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The key to changing the world

The key to changing the world is recognizing the source of your external perception.  As Gandhi echoes, you must 'be the change you wish to see.'  You can think about this on a personal level, related to your body and life or, go deeper, to focus on the impersonal, to recall the origin and nature of true leadership, and grow into a living example of that.

As it happens, ancient leaders in Great Earthly Civilisations saw and governed from a holistic perspective. True leaders were not ego-driven but functioned based on a strong heart-mind connection.  Everything early leaders did was seen through the activated Third eye or heart centre. Many people in the the modern Age have forgotten how this feels, what it is in practice. The downfall of Great Civilisations can be traced back to ego taking control. The cause of the Fall of Atlantis, and disintegration of Great Civilisations that grew from dispersed Atlantean survivors, illustrate this well. (The wisdom of Atlantean survivors is felt to be reflected in ancient Greece, Egypt, South America, Mayan/ Toltec Mexico, Tibet,  and other places, some of which have mysteriously disappeared in ways unrelated to egoic control)

Encouragingly, the global trend is to recognize what humanity is doing collectively in not working. The nature of interest and desire to act related to the environment, economic and governing systems, are all shifting.  New kinds of collaborations and partnerships are arising that did not exist before. New interaction is being explored and timeless wisdom is being rediscovered.

Come what may, the key to changing the world guides one to the authentic message of transcendence and unity that echoes through ancient traditions and works. The moment is arising where it no longer makes sense to denounce anyone or entertain negativity. Every being of wisdom knows the life-breath intimately.  Awareness of the life-breath united with the upward breath, together with insight into Self, creates the most desirable world.

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As with everything, it is a paradox as to how soul driven desires begin to proceed forward. I notice and imagine people are becoming disillusioned with bureaucracies and begin proceeding forward on their own... first out of rejection... but then out of passion. The extreme contrasts are causing people to ask themselves how can we do things better and more in cooperation with one another and with all life.
Everyone seems to mean well, but their opposition to that which they do not resonate with keeps them tethered until they let go and begin to live their dreams irregardless to one's imagined barriers and woes.
The world is perpetually on the brink of rapture and apocalypse. It always has been and always will be when one experiences through duality. The earth will never die but is continually transforming and growing just as all life does as an energetic rule of heart. In the same way people, plants, and animals can never go extinct. Instead, life is extant and malleable by design. One tends to see that humans shed their skin when they grow... but perhaps the skin or the surface can be removed all together where the heart is exposed and leading the Way
March 15, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBern

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