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5 key points on connection

Notice restlessness and discontent are symptoms of disconnection. This goes deeper than the physical disconnection you feel when your mobile phone, computer, internet or other technology is not working on your terms. Maybe you are feeling a range of confusing emotions that disturb peace of mind in relationships or other aspects of reality? What can you do to feel more at ease?

Consider retraining the mind, that is how and what you see as your reality. What happens as you shake up your sense of who you think you are and review discomfort from a different point of view? Ponder these five points about connection. How do your emotions and understanding of what is happening in your world change?

1. The nature of intimacy in your relationships mirrors love, acceptance, intimacy with yourself 
2. No one thing or organism exists on its own (we share the same water, air, light, etc.) 
3. No thing or organism acts on its own (everything is interconnected energy flow)
4. Every organism is a process understood by its actions (motion of allowing or resisting)
5. The behaviour of all organisms is only understood in relation to its environment

This said, reflect on fear, guilt, shame, anger and other examples of emotions you are feeling in relation to specific situations. How are these emotions pointers to another way of being more authentic (or living a mroe authentic life)?

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Reader Comments (2)

Intimacy is being in timing or rather in sync or in rhythm with your truest sense of self. Therefore, to let go of your sense of ego or conditioned self is to find one's body and heart in communication sensually with anything and event fully into a place-less place of everything and nothing without a thought or care in the world. To become One, an entity begins to blend and penetrate the field and then the heart of that which has its attention until the two begin to merge as one on an energetic and spiritual level of pure being. Imagine two frontal systems of differing densities colliding and letting go of perception thereby releasing precipitation until the two actually return to their inner place of oneness, but on a larger scale. The rain or the tears therefore are the releasing of the older sense of self to realize a newer and up-scaled sense of connectivity to a larger world of inter-relatedness, knowing and feeling the bigger picture while understanding simultaneously isolated perspectives and yet in unison and relationship to all within a vaster environment until one can finally engulf or lose themselves completely to the entirety of the cosmos.
September 22, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Hi Bern, true intimacy is indeed about recognizing everyone as your twin flame in disguise. The twin flame is in fact your truest self inviting you to see the humor and lessons in every mask. Take new insight away from the story of the Emporer, who wanted new clothes. He silently fears seeing beneath false fabric. The brave naturally feel lighter and freer without it. Be like an onion; peel away layers of unnecessary skin. Uncover your truest colors.
September 22, 2018 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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