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The scriptwriter emerges

Notice how you attribute responsibility to what appears to be happening, right here.  Notice if you attribute events to God, the universe, Higher power, or something else. Is that so? 

Imagine that wider awareness is revealing itself by part of self that is not yet fully clear.  Imagine that you cease resisting the heart, spirit and choice of being the scriptwriter and architect of life.  What happens as you begin to recognize not-knowing of something at any given moment is a choice of the wider you? Be aware of the page you are on.  A page lasts only as long as you allow it to hold attention. The book of life is constantly unfolding.  You are the camera, writer, director and single actor playing all roles. Every event is of your making.

Be aware.  This book of energy is constanty flowing, changing this is not a matter of a higher being who is not here, creating.  Some events that arise are judged and resisted.  Other events are embraced and loved as they are. The ups and downs of a movie are part of what intrigues you, fascinates and inspires you.  It is all you. 

Like Harry Potter, you are the invisible magician, who is forever changing the story, creating every aspect of the illusion you call life.  Although you script events, you do not script how you respond and feel.  See the same movie or read the same book again, and experience it again, as if for the first time. Diverse experiences exist by choice.

Notice what occurs as you begin to flow with life without wishing to change anything.  You grow detached from the plot and appreciate the wisdom of your scripting. Let go of the pain and never a dull moment. Every moment is a vital part of the unfolding. Trust yourself more. The higher power is you. Love life fully.  Love yourself fully. Embody joy.

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Reader Comments (2)

For some, the same book or the same film watched over and over again is an invitation to incorporate a feeling or vibe into one's life.... or to uncover underlying messages and conscious reflections about how to move on from one's non current or non conducive state of reality into another way of experiencing life. There is a deep sense of satisfaction when a story is taken to heart where the script is accepted without the need to question anything about it. Does the film or book keep you glued to it,,, or does it put one to sleep... and if so...one can ask why?

But yes, when one successfully enters a new paradigm, or where one is viewing from a newly loaded operational platform or from another dimension or is currently living in a different state of mind or even no mind..... then a film or book can never be looked at as the same again. It then can be appreciated from a new perspective.... one of an infinite number of ways to see the same package.

Knowing the Secret to Living Happily every after.... instead of solely relying on scripts that become Viral to gain something that has been lost and made invisible by the wand of anothers hand, one learns to become Vital Instead, and uses their own hand to orchestrate their own personal world around them. One then begins to write their own bible which is then lived instead of read or where their own heroic journey is scripted. The hero then acts and feels as if they are at the center of the universe and that everyone else is oddly accompanying their journey. On route, that which was hidden in the subconscious was meant to be found. They soon realize that as each secret or piece is uncovered from the depths of the psyche.... where one's love is brought back to the surface from the underworld..... that the middle world completely changes in celebration of an unburied treasure found. When all the forgotten mines are un-triggered and unlaid.... the hero becomes immortalized.... accomplishing all the tasks and maneuvers through a prescripted obstacle course. A Work or Life of Art has been realized and a perfect universe created and completed.
February 14, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Bern, every script is always unfolding perfectly. It could not be any other way for a perfect being created it and is constantly expanding through it into more.
February 14, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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