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Be in the moment

Be in the moment. As loving what is grows more important than self-preservation, you move beyond the ego 's perception of the world.  Attention focuses on who you are.  It is the guru, God, or Oneness inside.  It is the Universal Spirit.   Notice what happens as you recognize core self as an ocean of loving awareness.  This is aligning with the Soul present throughout this physical incarnation.  Know the body is not who you are.  Nothing you think even gets close.

Inside, everything unfolding is divine grace.  Light radiates through everything. The Soul lives in eternity.  Time and space of the mind do not exist on infinite planes of consciousness.   Everything is a mirror and a teacher of endless, unconditional love.  Appreciation is endless.

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Reader Comments (1)

As oceans of loving awareness we get to touch each other with every thought, whether near or far.

Life is beautiful.

Adventures abound.

December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster

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