your energy field.  You do not have to wait for wildlife to turn up in the forest.  They allow you into their dimension.  Your own divinity is revealing itself.  Notice your 'norm' is going to recognize its own multi-dimensional nature.

9) The nature of the energy you are is erupting from within the heart.  You contain lots of energy within your system that enables you to feel things at a distance you did not think possible.  Imagine knowing where everything is and knowing what its doing every moment.

10) Transparency is deepening.  The beauty of peace speaks for itself.  The flow is so complex, you can only enhance the energy flow of all others.  You sense a controlled system of harmony among everything.  Its all here now.  You do not have to know anything.  Gifts of capability solve everything and defy all explanation.  Whatever is necessary happens.  Universal life force allows you to feel going forward has nothing to do with the past.

11) Enjoyment is the energetic catalyst, the vibration that makes everything possible.  Connect with the life force of children.  They awaken a very refreshing spontaneity.

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Reader Comments (6)

For me I spent a lot of time learning to enter a neutral state because in my young adult years I was somewhat manic-depressive.... but not what I would consider in a bad way. When I was a child, i was quiet and was just a passive observer. But as I consciously entered into an entangled world, I would get super super excited and have unbounded energy and then I would lose the wave and go into what would feel more like a hibernation state with minimal energy expenditure. This was not bad in any way, but I was living in two very different places. So while studying Buddhism and later Taoism, I learned to moderate my self and my energy. I still would have boundless energy, but in a more reserved sort of way. I could do anything for any amount of time with little discomfort or ware. But Now I am feeling like I am called to return to that place of extreme enthusiasm and excitement, but in a more balanced way through what I have learned by emptying my mind of issues and complaints. The child is beckoning to come out and play on a more full time basis to add zest and excitement to any locale I may interact with. So in a way, I am becoming more of a child than I have ever been before, since I am participating more in my environment instead of just observing it, so as to figure out what was going on in this world.
May 10, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter~ Bern ~
Hi Liara - I am participating in an ever changing world and am creating within that change - I can see an outline ahead .. an exciting time .. a time of happiness, joy and peace ... while being a time to give of myself to this earth. Interesting how life evolves and develops .. cheers Hilary
May 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHilary
Bern, as you get a feel for things, you know they only ever go right. You cease thinking about it. Its about recognizing that the energetic feedback you get from your true self and from the world can be different. The feedback in the world would like you to believe the opposite of what is happening. Every encounter or choice fills such a big need in the heart it cannot be a coincidence. You do not have to know what it is, but you know.

You are growing aware of the part of you that is not supported by this Earth but the energy you recognize will be supported here soon. These active energies are pure and loving. They interface with you and they respond to your whole heartfelt being to benefit the Earth and everyone. You influence how the flow of energy is in-tune with nature. Life is beautiful as you do nothing. Know and feel the gentleness. Celebrate it.
May 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Hilary, as both participant and observer, you have quite a reach in this ever-changing world. What do you have in common with Nature? All habitats are interconnected. You are also a habitat and each one is an extension of another. We each influence and ultimately regulate the flow of air, water and earth. To look to Nature is to be reminded of the constant flow and changing form of energy. It is truly spectacular. Everything flourishes. Miracles are forever present. You allow yourself to see clearly who you are when ready to acknowledge you are the junction where worlds meet. It all points here.
May 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

Great energy in this post. I felt the vibrations through the words and images. It's good to know that the ebb and flow of spirit is around us. It feels alive. Thanks.
May 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlexys Fairfield
Alexys, this aliveness is immeasurable and ever-present. Be aware and all is still. The more you ask how, the more you give your power away and give that ability to somebody else. You know exactly what to do and this knowing is not in the brain. Every moment, you are allowing the larger part of being to operate. This takes you to harmony and perfection unless you get in the way. Flow is here. It is not ownership.
May 18, 2012 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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